"But look at those TV dramas …"


"Do you believe in the news of film and television dramas?" Fang Siyi sneered and said, "The country of killing donkeys may appear, but it will only happen when you can no longer make money. Otherwise, do you think I can always be happy?"
"But … what if it’s levied?"
"I’m not stupid," Fang Siyi said with a smile. "Anyway, eating and drinking in this life is freedom of life. There are some restrictions."
"But before …"
"Because of you," Fang Siyi said with a smile, "The more women like me, the more assured they are."
It is a lie for Fang Siyi to say that he has no shortcomings at all.
But he really has no bad habits.
If it weren’t for these confidantes, I’m afraid I would have been secretly dealt with face to face.
Perfect defective knives are not good.
"That ya ya elder sister and Yuanyuan elder sister …" Yingbao frowned.
Fang Siyi said apologetically, "I’m really sorry for both of them."
Yingbao Moran
I’m afraid that at that time, the noodles had already meant to be liquidated. Fang Siyi spelled out the situation that made her sad, and collected Fox, Ya Ya and Gao Yuanyuan in a row, which was to completely hand over his handle to the noodles.
With such a handle, I am not afraid of Fang Siyi’s rebellion.
If Fox still has real feelings, then Ya Ya is taking advantage of the situation. I’m afraid Gao Yuanyuan is holding one sheep and driving two sheep, but she will only take it with a mentality.
Until now, Fang Siyi’s image has finally been enriched in Yingbao’s heart.
It’s too unreal for Fang Siyi to feel Yingbao all the time.
Which man in this world has no shortcomings?
However, Fang Siyi, despite the four of them, has never planned to expand again, so that the four of them can accept each other and deliberately twist them together.
Although at first the four of them fought with each other for a while, later he sweetly attacked and the four of them acquiesced to each other.
Fang Siyi has always been a bad person, of course.
In fact, Fang Siyi didn’t hide those stupid things from Yingbao either.
For example, sister Jing Chu is like a big white goose.
To tell the truth, Yingbao still had some taste.
An old whore was calculated by Fang Siyi in those days, but now it is more than enough to play a female matching class, although it is still pasted into ten lines.
Life has not become so difficult.
Not to mention the other, the company has tailored a video drama before. Although it was not helped by Fang Siyi, the director of this drama was RAY, another director except Fang Siyi.
Even the workers are Drea flags, let alone what they invest.
It can be said that except for the hero and heroine, they are all Drea people!
It is said that the play has already started preliminary preparations and will be launched in October.
And this drama is Fang Siyi!
If it weren’t for Fang Siyi, who had never seen the Great White Goose Yingbao after Golden Horse, she would doubt what they had.
Chapter 159 Fang Siyi’s "Illness"
Although generally speaking, the Great White Goose does not conform to Fang Siyi’s aesthetics, but …
Don’t you want to play something different?
Anyway, it is a good thing to make friends with the support of Gu Dao and his wife behind the Great White Goose.
And at present, Fang Siyi has a girlfriend, but she is not married, even if she is cheating at most, she is criticized for a while.
If you want to get married and love each other, then this matter can be a thing of the past.
Well, that’s the routine
But Yingbao never felt that Fang Siyi had any special care for his woman except the four of them.
Even the company’s "old" employee Shuang Mei Di Reba didn’t enjoy much care from Fang Siyi.
It’s better to say that they were dragged into the company because of some unspeakable bad taste.
According to common sense, with so many female artists, if Fang Siyi really wants to do something, it should not be too simple.
Especially Drea, there are so many female artists that competition is inevitable.
Artists who want to go further obviously need a lot of resources. How can they get a lot of resources when the types overlap?
I believe no one will disagree.
Fang Siyi has a lot of women around him, but even so far, even if she adds a tong and Jing Chu, only six women follow Fang Siyi.
He can get more by coming.
Although this circle is not as beautiful as people think, it is not as dirty as others think.
Cheng Artist, you have two paths.
Or take the road of powerful artists, such as singers and actors.
Or go straight to idol star.
You want more, you have to pay some price.
Some costs are money, while others are dignity.
Which profession is not so dirty?
It’s because everything in the entertainment circle has been put in the spotlight and magnified several times.
As a famous saying goes.
Give up and give up to get what you want.
And the entertainment industry is often disturbed by greed.
Strength route artists are often weak in popularity, and they are strong enough to be independent, that is, if they want to get more, they will have to pay some price.
These costs may be time, wealth or … indescribable things.
Pay more for idol star.
Drea is already a very good film and television company
Actually, because of its super star-making ability, Drea itself means that it is not appropriate to have many resources to attract people.
It is precisely because of this that although there is a close relationship, the resources are not bad
Although you can’t do everything, most people’s resources are not too bad
Of course, there is still a distance between relatives and friends
I’m afraid others have long lost their name when they reach Fang Siyi’s present position.
Chen Sicheng is not a case. In fact, there may be actors in this circle who really lead a clean life, but there may be directors who lead a clean life …