You know, this has not been calculated. It is also a majestic and terrible force to push the heavens and the earth, and one person can become an army


No wonder the immortal imperial court, myth and heaven complement each other. Ren Huang is really terrible, and the strong are enough to suppress the great world
"Don’t be nervous. Ren Huang has always appreciated talents and their successors."
The first god will naturally comfort Chuan Ying, and he is also very happy to see the emperor Shang. He has many natural benefits and can grow up smoothly to be more brilliant.
When this statement came out, everyone smiled. Strictly speaking, Ren Huang is younger than the emperor, and now he is only 200 years old. However, many years ago, he has already stepped on the road and become a brilliant emperor.
"Nice little guy."
Deep in the fairy light, a pair of eyes opened, Li Yu sat in a tray at the end of the fairy road, smiled and looked up and pointed to intercept a section of avenue, condensed into a small seal, and fell to the emperor as a gift.
"Xie Ren Huang"
The emperor was flattered to take the treasure seal and bowed. He didn’t expect to be noticed by Ren Huang when he first arrived here. That’s an immortal emperor who can control fourteen masters of the imperial way. The Lord is more exaggerated than his master.
The reason why his heart can also be favored by Ren Huang is that he is a grandparent, a ghost emperor, and a great moral person, Ren Huang. It is better to dig up a close friend from the twilight and naturally bring him a thing or two.
Seeing this scene, Duan De’s mouth was wide to his ears, but Ren Huang gave him enough face to make his image shine.
At the same time, he also played a role in the beginning, which was also a good seedling. If he can work in the imperial court, it would be a good gesture.
"With a flick of a finger, they were born, too. It’s not bad in the beginning. Let the emperor and the emperor get in touch with them. It reminds me of an old friend who never met again after returning to his ancestral star."
Hearing this familiar name, Li Yu felt a little sad that the ancient road was dusty and three outstanding figures were all present, which also proved that it had been a long time since the real road to immortality was a flick of a finger, and the younger generation had achieved a domain ancestor.
Although outstanding people are good nowadays, it is still too far to touch their level. It is also just right for young people to contact and weigh one or two levels.
During the retreat, he realized that he should push the source path into the realm of enlightenment.
It’s not easy to live forever, but it takes a long time for a ghost emperor to realize the source of the universe, but there are some similarities in the ancestral boundary method
During the period, the three devices were all baptized in the world, and all the forces were sublimated to the level of the emperor. The law of giving birth to the emperor’s Tao was even more unique, and it was the product of the intersection of the two seals.
The obtained virtual fairy gold and dark fairy gold have also been refined into the chaos stone mending heaven stone of Longhan Banner, while the seven-killing tablet is fused with five-color Jack nife heavenly knives, each of which has reached five levels of fairy materials. In previous years, they have been gradually integrated into the obtained fairy gold.
This made the black emperor drool and walk around day and night, and gave birth to a great dream, that is, to gather all the immortals to build a king’s domineering clothes, either to make public or to be coquettish
The sword array buried in the ninety-nine Longshan was completely broken by the Emperor’s blood, chaotic blood, some laws of fairy mountain and immortal treasure, and the remaining shackles were among the ranks of artificial immortals. Previously, the celestial treasure and immortal tripod were an equal order, but there was still a long way to go before the barren tower and immortal bell.
Among them, the most joyful nature is Lingbao Tianzun, which makes his moral level rise a lot and has the hope of returning to that year’s Tianzun.
"Immortal inheritance naturally requires a town teaching device, that is, the imperial court, so it is necessary to forge an emperor tower. Every dust says that there are nine floors and five corners, which is nine or five, and my way has changed from ancient times to nine floors and nine corners, that is, nine or nine statues occupy a great number."
Li Yuxian’s fire forging was based on the fallen deities, and a golden statue was cast by the emperor’s vessel, which was dyed all over the red Xia Di Tower and put into the imprint of all beings. It was only after ten years of gestation that it was born, and the nine-story, nine-horn statue was completely formed.
