"buddha magic Yuanshen, you finally came." The old monk didn’t move his mouth, but there was an echo coming from him. "It’s really hard to wait for the integration of Yin and Yang."


Zong Ming Yuan God wait for a while asked "? Did you know I was coming? Are you human? This is a place? Buddha magic is a person again? "
All this is so strange that Zongming Yuanshen keeps asking questions. It seems vague, but it seems clear. It seems that he already knows it, but he can’t remember it at the moment.
The old monk said, "Everything has a destiny. There must be consequences if you don’t have a cause. Now you come to the Buddhist world of ascended heaven. Of course there will be consequences."
"Is it true that there are gods and buddhas in this world?"
"There is no wonder in the dancing world of 3,000. There is no one in this world. In the cloud nine, there are not only the Buddhist world, the celestial world and the celestial world, but also the underworld and the underworld. But they are all in a relatively different world. Being close together is a kind of forgetting, which means that it is a way to remember, but it is not true, it is not true, it is not true, it is not known, even if it is not increased, it is not reduced, it is not dirty, and it is unclean. Everything is naturally called broken eyes, ears, nose and roots.
""chaos "seven bad ah you still simple, how did you know I would come? The magic is the magic Buddha and the Buddha. How can there be buddha magic? "
"The nine-yang vein is determined by Buddha and the nine-cloudy vein is born by magic. Now the Yuan God is formed by the fusion of nine yin and nine yang, and there is also the fusion of nine yin and nine yang. Only by crossing different paths can the Yuan God enter this familiar and unfamiliar nine heavens. Of course, you are a super being in buddha magic."
"Do you mean that I am attracted by your cloud nine?"
"People and demons are too compassionate, but people and demons are too cruel. Buddha’s heart is too heavy to save people and can’t cross the world. The Machine is too cruel to" chaos "the world and can’t save the world of mortals. buddha magic is the real magic hand and Buddha’s heart to save all souls from suffering."
"I am buddha magic?"
"It’s because your spiritual practice is progressing so smoothly that you can cross the world and leave the world of mortals soon, but there are still too many things for you to do, and there are rules in our three realms that you can’t" intervene "in disputes between people. The Chinese grandson has already experienced too many hardships, and it should be time for them to get out of their misery, and only you can help Chinese descendants unify the world and stop fighting to save mankind in great trouble, otherwise it will eventually lead to nine days of catastrophe because of too much human disaster, which will destroy human civilization. There are too many people in the world who can’t bear it.
"No, I’m so great? I said the monk had a discussion. Is it good for me if you let me do things? The emperor is not poor hungry soldiers. "
"I brought you here to temporarily seal your body for you. It’s going too fast to let you find you before Armageddon. Of course, it won’t let you be sealed in vain. We will have artifacts and magic weapons to send you to take refuge."
"Are you kidding? Why seal me? Don’t you want me to do things? No benefits. Forget it. Now, in turn, seal my ability. How can I save people from catastrophe and monks? Is your brain okay? Did I hear a lot of words in the wrong novel network? "
"You’re too obsessed with sex and too light on Buddha’s heart. This is to let your body, nine yin and nine yang, and the essence of heaven and earth be neutralized and merged. Otherwise, you’re too attached to spiritual strength now, which will lead to the trend of deviance in your future practice. You should make good use of your physical energy, mental energy and physical ability, and come in. The Japanese side can make the eastern monsters and ghosts and the western false gods into a positive result and enter the ninth heaven."
"Say it so seriously as if it really happened. Of course, you are a Buddha. You dare not disobey me. Tell me what you want me to do."
"If you don’t do it, I’ll do it for you."
When the old monk finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and pressed one in Zongming Yuanshen Tianling, and then raised his hand to hit two golden lights. So Zongming Yuanshen put a silvery white ring on his left middle finger and a string of green beads on his left wrist.
The old monk went on to say, "Now, if you fix me, you will temporarily seal it for you, which is about the middle level of Du Jie. Now you have reached a higher level in the realm of fixing the true person in the world. When the time is ripe, the seal will automatically be lifted. Your finger is a sumeru in the mustard dharma ring, which can do everything. Some of the instruments can be realized more in your spare time, and that string of beads is an artifact of Buddhism, which can help you practice Buddhism and help you tide over all hardships."
"You said this is the Buddha’s light shining on the beads, and what about the Shaolin Zen string?"
"The treasure of Zen is just practicing this string of Buddha’s light shining beads. The incidental theory is much worse than this string of authentic Buddha’s beads in every respect. Of course, we can’t let you come to the ninth heaven for nothing. Of course, you will get the treasure. You will know this pearl in the future."
"Only one. Can the monk give me the Pangu axe, the The goddess patching the sky needle and the Vajra magic pestle together?"
"You’re really greedy when you’re young. The Pangu axe and The goddess patching the sky needle were taken back by the cloud nine early because of their great power. The Vajra magic pestle was still left in the hands of tantric people, but now the Vajra magic pestle can’t drop you, so don’t play with your little mind."
"The first skill of walking in the Jianghu is not overwhelming."
"You should pay more attention to the monster on the eastern island, and don’t be too careless. Those fake immortals in the western mainland can help them to cross over and make as few murders as possible, which is bad for your Buddhist practice. Well, I said I shouldn’t, and I said I can send you back now."
