The wise man who commanded the ship mused, "How did this happen? This place should not be the focus of the Zerg attack, otherwise the Adventure Guild will send a strange ship to sit in the town! However, these insects should mean that the fighting capacity of extremely heterogeneous spiral rodents in the rhinoceros horn is at least 20 in the list of strange insects, but what is the shoulder? "


As soon as the voice fell, the wise man felt a splitting headache, and he calculated that if he got through this game.
Killing nearly 30 million common rhinoceros-horn rodents in the first 20 hours is so powerful. Now there is little hope that 90 million rhinoceros-horn rodents will come to the battlefield.
However, even if there is little hope, the command ship can’t retreat. If it can’t resist the worm tide and let the Zerg enter the public area to wreak havoc, then the overall battle will be lost. Even if the light Federation has measures, it is also in trouble.
"Oooo, oooo, oooo …" It seems that the charge horn sounded, and the spiral rodents released cold light behind them. It is hard to imagine that cold energy enveloped the battlefield, and the human fleet suffered heavy losses before the two sides collided together.
No sooner had the Hornet, the Qiong Qi and the Antlers finished the supply than they started a new round of war, and the light shoes and dark frost force resisted the war and burned to the climax.
After two days and two nights of bloody battle, there were more than 1,000 star cruises left in the human camp, and some spiral rodents had been reduced from the initial 90 million to 40 million. After a short rest, the two sides collided and bloody.
Star cruise ships built a magnificent Great Wall of steel and endured the crazy impact with perseverance. The battlefield was tragic and abnormal, and several gaps appeared on the side of Hornet. Qiong Qi and Antlers also became scarred.
"Brothers, let’s fight." The flagship of Guanglu broke out with amazing power, and then the ship’s lighter was put to use. At the same time, hundreds of star cruise ships released the last kill, including the Wasp.
The battlefield was full of energy, and the figure of thousands of spiral rodents was covered up, followed by more intense collision and strangulation. At this moment, everyone has a heart, that is, try to support it.
I don’t know how long it has been in the past. The wasp, the Qiong Qi and the Antlers have been together. The three captains have been talking hard. The long battle has exhausted their energy and they can watch the worm tide engulf them.
At this time, the direction of the wormhole suddenly lit up, and a huge purple and gold light came through it, looking like a magnificent and unusually narrow star from a distance, which warmed people’s hearts.
The wasp sighed, "It’s beautiful. What is this? I can still see such a beautiful and glorious value before I die … "
Volume 16 Hope! Destruction together Chapter 95 Unsealing
Momo Lin, near Idis Star Domain, gently sat up and met the injury of a peerless master. The sudden outbreak of the toxicity of catalytic agents in the depths of residual cells was really unprepared.
Fortunately, the captain can adjust the ship anytime and anywhere, and when he is dying, he has to use magnetic energy to suppress it deeply. In the end, he finally forced the toxicity, but his physical condition became extremely bad
If you want to recover, it is difficult to achieve it without months or half a year’s efforts. Lin momo’s half body is almost paralyzed, and the other half body may not move without the support of amethyst arm strength.
"Cough peerless master that a few clap not light! Even if there is blood scab armor and metempsychosis evil dragon to resist and bite the shadow to reduce energy attack, it is still such a field. Hehe, it is almost a medicine pot. "Lin momo laughed at himself and then picked up the injection from the tray and swallowed a large capsule to lie down again.
"Siso will arrive at his destination soon. Are you all right?" Incarnate son earnestly asked
The Phantom of the Opera is getting busier and busier. It needs to build poisonous missiles and upgrade its turret. It needs to realize that the new magnetic field has risen to demigod level. After that, many places and properties of the ship have become unusual. Lin momo makes everyone study hard and doesn’t have to visit the main control room every day, which is much more deserted.
"I’m very relieved that the Phantom of the Opera is quite strong now. I believe that being careful can release the terror demon king smoothly. By the way, I took away all the good things that imprisoned the terror demon king. I said that there is an edible monster in ancient mythology called gluttony. I can feel that the Phantom of the Opera is hungry and wants to get energy and helpful substances all the time. If Roderick knows what we are doing to satisfy our appetite, I don’t know what his expression will be." Lin momo laughed happily and coughed up again.
