This is the first time for a young fox girl to speak for such a long time. Although Mr. Bai can’t understand what the other party is saying at this time, there is one thing that he is white. That is, the young fox girl obviously understands what she just said. Plus, the other party has put the jade brand of Zhenxi Houfu into her small cloth bag at the moment. From this point, it can be seen that the young fox girl has obviously promised herself to cooperate with her to perform a big drama.


"These days, you have wronged your life, food, clothing, housing and transportation. I will arrange someone to send you this. You must not worry too much. You must never step out of this hospital in this period. After three days, I will arrange someone to pick you up and leave here. There is one thing you need to do when the time comes, and then give me to you. This jade card will shine. Can I understand all this?"
M. leblanc said, "I stared at the fox girl in front of me and waited for the other party to answer."
"Hey …"
Although I couldn’t understand what the young fox girl said, from her sincere eyes, Mr. Bai chose to trust her and his intuition.
After getting the promise he wanted, Mr. Bai disappeared again in front of the young girls of the fox family. If there was still a shadow of him at this time, who would dare to believe that anyone in this world could reach the realm of broken ling? Who would believe what happened in this small courtyard just now?
I’m afraid it’s not necessarily true that the young girl of the fox family really understands Mr. Bai’s words, but she has a thorough understanding of one thing. If Mr. Bai wants to get rid of herself, it must be as simple as eating and sleeping for others. At this time, the other party doesn’t kill herself in this hospital. Then say that she still has value in Mr. Bai’s eyes, even though she has been marked with a price at the moment, it is precisely because of this price that she can continue to live. As Mr. Bai said, all the causality is a kind. What I bet in this transaction is my future fortune, my future life path, and all the money I can give in exchange for my desire for freedom and the illusory new life.
Is this deal really worth the drama?
Not necessarily.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen ChangSunYingying
Qin Yu didn’t expect Xu Xiaowu’s drama to present his eyes in this way.
I saw that Liu Yi, who had just returned to the house, was instantly surrounded by dozens of five big and three thick strong men. Before Qin Yu could react, a woman in a huge flowered skirt bought a forceful step and rushed to the crowd with a step.
"This …"
Looking at this scene, Qin Yu is really a bit short of brains. Seeing what happened in the distance, he looked at Xu Xiaowu with great confusion and asked lightly.
"Don’t worry, look first."
Xu Xiaowu’s words to Qin Yu are still to reassure the other party and then continue to look at it from the observer’s point of view.
Visually, the woman who rushed to the front of Liu Yi should have at least 200 kilograms of weight. It is not difficult to see that she is wearing a flowered skirt like a human flesh watchtower. It is 20 K pure fat physique. Anyone who wants to say that she is puffy and Qin Yu is anxious first.
Liu Yi even never dreamed that her first kiss would be so lost and lost so thoroughly that she was moved and humiliated.
"Let me …"
This sentence will even become a nightmare in Liu Yi’s heart, and it is a generation that can forget the nightmare.
The original Liu Yi was shot by Xu Xiaowu. Although Xu Xiaowu’s sudden shot seems to be more violent, his client is very clear about how much strength Xu Xiaowu has exerted. It seems that the strength he has achieved is very small. Even he doesn’t feel too much pain in his body, and what he will be shot out by Xu Xiaowu one by one. This is more because Xu Xiaowu borrowed a lot of ingenuity and Xu Xiaowu’s ingenuity made him unable to melt away. This led to Qin Yu’s seeing that he was shot by Xu Xiaowu just now. After he fell down outside the house, he felt that there was no such thing as wanting to kill himself in Xu Xiaowu’s tricks, but he was full of a charm of flirting with himself, but before he could thoroughly figure out Xu Xiaowu’s meaning, the biggest nightmare of his generation suddenly came.
Liu Yi’s heart is confused, and I don’t know how to rush out from there. A dozen strong men of five big and three thick are all dragons and tigers, and then they firmly circle themselves in situ. They even tried to make a resistance, but they were completely restrained by their powerful hands on the forehead.
Suddenly, Liu Yi felt a very regular earthquake on his floor, and then a flash accompanied by a tiger roar and a huge shadow covered his head with sunlight.
Liu Yi was completely unconscious. When he was so rolled his eyes and was carried to Qin Yu again, he was at the mercy of others like the chopping block fish, while he himself still rolled his eyes and let his eyelids and eyes keep flashing.
"I’d like to introduce you to Sun Yingying, the eldest daughter of Lingchuan Prefecture."
Qin Yu’s surprised expression Xu Xiaowu directly revealed the identity of the hundred catties woman in front of him.
"Sister Dance, is this the person you told me can help us?"
I haven’t waited for Qin Yu’s mouth, but I saw the grandson Yingying directly drumming into a trot, and the eyes were full of hesitation and speculation before Qin Yu. Then I looked at Qin Yu and questioned it lightly.
Although the grandson Yingying is Qin Yu, she said to Xu Xiaowu.
"And this one, too."
Smiling at the grandson Yingying Xu Xiaowu, she gently poked her fingers at each other’s shoulders. After the grandson Yingying looked back at herself, she pointed to the chair at the moment and even rolled her eyes. Then she said with a smile.
"And him? I still think he’s my sister. You found me a good family. Emotional sister, you shook me up again this time. If I had known it was this, I wouldn’t have come. "
My day alone Qin Yu seems to have heard something amazing from her grandson Yingying’s mouth. See him constantly with a surprised expression. Look at Xu Xiaowu for a while and then at her grandson Yingying for a while, full of pity. Look at Liu Yi’s big brother who still keeps rolling his eyes at this time.
"How can you know whether he will promise in the end if you have the right means, sister? You have to try everything. Why are you discouraged before you act? If they can really do this for us, I’m sure the prefect will also give you advice. "
Xu Xiaowu said and then moved his line of sight from ChangSunYingying to Qin Yu’s side again, and then before Qin Yu’s mouth, he continued
"Now that everyone is here, it’s time for those who shouldn’t talk to talk openly. You can read Qin Yu’s account, right?"
Xu Xiaowu said that Sun Yingying, the director, had a dignified face.
Eyebrows a wrinkly Qin Yu or truthfully answer.