If I fight against Wu Chen again now, I can kill his character. "


Muhai’s mouth is full of confidence.
It was a long time before he recovered his excitement and thoughts and released his knowledge.
At this moment, the coverage of his god knowledge has increased several times, and his soul has reached the perfection of bronze soul.
If there is material to arrange intermediate array, it is a matter of waving hands.
This growth is simply too perfect
"I will be absolutely sure of this at the auction."
Muhai nodded slightly and looked into the distance, striding away quickly with a rainbow.
Half a day later, he came to his destination-Moon Island.
Moon Island does not belong to the country, but is a public area.
National laws can’t afford it here.
Only Sirius rules can be observed here.
But on this island, there is a force that makes the world tremble, that is Sirius.
This place is under the command of Sirius.
Here Sirius organizes rules, and anyone who dares to violate them is already dead.
Moon Island is more a small continent than an island.
Yuedao covers an area of 5 square kilometers, which is equivalent to a Longguo county.
The population of the island is as high as 10 million, and business is even more prosperous.
Trading things here doesn’t matter where they come from or how much they cost.
It can be said that this is the gray area of the whole earth, which makes people flock to it.
Muhai has arrived at the island today.
After landing, Muhai’s eyes swept away and he was secretly surprised.
I didn’t expect Moon Island to be a bustling city with high-rise buildings.
The traffic is endless
People with different skin colors dressed in strange ornaments are in a hurry.
"I didn’t expect Moon Island to be so prosperous. This place is just a giant piggy bank. Isn’t anyone thinking about Moon Island?"
So want to MuHai shook his head.
It’s impossible that such a gray area, even a top power like America, wants a piece of the action, which is even worse than the top ten forces in the world.
"Brother Wei, I have to admire you for being able to lead a place like this."
Muhai andao nodded slightly.
"Hello, sir. Do you want to stay in the hotel?"
At this time, a young man walked up to Muhai by the road and said enthusiastically
Muhai shook his head slightly "no"
Hearing this, the young man looked stunned and then smiled like a spring breeze, which melted people’s hearts.
"Sir, I think your temperament is extraordinary and you must have great strength. It’s your first time here. I don’t know how dull our hotel is. I will take you to try it, and it will definitely make you linger and indulge in it." The young man enthusiastically introduced it.
"How good?" Muhai asked
Hearing this, the young man was even more enthusiastic and tried his best to introduce it.
"Sir, soft bones push back, reiki sauna, elixir bath, waitresses accompany the night … everything you can say is unexpected, and everything here is legal, so you can have a good time." The young man introduced.
Hearing this, Muhai shook his head slightly. "Isn’t it just a yellow deal? I’m not interested."
Seeing Muhai will leave the teenager in a hurry. "Sir, I see you are here for the ring auction, right?"
Muhai stared back at the teenager. "Can you tell?"
The boy smiled. "Sir, if you come to the auction to find me, you can’t go wrong."
"Looking for you?"
Muhai shook his head slightly "?"
"Sir, that’s because I know this auction very well. I know that many scenes are not blowing. I want you to ask me to answer and guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, you can kick me to the horizon." The young man vowed.
Hearing this, Mu Hai smiled. "In that case, how many people will attend this auction?"
The young man’s mouth was slightly raised to reveal a proud look. "Sir, you are right. The number of participants in this auction is countless."
Speaking of which, the teenager paused, took out the kettle and drank saliva. "I tell you that this auction will be held at the highest level Sirius Pavilion, where there are hundreds of thousands of locations, and the decoration is more luxurious, although this location is still far from enough."
"Hundreds of thousands of places are not enough?" Muhai asked, his face flying, which was too unexpected.
"You don’t know, Sir, that an auction position has already reached a sky-high price and it is hard to get a ticket," said the boy.
"The sky-high price? How high is the speculation? " Muhai asked
"Two Lingshi" said the boy.
When this word came out, I couldn’t help but be stunned. "So expensive?"
"Yes, it is hard to get a ticket to enter the auction now, but you are lucky to meet me, sir. I can take you to collect the ticket package. You got the ticket at two lingshi," said the boy
"No," Muhai shook his head slightly. "You’d better tell me about who will come this time."
With that, Muhai threw a stone to the boy.
Teenagers meet LingShi eyes release method to suppress surprises and bow to MuHai repeatedly "thank you! thank you Sir, please come with me. I’ll ask you to go to the cup house and have a bag and tell you in detail. "
Muhai’s eyes swept away and secretly nodded. Sitting in the teahouse is really much more comfortable than sitting here.
"Okay, you lead the way."
The teenager took Muhai to a teahouse, and after a bag, the teenager said it was endless.
"Sir, let’s not talk about the people who came to the auction this time. It’s a full two countries’ auction teams. The scene is as grand as the World Games," said the young man
"More than 2 countries?"
Muhai nodded secretly when he heard the teenager’s words.
That’s what you want. The more people there are, the better for you.
"Yes," the boy nodded to reveal a gloomy face. "I want a ring, too, but my country is nothing compared to mine."
It didn’t take long for the boy to be very happy again.