"Open territory information"


Su Yu heart ordered.
"Hey ~!"
Su Yu couldn’t help laughing when she saw the energy of 160 thousand people in the territory information column
Unconsciously, another new month has arrived.
It’s January 2 of the Chinese calendar, and the new year has arrived.
Su Yu went to the window of the imperial house and looked up at the sky. He could vaguely see the airship in red floating by. Although it was late at night, the whole imperial city was immersed in the victory of the new war and the joy of welcoming the New Year.
It’s a pity that there are fewer firecrackers and less Chinese New Year atmosphere.
Although gunpowder technology has appeared, the substitution of energy ore gunpowder is a more precious strategic material, and it is difficult for people to celebrate fireworks and firecrackers.
After all, no one in the Yanhuang Empire except Su Da can celebrate the grand event with strategic materials in luxury.
Su Yu sighed in his heart and then his face floated up again.
But anyway, the people’s energy is enough, and I can continue to light up the new technology tree!
"Open the science and technology tree!"
Su Yu let go of the information, raised his head and scanned the leaves of science and technology. After careful selection and consideration, Su Yu planned to light up the principle and system of engine first.
This is an important symbol for the Chinese Empire to enter the "gas age". A series of technologies such as speech, video and line derived from the gas age can improve the intelligence processing speed and response speed of the Chinese Empire army from the side.
When the enemy is still rushing to deliver important information, the army of the Chinese Empire can deliver important information in one sentence.
This is intelligence crushing!
Of course, with the advent of the gas age, there are not only these benefits, but also more people’s livelihood and economic and military advantages, which are enough to make the comprehensive national strength of the Yanhuang Empire a bigger step.
"I want to light up this technological leaf!"
Su Yushen said
[Engine principle and system] It takes 15 million people’s energy to light the leaves of this technology.
After receiving Su Yu’s command, Tong issued a list of sounds.
[command adoption]
[popular energy detection]
[People’s hearts are full of energy! 】
[is lighting up! 】
[Lighting is successful! 】
With the new technology, the design drawings of leaves came out, and Su Yu got all the information and data of the engine.
"Come and let the Ministry of Industry come to see me!"
With Su Yu handing over the new design drawings to the Ministry of Industry, it means that people in the Ministry of Industry have more things to do after the beginning of the new year, and there are too many new technologies for them to chew through.
Before Su Yu was seated again after Xiaohong left the imperial house, there came a sharp voice outside the imperial house.
"The Queen of Sound is here ~!"
What’s she doing here so late?
Su Yu one leng in a short time dressed in a palace Su Da beauty approached the imperial court and the maids cleverly withdrew from the imperial court.
"Why don’t you go to bed so late? Do you miss me?"
Su Yu looked at Su Huiyin with a wry smile and deep eyes.
Su Huiyin spat lightly, "Husband, you are really a bad guy."
She moved her face lightly, and there was a faint blush on her face. The charming eyes in her eyes flowed like water waves, and the mature charm made people’s hearts beat faster.
This Ni is getting more and more touching.
"What’s wrong with my husband?"
Su Yu laughed and hugged the queen.