Why should a man with such talent be called a loser?


"What did I say before?"
Su Yu lay lazily in Linganer’s arms and walked over and said, "I told you not to play with me. You insisted on playing! See if it’s good to play now! "
When they heard this, they couldn’t help but face a stiff.
Master Yi’s family and Master Li’s family secretly gave Su Yu a thumbs-up and smiled. "Feather brother, you are amazing!"
"I didn’t see you getting married before Brother Yu!"
"You have hidden your hand!"
"Poor LanQing spirit all vomiting blood! I’m afraid he’ll be devastated in this life if he loses his feathers! "
They shook their heads in pity and looked at the unconscious LanQing meaning was carried by the waiters.
[drop! Congratulations to the host! Win the title of champion and gain the energy of people’s hearts 5]
Unified display sound
Su Yu was not surprised at all.
"Sure enough."
Su Yu held the glass and muttered to herself, gently shaking the glass in his hand.
It’s mandatory that the system will not be released to Su Yu, but if you want to get more rewards, you must constantly explore the hidden rules of the system!
The overlord system has no face. It automatically analyzes and rewards Su Yu according to his situation and gets some results.
In other words, it is implicit.
Excavate by Su Yu himself.
But what makes Su Yu wonder is that there are too few rewards.
Maybe this is because the official Wan’er took his place in the field test?
Su Yu touched Ba and thought to himself.
"Na Kuitong has given me a reward. What if I take Wu Kui?"
Su Yu’s voice is very light and her eyes are flashing. Only he can hear it.
Compared with the big emperor’s reward, Su Yu is more interested in giving rewards. Even if it is thousands of people’s hearts and minds, Su Yu feels that it is worth more than ten million gold coins!
"Feather brother just surprised the king! Feather brother can win LanQing meaning really let the king heart since surprise and relief "
The emperor slowly calmed down the noisy atmosphere and said indifferently, "Wang announced that Wu Yankui was Su Yu this time!"
No cheers, no warm congratulations
Wu Yan nobles turned around and looked at Su Yu in succession.
People’s eyes are complicated with admiration, irony, contempt and hatred; The fighters’ eyes are all indifferent, and there is no meaning to put Su Yu in the eyes.
But no matter people or fighters, no one can think that Su Yu can win the title.
Let the imperial city waste get the prize, which is a great irony to the imperial city people’s tianjiao!
"Come and reward!"
Big Huang Shen said with the wave.
The guards in black turned and entered the pavilion. In a short time, they brought the four treasures of the 【 Dan Mo Qing 】 room and the box containing gold coins.
"This is the hall to reward your little prince."
Black guards waved and told the waiter to put things in front of Su Yu with a sneer and a disdainful attitude.
Su Yu said lazily with the wave, "Wan’er has rewarded you."
"Thank you for your reward ~"
Officer Wan’er Qiao face emerged with a charming smile, beautiful eyes and charming moments, and ten thousand beautiful smiles were full of sweetness.
People treasure and millions of gold coins Su Yu gave the maid without blinking.
"That’s Dan Moqing!"
"Beautiful treasure! He gave it to a handmaid like this! "
"It is really a trick to please the beauty!"
This makes people jealous and jealous of the martial arts banquet, but people can pick out the slightest fault
Su Yu laughs at the smell of words.
There’s also a man like Guan Wan’er beside you who can please and love you!
These things are already Su Yu!
He’s chief!
Su Yu is absolutely qualified to handle these rewards!
This group of people can’t eat grapes after all, but insist on sour grapes.
The emperor took a deep breath of air pressure and his heart sank with anger and announced, "I declare the warfare!" "
"The rules of warfare are as usual, and the rules can finally stay in Taiwan!"
Black guards in the previous step heavy said "field fighters can participate in Wu Kui dispute rules have a that is not to kill people! Everyone is arrogant in the imperial city. Don’t hurt the gas and lose your life! "
"The wine will help!"
The Great Emperor raised his glass and shouted, "Gentlemen, let’s show our imperial city to the fullest!"
"wine is fun!"
All the fighters have a boiling passion and drink as if they can’t wait for a field test.
Everyone drinks a glass of wine and the warfare is official!
When the fighters were forced to wait for the show, Su Yu was lazy and sounded, "Wang is also interested. If the hall doesn’t mind, Wang also wants to play."
You still want to play?
When they heard this, their mouths twitched and their faces were dull.