"Hee hee, momo noticed it. I don’t know if the sinking blade affects the hull. After being promoted to demigod level, the energy demand will expand hundreds of times. Maybe it will get better later. Well, although I am hungry, the charm son will help Sasha handle the ship. The captain doesn’t need to worry much." The charm son lovingly looks at the body in the magnetic field
"Don’t be distracted to talk with me. I’ll sleep for a while. My physical injury is very serious, but my mental strength is expected to return to normal in five days. Do it according to the plan for five days. Don’t bother," Lin momo said.
The charm kissed a captain and then retreated. Lin Sisuo closed his eyes and nursed back to health. At the same time, the peacock jumped in the machine shop. It was playing games with the chimpanzee Titan, and a brand-new blood scab suit was suspended next to it.
The number of damaged metempsychosis dragons is still one hundred, but Pei Lin’s bare boat is worth all the top masters’ spines. First, the core cabin of Phantom of the Opera produces micro-robots, and even the bones will be eaten, so that they will be extremely enthusiastic and will decompose.
Micro-robots decompose very quickly. In addition to the Phantom of the Opera, they also grow and multiply themselves, and new micro-robots are formed every day.
"Adjutant Sasha, we are about to enter the pagoda left by the medieval mother emperor. Please give instructions." The leader of the Li gunner respectfully asks for instructions before standing on the screen. If the layer has any scruples, it will send a worm turret to detect it first.
"We don’t need to act and continue to stand by. The pagoda has a fault that is just right for the Phantom of the Opera to merge, and there are important star maps. Previously, we were unable to take everything away, but this time we can achieve many wishes with the help of the pagoda."
Sasha exudes a majesty, and the practice in the past six months has made her grow by leaps and bounds, even catching up with those petite human girls. The fishtail has become more beautiful and extraordinary, and it is sacred because of the long-term pollution of positive energy.
"Yes, we are ready to attack at any time." The Li gunner quickly saluted.
Being able to become a demigod star cruise ship is more proud and excited than the crew. They are full of respect for the leader of Captain Lin momo, but the rules are not good. Fiona Fang is pecking and orderly when he executes it.
The Phantom of the Opera entered the pagoda left by the medieval mother emperor. Once the pagoda found that the obelisk entered the pagoda as if it were upside down, but these were all for the demigod star cruise ship.
Sasha’s acting captain, Mei Er, presided over the overall situation. Hundreds of light and shadow were separated from the Phantom of the Opera, and each light and shadow was a kind of magnetic field with different properties. See hundreds of light and shadow rotate to firmly absorb the tower and drag it to the ship.
After a while, the pagoda vibrates, and the fault disappears. In this darkness, only a purple-gold sun hangs and swallows the tower’s belongings. Then the light turns slightly, and the purple-gold sun disappears.
When the Phantom of the Opera reappeared, it had entered the middle ages, and the mother emperor came to detain the star of the terrorist demon king. The stern spewed out a series of strange lights, and the hull suddenly flew to the sky and went to the star with the fake refined crystal vein.
The whole process destroyed the Phantom of the Road, devouring five ancient insect towers to seal the terror Lord, leaving Darwin crystals in the insect tower and sending them to Athena’s room to boost the power of the Golden Crystal Sword.
Ship micro-robots are also interested in Darwin crystals, which are decomposed by high-frequency vibration, and many crystals are integrated into the hull of the ship to further expand, which requires energy substances to maintain stability
After Phantom of the Opera became a demigod star cruise ship, Charm inherited the huge information of the mother tree of Constant Wave, among which there is the law of benefiting energy and matter, and it is possible to develop star cruise ships at a high point by combining quantity and matter.
The process of collecting the pseudo-refined crystal vein is quite smooth, and the whole vein is involved in the magnetic field. When the pseudo-refined crystal enters the hull, a little bit of crystal emerges, and the charm methodically controls the magnetic field to suppress it.
Moving fake crystals does make them react, but if the free universe is to be isolated, it will not cause damage. I have done several experiments before, and now it is easy to operate.
When the magnetic field becomes busy, fake crystals are extremely dangerous substances, which need to be stored in a low temperature environment of 200 degrees. Even if there is a high temperature, it will stimulate them to stab out crystals, and the attack power is terrible.