Just as Xia Qi was refining the stars, a humble VIP room in Zi Long City, a dignified middle-aged man’s eyes flashed with cold mountain.


"I dare to rob you if I look at the stars. Since I dare to take the stars from my eyes, I will be interested to see if Heaven can really protect you."
The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with an air of obliteration, and the horror seemed to freeze.
This man is impressively the Five Elements Emperor.
He actually appeared in Zi Long City in person and entered a VIP room unnoticed, watching the auction happen one after another.
Especially when I saw that the star heart was actually taken away by Xia Qi, the five elements emperor was even more furious.
The main purpose of his coming here in person is that the five star hearts have now been taken away from the bottom of his eyelids by Xia Qi, and the Five Elements Emperor has moved to kill his heart.
He just directly told Wang Hua and others not to continue bidding for the Star Heart. This is not that the Five Elements Emperor wants to give up the Star Heart, but intends to do it himself.
He knows Xia Qi’s identity, and he knows that the heaven makes Xia Qi come to Zi Long City and there must be a subsequent party to protect it, but the Five Elements Emperor is confident that no matter who protects Xia Qi, he can easily get the stars from Xia Qi.
It’s a pity that the Five Elements Emperor didn’t dare to find out at the auction for fear of attracting the attention of the shogunate Emperor Wu. He didn’t find that he was bound to win the star heart. At this moment, all five of them have been deified by Xia Qilai by Xia Qilai. Even the Five Elements Emperor and others can never get the complete star heart.
No, at this moment, the auction of Xia Qi and the Five Elements Emperor is also based on the end.
At this time, the treasures are extremely rare and precious, which caused some emperors to compete for the high price, which made Xia Qi feel shocked by such a big spender.
Seeing these emperors fighting for the scene, Xia Qi couldn’t help secretly glad that fortunately, the five stars were not rooted for many emperors.
Otherwise, Xia Qi may not be able to get his wish if he is afraid of spending 100 billion immortal stones.
The last few treasures caused disputes, and many people rushed to sell them, and the price rose rapidly, which finally made people stunned and ended.
Night will finally come to the end of the once-in-a-lifetime auction in Zi Long City.
"You are coming to the end of the Zi Long City auction. This is the most valuable and the last treasure of this auction."
The auctioneer’s voice on the auction table was impassioned and introduced
When he introduced it, two graceful girls came slowly from behind, swaying and swaying, and the figure was moving, and the gauze was swaying slightly, and the beauty was looming, and the hidden place was faintly visible.
However, these two swaying girls are more beautiful than temptation, but almost all the immortals in VIP rooms are looking at two girls carrying a long wooden box.
That wooden box is extraordinary, with a purple-brown color and a slight flicker, and the light is very luxurious.
And this sealed wooden box actually sends out a chill that breaks through the heavens and the earth at the moment, which makes many people lose their minds.
This strong chill is obviously not that it looks more luxurious than the wooden box emits vinegar, but that it is emitted by the treasures inside the wooden box.
Many people are looking forward to it and staring at the wooden box.
"Please have a look."
The two girls lifted the wooden box and went at once, while the auctioneer reached out a little, which focused almost everyone’s eyes. The wooden box suddenly made a light sound and suddenly hit.
When the wooden box was hit, there was a sudden surprise, such as a storm pouring out. Even though there was a VIP room and a law guard, many people were startled by this fierce breath.
"This is"
"Emperor, this is definitely an emperor."
"The shogunate is so generous that it is willing to auction such treasures."
"Alas, it’s a pity that this emperor is tough but afraid that no one can compete with them except a few top clansmen."
Many immortals exclaim repeatedly, and many people are fascinated by it. It seems that they have learned something from this emperor. Generally, more people are sorry.
Such treasures are expensive, and no one can afford them except a few top immortals.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I know you have a lot of doubts. Now I will explain them to you one by one. I think many immortals regard this thing as an emperor, but I want to tell you that it is not an emperor."
The auctioneer’s sound caused many immortals to exclaim.
"This is not an emperor."
"What’s going on? This point is that the emperor’s breath is stronger than that of conan the destroyer. The auctioneer actually said that this treasure is not an emperor."
Many immortals are puzzled. The treasures on the auction platform are as strong as the Chinese imperial wares. People really can’t figure out that the auctioneer will say that this is not an imperial wares.
"Ladies and gentlemen, you think this is an emperor, and there is nothing wrong with it, because this treasure was indeed an emperor before, but it was damaged. Now it is the top quasi-emperor."
The auctioneer listened to many comments and explained with a smile
It’s no wonder that many immortals admit their mistakes when they degenerate from emperor to quasi-emperor, but they still have the momentum of emperor.
"The name of this object" Cangyang Knife "is now broken into a" Cangyang Broken Knife ".The starting price of this object is 100 million immortals. You Taoist friends can quote."
The auctioneer did not continue to introduce the auction directly.
And the starting price is only one hundred million immortals.
"10 billion"
"20 billion"
"23 billion"