If this continues, I’m afraid Yuan Wu’s cave will really burst!


Wu Daozun now means that it is not difficult for thousands of prison kings to besiege and kill him, and no one can stand in his way.
But in this way, it is difficult for him to shelter the Tang family in Beiling.
At this time, Wu Daozun found that there was a sudden strange fluctuation in Yuan Wu’s cave.
At the beginning, he walked along the guide of the soul lamp in Abi Earth Prison and once saw an ancient mirror named’ Ghost Treasure’.
This ancient mirror looks extraordinary, but Wu Daozun didn’t see anything.
It’s a little strange to put the ghost treasure in the bag.
Suo Wudao Zun will temporarily put it in his chest clothes.
Now, he incarnates into a cave, and this ghost treasure naturally goes into his cave in Yuan Wu.
This change comes from the nether world!
Chapter two thousand six hundred and fifty-six Crazy plunder
It seems to be aware that there are thousands of caves outside, and it seems that there is some mysterious force flowing and gradually forming a gray vortex.
Then, a powerful devouring force appeared in generate’s Treasure Mirror!
Yuan Wu’s cave-in-the-sky method digested all the cave-in-the-sky power and was swallowed up by the ghost treasure mirror, and the pressure on Wudao Zun plummeted.
This change happened in the cave of Yuan Wu.
Ghost Feng and others, such as Pluto and the king of prisons, entered the dark and deep Yuan Wu cave and naturally didn’t know what happened.
Wudaozun’s cave in Yuan Wu has gradually stagnated and stopped rotating.
At this time, Yuan Wu’s land is running again, and the tearing and devouring power is even fiercer and stronger than just now!
The scope of Yuan Wu’s land has suddenly skyrocketed!
Ghost front, the top ten prison ridge master’s look changed greatly, and the reaction was extremely fast, so he quickly pulled back.
But behind them, the prison Wang Jiangzhe dodged and was not directly swallowed up by Yuan Wu’s land, and even the screams disappeared without coming out!
Because of the outbreak of the Ghost Treasure Mirror, Yuan Wu’s cave was swallowed not only by the surrounding cave, but also by hundreds of prison kings!
This scene fell into the eyes of many prison kings, which caused a panic.
Instead of being broken and collapsed, the dark cave besieged by them swallowed up hundreds of prison kings and strong men even with a bite of the cave!
Who is not afraid and who is not afraid of such a strange and scary scene?
Wu Daozun also observed the move here.
He hasn’t reached this point in Yuan Wu.
It’s not the cave in Yuan Wu that broke out so powerful, but the hidden treasure in the depths of the cave in Yuan Wu!
Yuan Wu’s cave can clearly feel the ghost treasure mirror, and it has a strong desire to devour these prison kings, strong people and even their flesh and blood.
The ghost treasure mirror is like a hungry fierce beast devouring the power of the cave
This feeling is a bit like the magic weapon that the town prison used to repair itself and devour many magic weapons in refining and chemical industry.
Hundreds of prison kings fell into the cave of Yuan Wu without falling, but they still released their own caves and tried their best to support them!
Their flesh-and-blood cave not only contains their own Taoism, but also their strong will.
Yuan Wu cave swallowed them up, but it is impossible to refine hundreds of prison kings in a short time.
"If we hold on to the outside, the strong prison king will be able to defeat him in this cave!"
Yuan Wu, a strong prison king, communicated with each other in the cave and worked hard to persist.
At this time, an ancient mirror gradually emerged in the depths of Yuan Wu cave.
The dark mirror was faintly glowing with a faint lotus flower.
This ancient mirror gradually emerged in the depths of Yuan Wu’s cave, as if it were a lotus flower with one eye in the dark, weird and eerie!
Being stared at by this one-eyed hundred prison kings, the strong man did not dare to move, which gave birth to a sense of horror and cold!
An indescribable fear came to my mind.
This fear seems to come from the depths of the soul and blood.
It’s as if they were born to be afraid of this one-eyed!
Originally, they insisted on constantly urging the Yuan gods to continue to support each other’s land.
But being stared at by this one-eyed hundred caves is teetering and has a tendency to collapse!
This ancient mirror turned into a gloomy light, and they crossed a circle around.