"Not to say that? Just now, you didn’t dare to compete with me. Since you can’t compete with me, your strength is naturally not as good as mine. "


"Didn’t I agree to compete with you now?"
"But now I don’t want to compete with you."
I’m in a hurry. I was fooled by Sunday for a few times. That Niuyao has long forgotten what he was doing. Now Niuyao is full of thoughts. There is one thing that must be compared with Sunday. It is best to beat Sunday. So Sunday won’t say that his strength is not as good as his outside.
Simple Niu Yaogen never thought that if he could kill Sunday; Then Sunday, my God, there is still the opportunity to spread rumors outside, and I am anxious to stop Sunday from leaving; At that time, since the ox demon was facing Zhou Tiandao; "Then, then how can you compete with me?"
Looking at the ox demon who was flushed with anger by his own words, although the two sides were hostile, it still did not produce a sense of guilt to bully such an honest demon, if possible; I don’t want this way on Sunday, but now that things have reached this point, Sunday is considered as not wanting to continue.
"It is not impossible to compare; However, I like to be a little hot in the game. You can really compete with me. But you have to take out the heat that makes me satisfied. "
"the heat; What is that thing? Eat or not; You wait for an I’ll go out and grab seventeen heat and come back. Then you can’t help but compete with me. "
Faint; After listening to Niu Yao’s words, Zhou Tianzhen didn’t know what to say. What could he say on Sunday in the face of such a clown? However; It seems that the eye is precisely because of the cow demon is such a performance; It’s only on Sunday that you can make a fool of it.
"The heat is that each of us will press something, and then it will be better to take away what the other side has pressed after the two sides win; Do you dare to gamble with me? "
"What can’t I … I take my spike bāng to bet with you that if you can win, I will give you my weapon" when I heard Sunday’s words; After the bull demon glanced around for a moment, he finally found that he didn’t bring anything else except the weapon in his hand, so he put his weapon in front of Sunday and directly turned the other into the heat.
"What do I want you to do with that broken weapon? No; Change the bet. I don’t need your broken weapon "to face the bull demon;" Sunday is very nai words spike bāng what Sunday really; There’s a way to get there. There’s still so much to be done. All hands and feet have successfully pasted the ox demon. How could you be willing to take it and stop with that weapon on Sunday?
Sunday refused to accept his bet, which naturally made Niu Yao feel a little annoyed except for his own spike bāng; That NiuYao is really can’t figure out what you can come up with and Sunday gambling distress scratched his head NiuYao can also Zhou Tiandao "what do you want to bet with me? If you want me, I will bet with you. "
"An A Niu once said a word, it’s hard to chase after an ox. Your strength is really greater than mine; You can have anything you want then. "
"It’s a lost cause."
"Horses don’t run as fast as our cows, and horses are not as good as cows."
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Win a demon servant
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Win a demon servant
"too; It’s hard to chase a stubborn cow, so it’s hard to chase a stubborn cow. "For this guy, Niu Yao is really helpless on Sunday; Niu Yao spent such a short time together, but it also made Sunday have a little affection for that Niu Yao. Whether it is a monster or a human group, it is rare to see such a simple character as Niu Yao. For this reason; Sunday, as secretly changed a little before the plan suddenly gave birth to an idea in my heart.
"Since you want to gamble; Then let’s bet a little more. I bet that we are both free. "I think that Niu Yao may not understand his words; After saying that, Sunday went on to explain, "If you win; After that, I will listen to you as your younger brother; I can’t beat you where you mean; If you lose, then you will be my demon servant and make me a cow and a horse. "
"I’m a cow."
"You are a cow; You are a cow, right?’ Take a look at the cow in front of you. There is no way for Zhou Tiannai to nod his head and affirm each other’s words before asking again at that time. Dare to gamble with me? "
"What can’t; Gambling is gambling "NiuYao is very unbearable j: and a listen to Sunday’s words as if he is afraid and he is stronger than strength immediately neck a thick and directly agreed to Sunday’s bet.
