Zhang silk before Xiao-LAN Jin mouth has gnashed her teeth stubbornly said, "let’s go with Jin Zongzhu."


Jin Xiaolan smiled and said no more about the imperial sword. The second silk followed closely, while Sun Hao shook his head. No hurry, no hurry, no hurry, and strolled behind the second silk.
Climbing to the height of 300 meters, due to the accumulation of years, the actual level of gangfeng here may have reached the sky level, which has exceeded the limit of two silks, even if they have reached the late stage of building foundation, the consumption is enough to make them overwhelmed.
Their heads are already sweating and panting.
Walking hand in hand, two silks can feel each other’s palms are already sweaty. Looking at each other, two silks know that three hundred meters is the real limit of their own.
But when they look at Sun Hao, they are not surprised to express their feelings.
At this time, Corleone was still a pale smile, as if something had happened, and this 9,300-meter-long period had no consumption.
How is that possible? Two people heart is full of incredible.
Even if Sun Haodi’s evil spirit level is high enough, at the beginning of his foundation, Zhenyuan should also consume more than half at this time, and should also swallow Zhenyuan Dan to supplement Zhenyuan, right?
This Sun Hao wants nothing to happen. Is this Sun Hao so calm?
This is too much to hold!
If Sun Haozhen didn’t consume as he showed, the second silk would be even more ridiculous. What kind of freak is this?
Two silk at this time feel it is necessary to know Sun Hao again know Zongmen titles brother really can get Zongmen titles, there is no a normal.
This Sun Hao is too easy to install in front, right? Can he run last with this kind of repair? Zhang silk heart 100% sure this Sun Hao must be coaxing his heart.
The second silk looked at each other with a heart in mind, and thought that Sun Hao had such a thing. Cai Yunfeng was incredibly low-key and outrageous, so that talents were really cruel! Perhaps there is such a monk who is really great in perseverance, wisdom and style, and there is such a monk who can go further in spiritual practice.
After ten years of hard work, people know that once they get the word, they will hear it.
It should be a monk like Sun Hao.
Three hundred feet high Jin Xiaolan looked Sun Hao Sun Hao didn’t speak and nodded with a cool smile.
There are wooden Dan and small flames to absorb the aura of this world and supplement their consumption. Sun Hao’s consumption is really not big all the way.
Of course, the key reason is that the magnetic level of Sun Hao’s fire element is high enough. At this level, the wind can’t penetrate the magnetic field of the fire element at all. Sun Hao doesn’t urge the true element protection, but the royal sword flies, which is naturally the control range.
Xiao-LAN Jin’s eyes are also a little surprised that Sun Hao’s state is beyond her expectation. If she speculates that Sun Hao’s body is unknown, the crimson gang level has reached the sky level and it is absolutely good in the sky level, otherwise Sun Hao can’t be so relaxed now.
Since Sun Hao nodded, it is still not Sun Hao’s limit. From Sun Hao’s state, we can see that this height is far from reaching his limit.
But this is the limit of the second silk. Xiao-lan Jin cast an inquiry look at the second silk.
Zhang Si opened her mouth and said, "Let’s go together. It’s different this time. Go to the patriarch and leave us alone."
Jin Xiaolan nodded with a smile. This silk still knows how to advance and retreat, but she also knows that she has no strong support. They really want to go with it. That is to give her trouble.
Xiao-lan jin smiled and said "Let’s go" to Sun Hao.
Sun Haochong Ersi smiled. "The two senior sisters take care of Sun Hao."
Say that finish followed Jin Xiaolan to go behind.
Looking at turning into a black spot and continuing to rise, Zhang Si took a deep breath and asked curiously, "Sister, how high can this Corleone climb?" Four hundred, five hundred or six hundred? "
Chen Si hesitated and said, "Four hundred meters should be more than five hundred meters. He is likely to refine the level of the earth demon. I didn’t expect anyone in this generation to refine the level of the earth demon."
Zhang Si’s white face was covered with red clouds, and she said a little shyly, "Yes, it’s amazing, but we misunderstood him. He should have got this place by personal chance, even with Uncle Zi Yan."
