And Changsheng will definitely announce where his home is and see which lucky one in the whole European football has been favored by Changsheng.


Changsheng’s outstanding performance in the season will definitely strengthen the determination of those giants to rob him. Winning is like a strategic weapon. Whoever has winning will have the state-owned assets to deter him.
I don’t know who ended up with a horrible sky-high contract …
For the media and European football, July 1, 222 is destined to be a day that will go down in history forever.
On this day, Changsheng will call a press conference at which he will announce his future-although the letter sent by Changsheng to the media did not say what the purpose was, everyone could not guess it foolishly.
What else can it be but announcing where he is going?
On the same day, Lazio will officially announce the change of their shares, and the new boss will also appear.
Old people are going, new people are coming.
An era alternation was completed on this day.
A news agency commented that "this day will change the football pattern in Europe. There is no doubt about it! An old dynasty will take a curtain call and another new dynasty will be born in its infancy. "
However, it is a little strange for the media that Chang Sheng announced the specific time and place of the press conference in the press hall of Wanda Stadium, which may be his last press conference here.
But Lazio didn’t announce a press conference. Are they going to publish an official news on the official website?
Isn’t this too shabby?
Lotito sat in the office of the president of Wanda Stadium Club, and the spacious chair was moved from his own company office. At first, after joining Lazio Club, Lotito sold almost everything in the club because he needed money to save money.
Cragnotti made a chair and was auctioned off.
He moved his chair in the company without a chair to sit on, saving an office expense.
This chair has been with him for 30 years. I accompanied him to Lazio club when I was in the company, and I still accompanied her after I came.
The edges and corners of wooden handrails have been polished and the paint has been removed.
There is also a lot of wear on the leather chair surface.
But he never changed it.
This is not as simple as a chair, but a souvenir.
Not only this chair, this office and all the furnishings and furniture are given more commemorative significance.
Lotito hopes that their new owners will not throw them away … Of course, it doesn’t matter if he says so.
Just as the first thing he did when he came to this club was to sell everything left by the Savior, he believed that the new owner of the club would do the same.
Nobody wants to let themselves touch other people’s things.
He patted the armrest and was a little reluctant.
He suddenly regretted that he should not sell the club.
If you are in poor health, you can give more work to others, such as Tare. He has been loyal to himself for so many years, and he should be held more responsible. Wouldn’t it be better to give him a vice chairman?
He is also the chairman of the club. He still owns the club, but he no longer manages the daily affairs, and he is not as hands-on as before.
But …
On second thought, he
Even if I am the president of the club, I often leave. What am I doing here? Watch this club, which has invested a lot of effort, slide into the abyss step by step?
I’m afraid that would be worse than killing yourself, right?
He is the chairman of the club, but his ability is not as good as resigning early.
I hope her new boss will be kind to her …
Lotito was daydreaming when the office door was knocked.
"Come in," Lotito quickly recovered and straightened his sitting posture.
Today is the official handover day of the club. He wants to meet a guest, so he can’t be careless.
Talay pushed the door and came in.
"Mr. Chairman often comes," he said.
Lotito was taken aback but reacted quickly-it’s not surprising that Changsheng announced his departure and the press conference called him to come to himself naturally.
So he nodded.
"Invite him in."
The words sound just fell and winning turned out from behind Tare.
Seeing Lotito sitting upright in his chair, he smiled. "I think it’s better to talk to you, Mr. President."
Lottie didn’t expect him to come in so soon, and hurriedly got up and bypassed the desk to meet the winning.
"You don’t call me’ Mr. President’ anymore. From now on, I will not be the president of Lazio club and you will no longer be the coach of Lazio …"
There is a little loss in the tone.
Chang Sheng looked at the old man. At the beginning, he and himself conceived a detail of Lazio’s future, and they finally realized these ideas.
Lazio football schools are located in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America. There are 30 football schools in 25 countries on five continents.
Lazio’s youth academy has also borne fruit.
Lazio has achieved great success in business.
Not to mention Lazio’s athletic performance.
Behind these achievements are the hard work of him and Lotito.
Lottie Toby, who runs the club, has paid more for himself and is actually responsible for leading the training and competition.
It was Lotito who helped Lazio play the game all over the world.
He is very happy with himself.
I am lucky to meet such a good club president at the beginning of my coaching career, otherwise I may spend another ten years wandering, and I will never achieve such brilliant achievements.
Lotito has given himself the dream power and stable environment so that he can display his ambition.
I want to thank this gray-haired old man for being where I am today.
Seeing that he is now frustrated by the sale of the club, he always wins and realizes Lotito’s love for Lazio.
Let’s tell him the truth. I hope he doesn’t have any accidents because he is too excited …
So Chang Sheng asked, "Have you taken any medicine, Mr. Chairman?"
He still insists on calling President Lotito.