"That’s good; Since you have agreed to our bet, we can compete for strength. Now this place is your home. It’s better if I’m here with you than if I’m more disadvantaged. You choose the venue for our competition; But the competition method must be decided by me. What do you think? "
"No problem; Come on, I’ll show you; My strength is not what you can match. "I don’t care about Sunday’s words; Nodded to Sunday arrangement; Since that demon ox showed off his muscles in front of Sunday.
Full of black lines; Language patted his forehead on Sunday, and it was too late to be grieved by this bull’s head. On Sunday, he could also speed up his planning process. At that time, he directly said to the cow demon, "Hurry up and choose a place, and finish the competition early; I’ll go back early. "
"You can’t have a chance to go back; Compare strength with me. What is this? Ask for it or ask for it, no matter what; Anyway, it is impossible for you to be stronger than me, and it is impossible for you to be better than me no matter how much you compare. After a week or four, Niu Yao looked at it casually, so he was right about Zhou Tiandao. "Too lazy to change places; Let’s compare it here. "
"Here!" After scanning for a week or four, he nodded on Sunday. "All right; It doesn’t matter whether you choose the location here or anywhere else. Anyway, you are the last loser. "
"Soul light I said; You can’t compete with me in strength. Since you still dare to say that, after I win you; See how I tidy up you. "
"That will have to wait until you have the ability to win." I don’t care about waving my hand as if I don’t care about the threat of the ox demon. Generally, I took out two pieces of paper from myself on Sunday and then said to the ox demon, "We both take a piece of paper than strength; Whoever can throw this paper far will win; Dare to compare with me? "
"What can’t; Than strength I haven’t lost to who "after a cold hum; Niu Yao took a piece of paper from Sunday and without thinking, he directly took the paper and threw it into the distance. He wanted to throw the paper directly.
But as a result, it is impossible for the Niuyao to really throw the paper. Although this trick is old-fashioned, it is really very suitable to deal with opponents like Niuyao.
Although the ox demon is fierce; But the paper is not stressed after a few flutters; The paper fell to the ground only one meter away.
"How is that possible?" It is obviously impossible for Niu Yao to accept such a result. He rushed to the front of the paper, picked it up and threw it out again.
The result is naturally that no matter how many times the ox demon throws it, the paper eventually falls to the ground without flying far, so there is no way for the ox demon root to understand the distress m not m not behind his head; I really don’t understand why a piece of paper is so light; I threw so much myself that I could throw it away.
Since I can’t throw it far; Cow demon will give up and repeat his eyes. Se looks ugly and looks at Sunday. Then he grunts coldly, "I’ll throw it so far. Now it’s your turn. It’s amazing; Why can’t you throw it far? It’s so light. "
Hear the words of the ox demon; On Sunday, I endured that smile and almost didn’t endure the injury. I looked at the cow demon’s distress. On Sunday, I endured a smile and took out another piece of paper in my hand and rolled it into a ball and then made a slight effort. It also threw the paper ten meters away.
I didn’t go to measure who was throwing farther on both sides, because the result was clear at a glance; There is no need to do that at all.
Although Niu Yao said that he tried his best to throw the paper out, because there was no right way, the paper flew out at most two or three meters, and on Sunday, it was a dozen meters, and the gap between them could be clearly seen by eyes; Naturally, there is no need to measure the distance between the paper thrown by both sides.
"How? Have you finished? "
"You cheat; I threw the paper a few steps away. How could you throw the paper that far? "
Looking at that cow demon, I knew you were making a small move. Zhou Naizhen didn’t know how to say it. It had come to this point. Since it hasn’t found out the reason for its defeat, it can still say this. I don’t know whether it is simple or stupid on Sunday.
Explain; This feeling on Sunday is an explanation of the fact that the Niuyao is afraid and can’t believe it, and Sunday is also afraid that the Niuyao reaction is installed after listening to the Niuyao’s words; Sunday also didn’t consider what to explain to it, but just sneered at it this time. "This is the reason why you are unbeaten. But people don’t admit that they lost. Isn’t it just that they can’t afford to output?" There are many younger brothers beside the young master who don’t have to accept you. This stupid cow wants you to yell three words:’ I’m A Niu, I can’t afford to lose’; I will let you go? "
Hear Sunday words; The ox demon was naturally angry with his nostrils; Eyes are red with blood.
