At this time, he can still run forever.


However, the endless exertion of strength is far less than the strong effect, and the speed of healing violet is much slower.
If you give Su Mo an hour or two, maybe he can return to his peak.
But the nine fierce emperors have been killed again!
Don’t say it’s an hour or two, even one or two people who breathe nine fierce emperors won’t leave it to him!
Violet really gasped.
Every time I breathe, my nose and mouth are mixed with thick blood gas.
He has no card means.
Dragging the broken violet is based on the seal of Ren Huang and the root of the lotus platform, which can’t stop the nine fierce emperors from fighting!
Of course, at this time, he can also burst into a secret method, which is four ignorant fires.
However, the power of Simao fire can be regarded as a great avatar at most.
Even if it is released, it won’t affect anything.
Sue ink in the eyes of a dim.
Violet has also been in a desperate situation!
And budo statue is still no induction!
At this time, there was another loud noise not far away!
It was the Shadow Emperor who released the peerless avatar, and the phantom chop broke out completely!
It is not difficult for Long Huang to tell which one is the real shadow emperor among dozens of shadow emperors.
Long Huang is a spent force, but he practices the secret code of the Wild Lich King all the year round.
It’s almost a kind of ability to lock the shadow emperor’s identity with the dragon emperor’s identity.
But the dragon and the phoenix really fell into the sea of blood, and the dragon and the phoenix flame almost went out, and the decline of qi and blood could not stop this peerless magical power!
Phantom chop condensed a cold light and cut it down towards Long Huang’s eyebrows!
Long Huang flew out of the eyebrows with a small tripod the size of a thumb, which swelled rapidly. In a blink of an eye, a statue of a half-foot tall bronze four-legged Fang Ding was quaint and angular!
However, this bronze Fang Ding is a waste surface full of cracks and there is no magic or magical power around it.
Although this bronze Fang Ding is regarded as a dragon’s real life multiplier, in fact, he failed to make the sacrifice successfully.
Over the years, even if people fight and fight, Long Huang rarely moves bronze Fang Ding.
Even if the sacrifice comes out, you can’t release any spells with the help of bronze Fang Ding. The most magical power is to hit people with a big tripod.
This bronze Fang Ding is difficult to refine whether it is mana or magical power.
Over the years, Long Huang has been looking for a few days to try to repair the bronze Fang Ding.
But all ended in failure.
Don’t say that those natural materials and treasures will be integrated into it. No matter what means Long Huang really takes, he will melt this bronze Fang Ding!
Not to mention repairing the smelting.
The origin of this bronze Fang Ding is always a mystery.
Even the wild mainland has lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and the dragon emperor can’t see the position of this tripod.
Now life hangs by a thread, and the dragon phoenix can sacrifice the bronze Fang Ding to try to resist the phantom chop.
"Ha ha, you’ve come to this."
Shadow emperor sneer at a.
Don’t say that this bronze tripod is full of cracks, which is a waste. Even a really powerful magic weapon can’t completely resist and resolve the supernatural power!
"This kind of junk is also interesting to take it out and watch me break it!"
Shadow emperor folded to drink a condensed phantom chop heavy chop bronze Fang Ding!
Jinge’s cross-strike sounded extremely harsh!
Around the ghost witch emperor, the blood emperor and even the shadow emperor all frowned and gasped!
Shadow emperor is the whole body to flame in the half back a few steps face big change!
His peerless avatar chopped off this bronze Fang Ding with cracks all over it, but it was completely dissolved without a spark of war!
Of course, the bronze Fang Ding was also chopped and fell into the sea of blood.
The sea of blood has flooded the dragon phoenix and extinguished the dragon phoenix flame.
But there is no blood around the bronze Fang Ding. When the blood surges around this tripod, it will automatically spread to form a real zone!
"This is a baby!"
Almost at the same time, the ghost witch emperor, the blood emperor and the shadow emperor all shine at the moment.
"Kill this taboo Dragon Phoenix Town first!"
Ghost witch wakes up.
The blood emperor and the shadow emperor are also white, which is lighter or heavier, and they are re-gathered, and they are going to kill Long Huang again!
In a blink of an eye, Su Mo’s two real bodies and the night spirit department are in desperate situation!
The situation collapsed!
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and twenty-three Feeling avatar
In a sea of blood
Long Huang really fell into the trap and barely resisted the shadow emperor’s offensive to get away!
But the longer it takes in the blood, the deeper the influence of the filth in the blood will be!
At first, he was still burning with dragon and phoenix flame.