Mark interrupted, put his legs around his chest and said with a hint of ridicule, "Although I am not very proud of my history, I have repeatedly counted that my ex-girlfriend has vampires, werewolves, mutants and demons …"


Looking at the expression has also become very rich. Coulson Mark laughed. "Look at me. My love history is the history of the world …"
"love rat …"
Love rat!’
Mark automatically filtered out the nine sisters’ spittle and looked at it and said this sentence. The black widow asked with some incomprehension, "Ms. romanov, with all due respect, you are a little old and I am still young!"
"… is it as big as your vampire girlfriend?"
"But Alice looks younger than you!"
The black widow gasped and said to Coulson nearby, "He refused. Can I kill him now?"
Coulson cover his forehead and looked at Mark, who had just toyed with the black widow and directly ignited her anger.
To be honest.
When he received Mark’s information from the Secretary, he also decisively expressed his opposition.
A word from chief Nick Fury made Coulson change his mind!
"Phil, it’s a miracle that this personal file can make so many girlfriends in the dark world to live well now …"
After the director’s little dialing, Coulson also saw something wrong from Mark Nabi’s detailed file!
Take a closer look, my darling!
My first girlfriend was a vegetarian vampire who was over 70 years old but was 20 years old …
Even when hooking up with vampires, I took a werewolf girlfriend who was a little girl in the Indian Wolf Autonomous Region!
And when it was exposed, it was simply to expel him …
If Mark wasn’t alive, Coulson wondered if his boss thought he was playing with himself a little more deliberately during this period of time …
You know, when he took over the case, one of them was in love with vampires and then moved on to love rat!
That love rat ended up eating like a vampire …
And werewolves are even more unbelievable to Coulson!
If this is not strange!
So …
Out of the Fox Town archives, Coulson witnessed the rise of a straight steel man …
Chapter 6 The poacher SHIELD
When Coulson tur to that end of Mark’s file
Looking at the two pages of forms overflowing, there was a hand-in list, and someone’s name first appeared in Coulson’s mind!
Tony stark, the second richest man in the world, is known as a talented scientist!
If Tony’s eye are focused on that beauty of the spotlight.
Then mark’s eyes are almost on American soil!
But both profiles have one thing in common.
That is, there is no beauty with dark skin!
Except that storm girl who is not normal human!
At that time, Coulson took a curious look at their director with information in his hand.
I wonder if this is the reason why the director called him back from vacation …
Sitting on the sofa, Mark also smiled and walked to the wine cabinet.
Look at the wine in the wine cabinet with a frown and take out a bottle of white wine!
After pouring it for myself, I took a sip and said to Coulson, "Give me a reason to join your S.H.I.E.L.D.!"
"We SHIELD protect the world!" Coulson blurted out, "We protect people from news they are not ready for …"
Mark waved his hand and said impatiently, "Don’t be so generous!"
"What …" Coulson slightly one leng!
Re-sitting on the sofa Mark sneered and laughed. "You don’t expect me to be fooled into joining you, do you? How is it possible that the treatment has not been discussed! Let’s talk about how much salary you are going to give me, how many holidays you have … and what is my grade! "
Coulson blinked and glanced at Natasha next to him.
Natasha narrowed her dangerous eyes and said faintly, "Can I kill him now?"
Today’s memory is unforgettable for Natasha.
At this time, Natasha was also a halfling self-propelled gun.
Who knows that I fell into Mark’s trap from the beginning …
If this can make Natasha accept it!
Coulson said something to Natasha and looked at Mark, "After your treatment, you passed our Aegis assessment …"
Mark directly interrupted, "I’m sorry I’m not interested!" "
Wool joke!
Mark, the FBI has a good life and is a middle-level leader.
Something to do, nothing to do, cuckold man …
Full support will give you no reason to go to SHIELD to take on a job that you don’t know yet!
There is also an assessment!
The CIA said Mark could go whenever he wanted.