Sue’s love affair "…" Is this man jealous?


"Liu Yichen, are you … jealous?" Sue late feeling can’t help but ask a way
Liu Yichen’s face sank and sneered, "Do you want me to wake up again? Don’t be too narcissistic. I’m jealous? I just feel ashamed. "
Well, Sue said lightly, "I wish I didn’t, and I don’t want to owe you. My heart is searching because he was trying to protect me just now."
"He won’t die," Liu Yichen said grumpily.
Jiang Zhuomu came running panting with a medicine bag. He just sent the medicine to manager Lu, but he didn’t catch his breath. Liu Yichen started the engine car and blew it out.
Jiang Zhuomu looked at the car bottom humbled pie pie.
Sue was sitting in the car with a feeling of surviving. She was injured and worried just now. She didn’t think so much, but now she feels dying.
If the Lujia bodyguard comes late, if Liu Yichen doesn’t arrive at the meeting, she can’t even imagine if she will still have a life.
Looking at his arm hanging with bandages and touching his forehead with some redness and medicine, he thought for a moment and said to Lu Yichen, "Manager Lu, can I not go back to my old house?"
"What?" Liu Yichen took a look at her and continued to concentrate on the car.
"I’m afraid that my mother will worry when I go back like this." Wen Yiting was so kind to her. After being engaged to Liu Yichen, she first suffered a foot injury and then her forehead almost broke her arm this time. Don’t frighten her to death.
"Good" Liu Yichen turned the car in another direction.
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Does the lotus drift away the code word
☆ 1. Sue moved out of the land house in the evening.
Love or not love a person, sometimes it may be a moment. It feels like love all the time. At a certain moment, I feel that I really don’t love you, but I suddenly feel that I still love you.
The car stopped in a high-end residential area. Sue looked puzzled at Liu Yichen. He would arrange a hotel for her to stay. He looked up and saw that the residential facilities should be his private house.
Liu Yichen took the medicine bag and held Sue’s late love into the ladder. After pressing the password, she gently put it on the ground, pointed to the password lock and told her what the password was.
Then he picked up Sue and put her on the sofa.
Sue looked up and looked around. It looked neat. It looked like someone lived here, but isn’t it nice that she lives here?
It won’t be his golden house, will it?
How will she say hello if she meets the owner of this child later?
Hi, I’m Lu Yichen’s fiancee. Are you his girlfriend?
I’m a friend of Lu Yichen’s. I know you’re his girlfriend. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you …
Sue knocked on her head at night and accidentally hit her forehead with a headache. She frowned. Why did you bring her to this place?
I don’t know. After meeting his current girlfriend, all three of them will be embarrassed.
Liu Yichen came over with a glass of water and saw her knocking on her head and hurried over. "Does your head hurt? Why don’t you stay in the hospital? "
"Don’t" Sue didn’t suffer much serious injuries when she refused to come to the hospital.
Liu Yichen gave her a look, took out the medicine from her bag and poured it out in front of her to "take the medicine first"
Sue was so obsessed with taking medicine for a long time that she asked, "won’t it bother you if I live here?"
Lu Yichen knew that she had misunderstood when she was leng, but he didn’t want to explain.
Look at her and say "because there is no one here"
Sue nodded in understanding. After all, she is now in the palace. Even if another woman lives here, she always has to make room for her. But the thought of another woman living here makes her feel a little uncomfortable. She would rather stay in a hotel.
"Don’t try to be brave these days. Rest at home for a few days. I’ll arrange a servant to take care of you later. Call me if you have anything."
"Well …"
Liu Yichen touched her hair, picked up the car key and left the sliding door.
Looking at the swinging room, Sue felt hungry and flattened her stomach, took out her mobile phone and searched for nearby food to order.
Liu Yichen drove the car to my old house. Just now, he called out bodyguards in my old house. Everyone in the family must know. He always has to go back and give an explanation.
Just walked into the living room, and sure enough, all the Lu family members are here, even Lu Yizhi, who has never been at home often.
Liu Zhengying took a sip of his teacup and put it heavily on the tea table in front of him. Sharp eyes kept a close eye on Liu Yichen’s serious mouth. "Tell me what’s going on. How did you send bodyguards today? What did you ask them to do? " In fact, Liu Zhengying knew what was going on, and the bodyguard at home had already told him about it at the first time. He wanted to hear Liu Yichen’s statement.
Liu Yichen glanced at his anxious mother and looked at his father’s eyes. "Dad, let’s go to the room and talk."
Section 6
"all right"
The father and son walked towards the building.
Wen Yiting didn’t think much about things in the company. She never intervened, but Sue didn’t come back yet, which made her a little worried.
Liu Yizhi looked at the two figures in the building and their eyes darkened.
Room Liu Zhengying door sat on the sofa and pointed to the other side.
Liu Yichen lifted her feet and walked over to sit down.
"Speak …"
Liu Yichen took a look at his father and said it simply before saying, "Sue is living in my apartment outside now. She doesn’t want her mother to worry that I think so, too. It’s better to keep it from her mother."
Liu Zhengying nodded appreciatively. "This girl is quite intentional and deserves your mother’s kindness to her."
"I suspected that Sue was her daughter," Liu Yichen muttered.
"What did you say?" Liu Zhengying didn’t hear you clearly.