The old monk raised his hand and threw a golden light around Zongming Yuanshen, who flew away like a streamer. It was strange to go even more suddenly, and the root sent him to the Buddhist world of ascended heaven without giving Yuanshen a chance to refuse.
Yuan Shen’s traveler writes too slowly, but it actually happens very quickly. Otherwise, he has been wandering away from the body for too long, and he is not too cold in his arms.
When Zong Ming takes Yuan Shen back and returns to reality, he finds Hua Ying seems to have no idea about what just happened. She is still obsessed with the fusion of spiritual desires brought by Zong Ming. It seems that Zong Ming’s wandering in vitro has no influence on her at all.
Zong Ming really has an extra ring and bead bracelet in his left hand, otherwise he really just had a strange dream and everything was an illusion.
Zong Ming separated a divine knowledge into the Lord’s ring, and found that it was really limited to a few jade boxes. I don’t know if they were things. He doesn’t have time to study those things now, and he has to deal with the lovely people in his arms
"It’s wonderful and amazing that a woman can feel this kind of happiness. I really want to stop at this moment forever so that I can immerse myself in this wonderful place forever." Hua Ying murmured in Zong Ming’s arms.
"Yinger, don’t worry about being with me. You can feel this kind of happiness at any time. You are my heart and my liver. I am your favorite. This kind of happiness will always belong to you and me." Zong Ming said softly in Huaying’s ear.
"If only we could be so closely connected all the time," Hua Ying said innocently.
"Silly girl, how can you and I meet people like this?" Zongming gently kissed Huaying.
Huaying seems to remember that the two are doing red-faced at this moment. "It’s a shame that people can’t speak because of your bad behavior."
"Jade-like stone son now you’re done, don’t you get up and get dressed?"
"Give me a hug for a while. I’m afraid you’ll leave me."
"Yinger, just now, I, Yuan Shen, went to a dreamland to see and know some human roots, so it is impossible to see people and things."
"People and things, I have no idea. Don’t you feel the same as me?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"I, Yuan Shen, have just arrived in the Buddhist world of ascended heaven, a world of gods and men, and met a real Buddha with great magical powers. He said that after I met you, the realm of repairing truth broke through too quickly, and soon Du Jie would soar away from the human world, but there are still many things for me to do, which sealed part of my skill."
"Ghost he sealed your capability. Does that have an impact on you? Won’t you resist? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Baby, he’s a Buddha. How can I fight it? I’m so good that I let him seal it, but this real Buddha gave me two treasures."
"We were together all the time just now. You never left. How did you receive the baby he gave you?"
"He gave me Yuan Shen, and when I came back, those two treasures automatically appeared in my hands. You see, this is it."
Zong Ming said, lifting his left hand to show Huaying a closer look.
Hua Ying, of course, can’t see the tricks. "It’s just an ordinary ring and hand beads, but you didn’t have them in your hands before. They seem to come out of your body, and maybe it really has its magic."
"This ring is called mustard ring. There are many things in it. I’m afraid that even a mountain can hold you saying that God is not magical. But I’ve never heard of such a treasure. The origin of this bead is even greater. Have you ever heard of the four great artifacts in the fix-true world?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Of course, I’ve heard that the four great artifacts, Pangu Tianqi, The goddess patching the sky Needle, King Kong Demon-dropping pestle and Buddha’s light shining beads, have all been heard. No one has really seen them. Will this string of beads in your hand be Buddha’s light shining beads?"
"This is the real Buddha’s Light Beads. The Zen secret treasure Buddha’s light shines on the beads. It’s just that this string of beads in my hand has a much smaller incidental power than I did in the refining process. I just wanted to give this string of beads to you, but I couldn’t get it. It seems that these treasures are all gods."
"This is a self-defense baby that the fairy gave you after sealing your skill. I will die of happiness if you have this intention. Thank you for being so kind to me."
"Yinger, from now on, we can be one, and one person is good to you. Of course, I should do it."
"Then what can I do for you?"
"I just want you to be with me all the time, and then I’ll have a baby."
"I don’t feel like a normal woman is pregnant, but I don’t feel like a woman is pregnant in October. Do you think I will give birth to a monster then?"
"Now that we can call the spiritual fetus sacred, maybe our baby will be a real god. Now you are pregnant with my baby. It seems that I have to be interested in Zong Hua’s family, or I will be an unmarried mother. It will be strange if my father-in-law Taishan doesn’t eat me."
"It’s not that early. I don’t know how long it will take for this spiritual fetus to become a life in my body, but I really want to go back to Baicao Valley to tell my family that I am in good condition. My father will be very happy when he hears it."
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Chapter 26 Undercurrent Agitation
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Zong Ming and Hua Ying came out of the chamber of secrets properly dressed before they knew that they had stayed in the room for three days and three nights.
Happy time always flies, and when you are still immersed in it, it has already slipped away from you quietly, so you can keep good memories.
When Lena and Fiya say goodbye to Huaying, they can’t help but "reveal" the unique charm of Huaying’s body. Women are often the most critical when they look at women. They are definitely all "fans", but compared with Huaying, they also want Huaying to praise a "beautiful woman, elegant temperament and fairy charm"