Mengmeng’s whole body is also surging, and air billow and Mengmeng have also made a big breakthrough.
Jiang Tai has just reached the sixth place in the earth’s ascension not long ago, and there is still a long way to go before the seventh place, but now Jiang Tai feels fast, and practice here is really fast.
Jiang Tai’s whole body also broke through with a bang!
The earth is the seventh heaviest!
But also continue to Jiang Tai cherish this opportunity.
But at this moment
"Ang!" Long Mai suddenly a huge roar.
Thousands of mountains, Long Mai suddenly gave a meal.
Jiang Tai suddenly opened his eyes.
"The earth Long Mai turns over for an hour at most. Is this going to sink into the earth and hide into the four directions?" Mengmeng surprised way
"An hour has not arrived?" Twenty days frown way
"No, look at someone in front of the faucet!" Bian Que surprised way
They looked really at this moment, a male agent in a golden robe in front of the Long Mai faucet blocked the faucet mountain and moved on.
Blocked the whole of Long Mai?
The breeze blew through the golden robe man, and his hair was just swaying!
"What?" Mengmeng exclaimed.
"plate?" Jiang Tai suddenly face a change.
Jiang Tai, the man who knew the body of the former Sun, was the general who took away the four zombie veins?
"Ang!" The earth Long Mai a roar.
But the right hand of the plate is attached to the faucet, and the faucet in front of it can’t move.
Thousands of huge mountains keep swinging, but they just push their luck.
"Long Mai? It turns out that Dayu still has this skill. How many Long Mai did he have here? It’s a pity that your descendants Five Blessingg enjoy it! " Plate smiled.
Big sleeve jerked off and suddenly a crack appeared in front of the plate.
The earth Long Mai struggled, but at that time the cracks seemed to have a huge suction, generally aimed at this Long Mai
The terrorist forces immediately inhaled the Long Mai faucet of the earth.
The faucet is not enough, and it continues to enter the department.
Jiang Tai and others have already flown to see this one, which will stir the earth upside down around. Long Mai was slowly collected in the cracks at that time.
"Is this his own creation?" Bian Que surprised way
Mengmeng also showed horror. "Who is this person?"