"Brother Su, this is too expensive."


Lao Yan’s face is a little red, and his hands are shaking slightly with this concentration method.
Su Mo smiled slightly. "I have nothing to do with this achievement method, so you can accept it."
"What’s the matter?"
Just then a woman pushed the door and asked
Old Yan looked excited and handed the achievement method to the woman. "Look at the achievement method that the Su brothers gave our children!"
Women see this achievement method is also a look of shock light shout a.
This year Su Mo once heard from Lao Yan that this should be the old Yan Daolv Ningyu.
They didn’t soar at the same time, but they came from an Hanazono Sakura world. It was also a rare fate to gather in this snowy mountain. Later, the snowy mountain became a couple.
Ningyu seems to have thought of something: "Give all those condensate Yuan Dan you have saved over the years to Sue brothers."
Right, right, right.
Lao Yan also reacted and hurriedly took out a bag and handed it to Su Mo. "Su Brothers, this is more than 700 grains of condensate Yuan Dan that I have accumulated over the years …"
"no need"
Su Mo shook his head slightly. "I left this achievement method even if it was a small gift for my nephew."
Old Yan hesitated, "OK, since the Sue brothers said so, I have the cheek to answer it! In the future, the Su brothers will have a life, and my old man will definitely go through fire and water! "
"Sue brothers, you have to go and haven’t seen Xiao Ping come and have a look." Ningyu said with a smile.
Xiao Ping ‘an is the nickname of Lao Yan’s child. He and Ning Yu hope that their children can grow up safely and live a safe life.
Su Mo nodded and Lao Yan and Ning Yu led him to the door.
Lao Yan pushed the door and saw a delicate cradle woven with green bamboo, and put it in the room. A two-year-old child slept inside, and his face was red and pink, and his little fist was clenched.
This child is almost the hope of Lao Yan.
Su Mo didn’t enter the room, but paused at the door for a moment and then came back. He took out two Xuanjie magic weapons from the bag and handed them to Lao Yan.
"Sue brothers you this is …"
Lao Yan was shocked. I couldn’t believe it
Although these two magic weapons are Xuanjie, they are also extremely precious treasures for them!
"take it"
Su Mo smiled and threw two Xuanjie magic weapons and turned and galloped across rhubarb dog towards the route.
Not far from Duan Tianliang is running right against the face.
"Let’s go and follow"