On the same day, there was a thunderbolt that lasted for 991 days, which made the emperor pregnant with gods. This humanitarian emperor tower was more vigorous than the immortal imperial court after it was born, and its willingness was also doubled, and it was increased.
"Ren Huang is now an emperor, casting a 199-year-old emperor tower to suppress the immortal imperial court, and the master of the 14-year-old emperor road is sitting in the sky to worship all the people, which is even more prosperous than the ancient heaven."
All beings are shocked and deeply respect this fact. In the past, emperors would also refine one emperor’s utensil, and many pieces were few and far between.
As Ren Huang is so majestic, it is hard to see three devices and one tower to suppress thousands of sparks.
"I pushed the door half a step short of the source technique, but I still missed some opportunities."
Li Yu walked out of the immortal road and found Duan De. If you want to know the roots of this road, only he can answer this doubt.
"It’s not that you can’t realize it, but that your strength is too strong to step on the heavenly heart mark and the mark of all beings, which in turn limits your vision and thoughts, and it’s hard to realize the state before the final step.
If you want to become a Taoist, you are not only powerful, but more importantly, you should travel all over the world to personally understand and engrave yourself, so that even if you leave this universe, it will not affect whether contact is a qualitative change of the universe or not. "
Duan De knows that this state is normal, just like Emperor Zun’s thought was limited and he had a stronger foothold, so there is no need to turn around and ponder.
"So that’s it. Then I’m going to walk in the world of mortals again."
Li Yu smiled and walked out of the imperial court, and traveled again to Zhongzhou. He once walked the road, and he appeared in ten strange places, such as Riyueling, Qinling Mountain and Blue Sky.
The so-called blue sky and yellow earth, which once made the old uncle Wyndell Dichinson secret, is no longer mysterious, but there is an ancient sage living in the depths, and he turned it into heaven and earth.
The old land of Yaochi, a cruel Dojo in the East Wilderness, is a sacred city in the north. His footprints are all covered, and he also cut a few source stones to reminisce about the past years.
The mysterious and mysterious God of Nanling inherited the ancient poisonous abyss that was destroyed by the gods, and he passed by one by one. He couldn’t help but sigh that it has changed a lot since it was only a hundred years ago.
Ximo, he saw the Buddha who had fought and fought, and the other party became holy. He was very happy to see him. He declared the Buddha’s name and paid homage to the Buddha and the emperor. He was very devout, but he didn’t look like he did at first sight.
In the past, the ten buddhas, Sumeru, went home alone. I have to say that it was also a young and frivolous time, and the momentum was very strong and never gave in.
When passing by Beiyuan, he stayed for a few days in the Arctic Fairyland, and then traveled all the way overseas to seventy-two islands, where there were many glorious heritages and many relics that disappeared in history. In recent years, many overseas saints have also been communicating with each other in five fields.
In this way, he traveled all the way back to Ziwei and visited the Sun Shintoism. He found that the children also went on the ancient road to experience, which was already a famous ancient tianjiao.
People’s palace has long been included in the imperial court. Naturally, there is nothing left. However, the ancient sage of Kunpeng Nest in Beihai returned, which made Li Yu look at it more. Unfortunately, Kunpeng’s blood is too thin, but it is fate that he still sent out a Kunpeng method. This is the cause and effect.
People’s King Guxingyu, four states and four islands are still lively. When Li Yu met a woman, both sides of the king were predestined. He will accept the registered brother, the king’s blood, the transformation, the practice, the occult protection, and this clan can enter the imperial court to repay Fuxi’s kindness.
Then Amitabha Guxingyu Gouchen Guxingyu Tongtian Guxingyu was passed by him, including Xinggu Road, which also caused a burst of exclamations, and a group of Taoist priests were able to see him talking, and each gained something, and they could not help but sigh Ren Huang’s mind
It’s also an instant that the path of enlightenment wants to travel all over the world. He finally came to the ancient star of the great wilderness. The mystery here is the trace of a generation of enemies engraved by the great wilderness.
