There are many kinds of porcelain, jade, calligraphy and painting, badges, stamps, ancient coins, etc. There are special storefronts, and antique and comic books are also rich.


Almost every one of these stores sells ancient pottery, bronzes, jade articles, tri-colored Tang Dynasty porcelain, Song, Yuan and Qing porcelain, antique furniture, calligraphy and painting collections, and so on.
As soon as four people entered the street, the steel plate sword seemed to be attracted by a magnet and pointed straight at a shop.
This shop is called "Xiquan Pavilion". When Li Fanzhi walked to the shop, he told Ji Tianci, "Don’t talk after you go in. Let’s see what the situation is."
The shop is small, but there are all kinds of antique calligraphy and paintings everywhere. Ji Tianci is afraid that she will accidentally touch any antique cultural relics.
After entering the door, the four men looked around and were attracted by a steel sword hanging on the right-hand wall. The sword was "slim" and was more than five feet long and less than two inches wide.
The scabbard of this sword is also round like the hilt of the sword, and it is also made of pure steel with several rounds of hemp rope, which must be convenient for people to hold it.
At first glance, the sword is carved with ancient patterns, which is very attractive as if it were a sword. Even modern technology can sell some money if it is like this.
As soon as Ji Tianci stepped into the door, she felt the hand steel plate shaking and the sword hanging on the wall began to shake
Li Fanzhi quickly grabbed the steel plate and put it in a bag that Li Fang carried with him. He coughed, and everyone looked away and looked around. Ji Tianci was still staring at the sword.
A man in his thirties sitting behind the counter must be the boss.
The boss looked at martial arts novels with his mobile phone and heard Li Fanzhi cough for a while before he knew that there were guests in the store. He quickly stepped forward and asked, "What do several bosses want to buy? Antiques or calligraphy and painting "
Four people didn’t speak JiTianCi also learn to look around.
Ye Xiangdong took a glance around and then slowly said, "How do you sell it here is all fake? Look, this’ Tang Tricolor Camel’ belly is like human corrosion."
Ye Xiangdong immediately took out a magnifying glass from his pocket and looked at the "camel" that was 5 cm high.
"Well, the glaze layer can’t radiate five-color iridescence."
After that, Ye Xiangdong looked at a calligraphy and painting next to him. "Well, this is also a fake Qing Dynasty. There is such a paper. You can see the interlayer with a magnifying glass on the side of this paper. Where is this technology in Qing Dynasty?"
The boss was shocked to hear that he had met a master. He quickly laughed and said, "The old gentleman is a master when you look at him. I hide a lot here, but it’s not true outside. But there are also many furniture in the store. Look at this bronze tripod incense burner, which has been flowing from my ancestors."
Ye Xiangdong turned to look at a teapot-sized bronze ware in the counter. After carefully looking at it for a while, he also knew that it was a real antique and came from the Western Zhou Dynasty. If it wasn’t broken, it would have sold for a high price.
"It’s a real thing. It’s a pity that this incense burner is broken. Do you still have its’ furniture’ here?"
The boss also said that "furniture" means real antiques. He smiled awkwardly. "There were many before, but most of them were sold …"
The white meaning is now gone.
Ye Xiangdong looked at the steel sword on the wall again. He went over and looked at it carefully. "Your steel sword is beautiful, but how did you think of collecting this steel fake? I can’t tell which dynasty this sword was put here. How can it be sold? "
When the boss heard it, he was suddenly unhappy. He blushed and replied, "This sword was given to me by my grandfather. It’s an Excalibur. It’s still like this after hundreds of years. Everyone just doesn’t know the goods."
Ye Xiangdong snow a smile "hundreds of years? Why didn’t you say it was thousands of years? "
Chapter one hundred and fifty Buy a sword
Ye Xiangdong thought to himself, "If you really say that this sword has been put for thousands of years, there is nothing wrong."
The boss was speechless. Even he didn’t think this sword was hundreds of years old, but his grandfather did say that this sword was from his grandfather.
"I don’t want to sell this treasure if you don’t buy it!"
Everyone thought that the boss must have suffered a lot from this sword before he became angry from embarrassment.
Li Fanzhi spoke at this moment. He said to Ye Xiangdong, "Elymus wants you to like it no matter how expensive it is, I will buy it for you."
As soon as the boss heard this, he immediately guessed whether Li Fanzhi had interests and feelings with Professor Ye. This old man came shopping with a "gold Lord", and this kind of person makes the most money.
The boss coughed, "This is not a fake. My grandfather said that this sword is for someone."
Li Fanzhi couldn’t help asking, "What is predestined relationship?"
The boss replied awkwardly, "Grandpa said that the price was low and he wouldn’t sell it … It is predestined friends that people will understand the beauty of this sword."
Li Fanzhi smiled thoughtfully and then said to Professor Ye, "Ye Lao, you actually like this sword, saying that you and this sword are destined to buy it as a modern craft. If you want to be happy, I will pay for it."
Professor Ye gently "hmm" for a while and then looked at the shop owner. "How much is your sword?"
The boss thought for a long time and didn’t dare to quote the price. He once quoted the price, but as soon as he quoted the price, the customers turned their heads and left.
"I’m afraid the price is a little high. It’s not cheaper than this bronze ware."
Li Fanzhi is a little impatient. "How much is it?"
"One … one million"
JiTianCi four people a stay everyone was silent "one million! A sword that may be an artifact sells for 1 million? What a loser! "
The boss is also Zheng. After hearing the quotation, these four people didn’t turn their heads and left, but they were in a daze. Their faces were a strange expression.
Li Fanzhi’s heart has blossomed with joy. He wants to pretend that you are crazy about money, but he can’t pretend it. It’s good that he just managed not to laugh.
"Your price is to shout with your eyes closed. You should be thankful that this sword can buy 100 thousand." Li Fanzhi tried to restrain his facial expression.
Ji Tianci looked shocked and looked at Li Fanzhi. "It’s too black-hearted. This is even a counter-offer!"
When the boss heard this, he suddenly got excited. He has been in business for many years and can hear that the other party is willing to spend 100 thousand to buy this sword.
He had already despaired of this sword, and the customer had offered the highest price of 5,000 yuan. At this time, someone finally offered 100,000 units.
"A few bosses, look at this sword. This sword is harder than steel. Even a drill knife can’t leave traces on its face. Do you think this is a treasure?"