Wild rattan green looked behind the old man and showed doubts. "Father, why are you alone?"


The old man’s mouth slightly raised to reveal a smile. "It’s enough to deal with you and me."
When I heard this, everyone was one leng and showed a pair of colors.
"Deal with us?" Wild rattan green confused to himself.
Then when she saw the old man become a wolf, she couldn’t help but look big and sweat.
Yes, this old man is what Muhai has transformed.
"You … are you a wolf?" Wild rattan green gave me a stunned expression.
While others are all stay leng cold sweat DC.
"Run …"
Wild rattan green first recovered and then found a tore heart crack lung roar loud.
However, it’s too late.
Seeing Muhai’s right hand waving hundreds of sword lights, he left rapidly with terrible soul-stirring light.
Pierce hundreds of people in the blink of an eye
"Zi …"
They all stare big eyes and gawk at their bodies being blown to dust by a powerful stream.
The last thing that disappears is their heads, but they are fascinated.
Fear fills the face.
Several magic powers can roll in and go straight into Jiuding magic furnace.
All humanized fly ash disappeared except wild rattan green.
The whole process is incredible, so that everyone dies as soon as the sound of wild vine falls.
Wild rattan green a face of trembling fingers MuHai "you … who are you? Did you also provoke the war between the two countries? "
When I heard this, Muhai’s mouth turned slightly into a face.
The fastest pleasure in the world is to let the enemy die in despair.
Looking at Muhai, wild rattan green eyes turned straight and didn’t think who Bai Muhai was.
"My name is agent Mu Hailong, and you are right. I started the war between the two countries. You should know that there was a terrorist explosion in Japan not long ago, and that was just my result." Mu Hai said.
This a wild rattan green face than panic color.
For a long time, she recovered her look. "It’s impossible. How can you have such terrible strength?"
"Ha ha the dead don’t need to know" MuHai corners of the mouth slightly Yang light said.
"Japan is Long Guosheng frying too fast?" Wild rattan green said.
Muhai corners of the mouth a young laugh.
That smile made wild rattan green see the bottom of my heart tremble and the soles of my feet cold.
Now that she’s tied up, she’s a lamb to be slaughtered
"Is Yetengqing still thinking about your father to save you?" Wild rattan green smile said
"You … how do you know?" Wild rattan green look a surprised finger MuHai face don’t believe it.
"Ha ha" MuHai smiled and took out his mobile phone and typed those short messages. After seeing them, Wild Vine Green’s face changed.
"It’s impossible. How can you change the news? It must be false."
Wild rattan green kept shaking his head and his face changed from hope to despair.
At this moment, her heart is dying, and there is no hope at all.
"I will die in this man’s hands when I am finished. I am unwilling."
Wild rattan green canthus shed two lines of tears.
"Hehe, Japan has too many evil generations to be reborn and vote for a better country."
Say that finish MuHai without the slightest polite slap.
Wild rattan’s head is like a watermelon, and he died instantly. He didn’t even scream on the spot, so he disappeared into the dust.
After all this, Mu Hai flew away.
This time, his change of position happened to be in the east.
"Shout …"
In the process of flying, Muhai’s idea changed into a American man.
It looks imposing and distinguished
Looking closely, the five emperors of the United States are as good as two evil emperors.
ShaQi rolling like a changhong instantly flew to the front of the blood emperor.
"Big Brother"
The blood emperor saluted Muhai with a respectful attitude towards fuels.
"Where are the decepticons?" Muhai eyes four sweep light said
"I’ll call him now," said the blood emperor.
It didn’t take long for decepticons to come quickly.
The blood emperor looked at Muhai and wondered, "Why do you have a brother? Where are the others?"
Muhai gave a cold smile when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but feel cold when he saw people’s eyes.
"I am enough to deal with you," Muhai said.
"Deal with us?"