Chen Si nodded and said that Zhang Si was right. Even Martial Uncle Zi Yan refined the earth demon, which is just a kind of evil spirit in the prefecture level. It’s not even that Martial Uncle Zi Yan gave Sun Hao control. If it’s Qingyun Gate control, it’s not even Sun Hao’s turn to refine.
In the sky, two black spots stood at a height of four hundred meters, and once again, in the second silk eye, Ran Ran rose as expected, and four hundred meters was not the limit of Sun Hao.
Is this Sun Hao’s real strength?
Zhang Juan looked after Sun Haosheng and said with a little shame, "Sister, you’ve caused me trouble this time. Our sisters are so embarrassed that I decided to make Bowen look good later."
Chen Juanqi asked, "What is this blog post about?"
Chapter three hundred and seventy-five Not Artemisia
In this windy and dense environment, even the eyesight of the monks is affected to some extent. In the eyes of silk, Sun Hao is two black dian staying at a height of 500 meters.
Two black dian stopped for half a day at this height. Just then, "Sister, you really guessed right. Look at the sample. That Sun Hao is really going to refine the highest day at 500 meters …"
After saying no, Xiao-lan Jin burst out laughing.
Two silk looked at each other, I don’t know what this gold patriarch or heard that made her happy and excited to laugh so much.
Immediately, they found that one of the two black dian climbed rapidly to Jiuqi Peak again.
Zhang Juan asked dian dumbfounded, "Sister, is this Sun Hao or Jin Zongzhu?"
Chen Juan also said doubtfully, "I can’t see clearly. I don’t know who is wondering how to get there?"
Zhang Juan: "Then let’s go to dian again and have a closer look?"
At this time, I found that Jiuqi Peak was foggy, and the fog was so thick that even the black dian could not be seen.
Chen Si wanted to think and shook her head and said, "Don’t go, sister, let’s go back and wait. There are some things that don’t need to know the answer. It’s not good for us to know the answer."
Zhang Si spat out her tongue. "I know my sister."
The two sisters smiled at each other, and the spirit sword turned slowly and went down.
Cross your legs and close your eyes and sit Jin Xiaolan’s eyes open to the direction of the second silk’s departure. Her face appears to appreciate, and then she closes her eyes and sits on her spiritual sword. This sky is like the boulder on the mountain.
I don’t keep myself anymore. Sun Hao’s imperial envoy put five inches of pure Vulcan Gang outside the agarwood sword to urge Zhenyuan sword to stab obliquely, and it seems to tear everything apart with the cold wind, but Sun Hao still whispers.
Nine steps, one step, one step, one heavy day.
Sun Hao’s imperial sword is unstoppable in the wind, and its momentum is like a rainbow, but it’s hard to do anything about it. Sun Hao has reached a height of 9 thousand at 300 meters.
It has reached the limit of heaven and earth, and the nature of the wind and the gas is almost certain.
From time to time in the sky, the blue Gang wind blade can be seen with the naked eye, but without this height, it is already a peerless wind Gang. This wind Gang condenses the monk’s evil spirit and generates a three-inch god Gang.
Even if there was a bear bodhi old zu in those days, it was a little short of a line and failed to refine the three-inch gods, which led to lifelong regret
At this time, Sun Hao needs to hold his body steady and polish his pure Vulcan with this peerless wind, and then he can get the five-inch magic weapon, which will surely become another big killer and card for Sun Hao.
Sun Hao, who made aloes sword, smiled a little, and his face was slightly ruddy. After a few breaths, Sun Hao’s aloes sword vibrated and climbed again.
Sun Hao’s move is expected to be cleaned up.
Sun Hao’s five-inch body height is not his final dian.
Fang sat with eyes closed and Jin Xiaolan’s face showed relief. I don’t know for a moment, but then she showed a bit of worry and regret.
Some Xiong Jinshi once speculated that if the younger generation can climb the top of these nine peaks, they may get some bear legacy.
That’s true, but with the change of times, who would have expected that the Nine-Year Summit would be in decline for many years?
The younger brother of the clan has been trying to refine the highest heaven, especially after 9,500 days, and it is even more ancient. Before Jin Xiaolan was in charge, he had been interested for a long time, but when it comes to the severity of the highest heaven, Jin Xiaolan sighed.