"Who said I can’t afford to output; Since I lost the gambling in A Niu, I lost to you; Then I’ll do whatever you want me to do after you dispose of it. "Obviously; Although it is said that; However, it is obviously impossible for the Niuyao to say that. But the head is twisted to the other side; Look at this appearance and you will know whether he meant it when he said that; If Sunday want to order it to do something, it really won’t listen.
But obviously; On Sunday, I still have enough confidence in the matter of collecting Niu Yao, who made that Niu Yao’s mind so simple; Just fool around a few times and then sell yourself before you go to huā; I can’t accept this ox demon if I don’t believe it on Sunday.
"Since you lost to me today; Then you will be my Sunday demon servant. Call the master to listen. "
"Master … master"
"well; Good A Niu. What’s your name? I can’t just call you A Niu. "
"name; I have no name. I’ve always called A Niu. "
"Your parents didn’t name you?"
"I … I have never seen my parents. I have lived in this place since I was sensible. I have never seen my parents. A Niu is my own name; I haven’t come in a hurry yet. "
Looking at the A Niu some sad expression Sunday is at that time in the heart micro suddenly found himself this time to accept the demon servant seems to be not simple; Maybe this time bet; I won myself a great demon servant.
Generally, monsters can be transformed; When you turn into a human form, few people will turn back into a demon body. This is because the training effect is better when you are in human form. If any monster beast doesn’t like to turn into a human form and likes to move around with a demon body, then one héng can be said, that monster beast is likely to be born extraordinary.
No matter whether a monk or a monster can face it, he will have a desire for strength. If something is beneficial to his practice, he will insist on it all the time. How can there be a better way of practice without having to do something else?
It can be said that it is faster for those monsters to practice with their bodies than with their bodies. It also means that the blood of those monster beasts is more noble than Terran, at least their ancestors will not be weaker than Terran, otherwise; No matter what kind of monster, it should be impossible to dislike that he practices too fast and slows down his practice in that way.
Think of the performance of this demon before your eyes; Sunday is almost certain; What is it likely that you will accept this demon servant ancestor yourself? Great demon, if you can find a way to purify your blood in the future, maybe you can get an ancient demon servant by yourself.
When all these thoughts flashed through my mind and I looked at the cow demon on Sunday; The expression is inevitable, and at that time there was a slight change.
A much gentler tone than before. Looking at the ox demon on Sunday, he asked him, "A Niu, your parents threw you, no matter it must be because of them. Don’t be sad. How about your master and I give you a name?"
"ok; Master, your strength is greater than an A Niu’s, and you must be very interested; We monsters listen to the words of the strong; Master, you are strong, then I will listen to you; What do you want me to call me? "
Sweat; Sunday listened to the cow demon; But somehow I suddenly have a guilty feeling that the tricky way has won the ox demon, and it is also a feeling that I hope it won’t discover the truth too soon, otherwise I’m really not sure if the ox demon will listen to himself then on Sunday.
Name; Not on Sunday, but I’ve seen a lot of shocking names the week before anyway. I’m adding more bricks, so it shouldn’t be a problem, right?
After a few names flashed in my heart, I gently coughed on Sunday; Patted the NiuYao shoulder to it, "since you gave yourself a A Niu name; Then your master, I won’t make too many changes when I name you. Add a surname to the front; Just call Zeng A Niu. This name is easy to remember. "
"Zeng A Niu?" After listening to the name given to himself on Sunday, Niu Yao was puzzled and asked Sunday, "What should be called Zeng A Niu?" Can’t it be called Zhou A Niu? It seems that your master’s name is Zhou. "
"Who stipulates that the demon servant should have the same name as his master, Zeng A Niu; If you decide, just call it this name. If you don’t say it again, I will decide that you have to call it this name. "
"Once A Niu was once A Niu" A Niu is a good comrade; Although it was because of gambling that he lost to Sunday and became a demon servant on Sunday, A Niu did not regret it. He not only accepted his status as a demon servant; It is really treating Sunday as his own master and facing Sunday’s orders; I chose from whether I like it or not.