Chapter 36 Meeting
West campus conference building
There are nine people sitting in a small conference room.
These nine people are all members of the Devil’s Team.
Muhai sat in the main seat, and Ying Xueqing sat beside him tightly.
On the left are four beautiful women, Tang Yu, Zhou Qian, Xuan Zhou and Zhong Jing in turn.
On the right are three men: Ping Yinghao, Yu Tai and Zhao Hu.
Today, Mu Hai summoned them to have something important.
"From now on, we all belong to the devil team. The devil team is inseparable as a whole.
Now that everyone has joined the Devil’s Team, no matter who dares to betray, the consequences will be serious! "
Speaking of which, Muhai glanced coldly at the crowd, which was more distributed than majesty itself.
Everyone’s body is not a quiver.
Even Tang Yu is no exception.
"Boss, we will never betray!" Ping Yinghao shouted
This time, everyone shouted "Never betray!"
Even if it should be snowy and sunny, raise a small fist and wave it.
This look is like taking an oath.
Muhai nodded and gave a sign for silence.
"Everyone should understand that there are more and more awakening people in the whole world, and even ordinary people can become practitioners without practicing," Mu Hai said.
Everyone nodded and no one objected.
"In fact, I want to say that this world is not only a reiki recovery, but also a magic yuan, evil yuan, dead … and so on. All kinds of forces are recovering.
Of course, aura is the most abundant, while other forces are relatively weak. Maybe it is difficult for ordinary people to see it in a small area, "Mu Hai said."
"Eldest brother magic yuan is our magic can absorb?" Ping Yinghao asked
"That’s right! Magic Yuan is the source of magic cultivation power, "Muhai said.
"Boss, what is magic repair?"
Never speak at this moment Xuan Zhou raised his hand and asked.
"That’s a good question. Magic cultivation is …"
Then Muhai introduced the magic repair in great detail, which made Ying Xueqing show envy in all five women.
"Brother, I want to be a madman!" Ying Xueqing said
"This ….. this will naturally become a madman when you break through to then," Muhai said.
"Ah really?" Ying Xue Qing’s eyes are clear
After just testing, Muhai has made a promise in his heart. According to the qualification of Ying Xueqing, there is a 50% chance that he will become a madman.
Is MuHai still have some think impassability what Tang Yu, Zhou Qian, Zhong Jing demonstrated no magic force.
All three of them took the elixir of marrow, and they all reached the realm of elixir.
Is your inference incorrect? It should be impossible.
Muhai shook his head. I can’t make a specific judgment yet. Maybe there will be a chance in it.
But in what experiment, ten people will become The Hunger’s physique?
Let’s forget about it first and then talk about it.
Reaction, they didn’t become a demon, and they didn’t fix it
"Boss, let me ask you a question. Are these forces strong or weak?" Zhao Hu raised his hand and asked.
When this was said, everyone looked at Muhai and obviously wanted to know the answer.
"These forces are not divided into strong and weak points, but the people who make them.
Take magic practice as an example, to make the magic force strengthen the body and make the body as strong as iron and never die.
And spiritual practice is not like walking, but a practice method with the help of external forces, focusing on magic moves
Of course, after several years, there have been many schools of spirituality, including physical body, magic and monastic symbols.
No matter what the cultivation method is, it is vulnerable compared with the magic cultivation in the realm, "Muhai said.
When I heard this, the three men on Muhai’s right hand side couldn’t help showing their shirts.
All five girls have gloomy faces.
"Don’t be proud to become a spiritual practitioner before becoming a magic practitioner, and don’t be discouraged. You are not necessarily worse than magic practitioners, but you still depend on individuals." Mu Hai said.
People are nodding their heads and secretly holding their fists.
"We all know that chaos has started after the recovery of various forces in the world. It is already too busy to look at other countries and look at the dragon net alone.
Then this is not the most terrible. According to my estimation, there will be a catastrophe in the world for more than a year at most, "Mu Hai said.
Everyone looked at MuHai eyes motionless, and the color of fear flashed on his face.
"Well, it was a catastrophe. Yuan Ying’s practitioners were slaughtered like pigs and dogs in the face of that disaster." Mu Hai’s eyes looked into the distance and showed caution.
"PSST …"
People can’t help but gasp and stand on end.
Yuan Ying’s practitioners are all like pigs and dogs. What about Yuan Ying’s environment?
Isn’t that like an ant squeezing and dying?
Then how terrible is this disaster?
"Xiaohai, what should we do?" Zhong Jing first asked
See pairs of eager eyes MuHai secretly nodded his head.
"It’s simple to unite all the forces that can be United to get together and fight together," Muhai said.
"You mean unite the whole mankind?" Zhou Wei said
"That’s right!" Muhai nodded his head.