"Pull the cabinet to block the door" Wu Tianyin commanded in a low voice.


Xiao Xun immediately stood on tiptoe and grabbed a set of iron filing cabinets and pulled them hard.
The data in the countdown of the heavy filing cabinet is scattered all over the floor.
Xiao Xun endured the pain and forcibly pushed the heavy cabinet against the door panel.
Wu Tianyin’s shoulder was bleeding, his face was white, his breathing was dignified and he urged, "Give me the whole thing quickly."
The mountain squatted for less than ten seconds and then hit the safe and immediately raised his hand and retreated to the side.
Wu Tianyin feet hook heavy safe iron door bowed their heads and glanced at it and was completely stuck.
A safe more than one meter high is stacked with piles of cash. It is roughly estimated that there are at least two million, and Wu Tianyin has never seen so much money in his life.
All cause and effect are predestined.
If nothing had happened to Xiaohu, the money might have been liquidated and hit the three accounts; If Tiger didn’t have an accident, Lao Guo and his wife’s financial team wouldn’t get together to deal with things here in recent days …
Without all kinds of Wu Tianyin, he wouldn’t have taken the road, and he wouldn’t have had a temporary inspiration to come to the treasury to make such a move.
Wu Tianyin looked at the money with a smile on her mouth and stepped to the side of the safe and kicked her leg directly.
The heavy safe moved forward a little.
"Come and push the safe to the window for me." Wu Tianyin shouted at once when he saw that he couldn’t kick it.
Two or three seconds later, several money rushed over and were held hostage, and together they pushed the safe to the window.
Wu Tianyin hit the window and turned to look at the street. The people also gathered together to watch the excitement.
"Ha ha, fuck you, I’ll do charity, too."
Wu Tianyin eyeful excitement rushed to the windowsill to meet the cold wind, and the left hand direct safe grabbed a handful of cash and shouted hysterically, "Make money! ! !”
Gather people and smell their heads.
"There are frozen bones in the rotten road of Zhumen." Wu Tianyin grabbed the money and shouted at the dark sky. "I’ll call you back when you fill the safe."
Paper money is flying in the sky and slowly drifting towards the street.
Numb people looked at the money and didn’t respond or move.
"send money!"
Wu Tianyin once again took out the money from the safe and sprinkled nearly 100 thousand with a wave of his hand.
The people’s dull eyes gradually recovered their spirits.
"sent! !”
Wu Tianyin bent down to take money and sprinkle the third one.
People are eager to move forward.
"A broken company B is so rich?"
"Don’t take it for nothing, don’t take it."
Shouting broke out, people instantly fried the pot and rushed to the door of Xiaohu Company.
On the third floor, after hearing the deafening footsteps, Qin Yu immediately ran to the window and looked down. "… it’s over … the scene is out of control."
Small red eye, stretched out his hand and pulled out two big canvas bags filled with money, and filled them with cash. "Brother Yin, don’t scatter and leave some … we are rich."
"Money is a dick." Wu Tianyin still took the money and sprinkled it on the floor. "… it doesn’t matter to me after that."
Chapter DiSiQi A name resounded through Songjiang
At the entrance of the finance room on the third floor
After three police officers smashed the wooden door with guns, Qin Yu smashed the door with an explosion-proof shield, but when they looked into the house, they saw several unharmed assets and they were picking up scattered cash around the safe.
The window is open and Wu Tianyin and Xiao Xun have disappeared!
Qin Yu got into the room and ran to the window and glanced at it. He saw people picking up money like the tide, and the scene was in chaos. Wu Tianyin and Xiao Xunying could not be seen.
Qin Yu shouted, then turned around and took people to run upstairs.
About two minutes later, Qin Yu and others were blocked by the people at the main entrance of the company, because most people were looking for corners to drop cash at the moment.
Yuan District Superintendent rushed up from the back door, and the leader asked rudely, "Did the bandits run to the front?" Is it Wu Tianqi? "
Qin Yu glanced at the other party. "He threw the money and jumped out of the window!"
"Mom, you so many people can’t even keep him. What are you doing to eat? !” The leading police officer was in a hurry because he received the words from the European captain and knew that the murder here was Wu Tianyin.
Qin Yu glanced at each other coldly. "Do you want to direct me?"
The police officer gritted his teeth and raised his hand to shoot at the sky. He shouted hysterically, "Let me go!"
People don’t listen to him get together to collect money.
"Let! ! !” Police officers rushed to the people with guns.
Near the door of the company, the people’s department raised its head and looked at it with cold eyes.
"I said let you don’t understand? !” The policeman took a step towards the steps. "I want to catch the bandits!"