Finally, Li Yu realized that he stopped at this point, and the expansion and extension of the source celestial tattoo branded the whole star and reflected it in the source map.
Year after year, it will be ten years soon, and the pattern of the source heaven emperor has become dense all over the world, and it has shrunk again, and the map has shaped a cosmic structure, and his own understanding of the source of the universe has been completely formed.
Boom! The universe feels blessed by the power of the source. For a time, the sea is full of fairy flowers, and the second source of enlightenment is born, and the whole world is blessed.
"To the immortal emperor of Ren Huang"
At that time, the trace became clearer and the essence became more and more majestic. Everyone felt the shackles of heaven and earth, and learned some blessings. He recited Ren Huang’s reverence and piety like a soul.
"The source art is a way to create the universe, but the fairy king feeds back the world, which is somewhat similar, but the effectiveness is not comparable. There is a difference between heaven and earth."
Li Yu knows that the source of the whole body is densely covered, and every move is accompanied by a great cosmic force. With the roar of thousands of ways, all forces are sweeping and powerful to the extreme. It can be said that the enemies of the present world have enemies, and everything is important.
He thought that the source technique is a perfect chaotic body, which is somewhat similar to the heavenly heart mark, but it has other advantages to make up for the great cosmic force to replace the myriad ways, and its potential is also poor
Perhaps this method can also be put into the road of developing the simple repair method, and they have something in common.
"The Kowloon coffin has appeared again and set sail again. Is this going to the side?"
On this day, a star field came to exclaim that Kowloon pulled the coffin and reappeared, but it was a pity that people could chase it and approach it.
Li Yu listened to the thoughts of all beings, and the resonance of the universe changed dramatically. He saw the nine dragon corpses across, and there were more mysterious fluctuations emanating from the bronze coffin.
The face of the ancient coffin was covered with mist and carved with hundreds of runes. Every word was an emperor’s symbol and a kind of essence, but half of the emperors’ symbols were not spiritual practices but were constructed and deduced in the fairy land.
This was left by the Emperor of the Wild Heaven, representing his deduction at that time, but it was a pity that the bronze coffin did not enter the fairy land and did not repair the people left in that world.
A small coffin in the bronze giant coffin is as silent as burying the eternal universe.
"Qing Di breath?"
Abrupt, he felt a touch of familiarity. It turned out to be Qing Di’s barren tower, but he felt his traces here.
Li Yu raised my hand and lifted the small coffin. Suddenly, there was chaos and chaos, and there was no corpse in the coffin. People turned out to be a mysterious world of fairy light. If you jump in, you will feel its vast edge.
This is a small fairy land, and the continuous evolution has not yet reached perfection, but it has also advanced a part.
"Taoist friends have not seen each other for a long time, and there will be a farewell day at the end of reincarnation."
At this time, a light language has a figure standing in the depths of a small fairy land, as it seems here.
He is handsome and handsome in a blue robe, and the blue sea is surging behind him, and a lotus is growing in the sky forever!
"Qing Di is also violet. Long time no see."
Li Yu gave a moment’s greetings. I didn’t expect Qing Di to be so persistent about the creation of fairy land. Even if he was affected by reincarnation and didn’t enter the barren tower again, he came to improve the small fairy land in the bronze coffin of III.
I don’t know what stimulation it is.
"Thanks to you, there is also a return day."
Qing Di’s laughing breath is very strong, which is beyond the average enlightened person. He can abandon the imprint of Tianxin and enter here. He can already say many things, the most important thing is that he is in a better state than the original timeline.
Li Yu took advantage of the opportunity to sit down and talk about this small fairy land, which lasted for ten years and eleven times. It also showed the mystery of the evolution road and inspired the Qing Di earthquake
In this way, the idea of creating a fairy land coincides with mine, so he took the initiative to practice this method to study and further improve this fairy land through the’ fairy road’