Laughing at Luo Cha’s men in black for the second time, the situation was not great. This time, Luo Cha was able to barely defend himself and rarely had the opportunity to show his offensive. However, men in black also consumed too much strength because of successive battles, so he also laughed at Luo Cha for a while. When he decided to win the game, he passed every minute in this stalemate.


About ten minutes later, there was a horseshoe in the street. The men in black knew that the battle had alarmed the garrison of Besos. It seems that this time they wanted to kill the dragonfly, but they returned with success.
I made up my mind in my heart, and the sword in the hands of men in black never stopped. Seeing that he struck hard and forced me to laugh, Luo Cha turned around and said to the dragonfly, you are a group of good partners. Today, I won your life. This is the first time in my life, but don’t be too happy. Cherish your remaining days. One day, I will be in front of you again, and then it will be your death.
Hey, hey, if you want to kill me, I don’t care if you do one more thing, but I also want to tell you that when we meet next time, I will definitely make you pay a painful price, and you are still struggling.
Looking at the dragonfly’s bloody body, the man in black almost said that everything would come true. After a long time of confrontation, the man in black gently nodded at the dragonfly and then drank it back.
When this binge drinking echoed in the night of Bezos, the men in black had taken the lead in disappearing into the night, and the mysterious killers in the same costume also jumped in circles and fled behind him to the periphery of Bezos.
Rabbit cub, come back and laugh at Luo Cha. It’s not as easy as a dragonfly to discuss and drink. You have to catch up with him. Forget it. Luo Cha let them go. Dragonfly said softly behind Luo Cha. In fact, Luo Cha doesn’t really want to catch up with him. Even if you chase him, you can’t chase him, but it’s really difficult to calm down the sharp balance of your mouth.
Master, are you all right? Carol approached the dragonfly and said, Hehe, how can it be all right? The blood is almost dry. Dragonfly smiled and teased. After listening to the dragonfly joke, everyone did not laugh as before. Repairing Carol’s pledge, Lei Chen laughed. Luo Cha followed closely behind the two men with his hands clasped to the dragonfly and said seriously, we are not good for the enemy, so that the master is willing to accept all the punishment of the master.
You look at the sudden change of the crowd. Dragonfly doesn’t know what to say. At the moment, his heart is not proud. On the contrary, he feels sad. Think about it. Half a year ago, everyone was playing together. But after returning to Bezos, everyone suddenly said that Dragonfly didn’t think much of him at first, but now it really makes him feel unhappy.
Don’t do this. It’s not your fault. Let’s go home. After a long time, Dragonfly whispered, at this moment, he wants to hear more laughter in his heart. Luo Cha said, boss, you are really a cockroach. Maybe this is fate. Everyone is growing up. Whether Dragonfly wants to surround him or not, people are forcing him to grow up and face the reality.
Looking at the dragonfly melancholy face and listening to his low tone, all of them immediately fell silent and quietly followed behind the dragonfly, ready to turn around and leave. However, all of them have not yet stepped up. First, a large group of Wangdu guards will be surrounded by them.
Bold nine-door overseers don’t visit the officialdom for a long time. Carol is tainted with class posture. When I saw this group of kings guarding the army, they dared to point their swords and spears at the dragonfly. Carol immediately drank a lot. It was nine-door overseers, and those little soldiers dared to turn their eyes to the horse again.
Hey, hey, nine door overseers are responsible for guarding the king. How can you wander around the princess’s residence in the middle of the night and commit murder? Then everyone has been dissatisfied with the fact that Dragonfly can sit in the position of nine door overseers. Usually, Liu Ji’s forces dare not do anything to Dragonfly. It’s rare for Liu Ji to turn a blind eye, but he wants to embarrass Dragonfly.
At the moment, after listening to Ann’s words, Dragonfly’s heart was furious, but he said that it was illegal to refute it. According to his rank, no one would believe him even if he caught a thief late at night.
Looking at the dragonfly, though he didn’t say a word, his face was dark, and then he felt nervous in his heart. After all, he was still a dragonfly in the name of worship Sotheby’s crime, but it can be big or small. Now that the dragonfly is in power, Liu Ji is likely to lose his car and finally let himself get more than one bargained for.
Hey, hey, governor, don’t take it amiss. The officer is also in charge of the army. It’s necessary to conduct an interrogation. What’s the secret of governor’s adult? The officer may wish to say that Ann is softer again.
Hum, with your qualifications, let the official tell you secrets? Now I’ll give you two ways to go. One is to let the official blow a cold wind here and make a judgment at the court. The other is how far the horse takes your dog’s leg to roll for me. The dragonfly is in a bad mood and is seriously injured at the moment, so his mouth is full of gunpowder.
After listening to dragonfly’s words, Ann’s face changed dramatically. Obviously, dragonfly’s unkind words made him suffer a heavy blow. After a long time, see Ann and lick her lips lightly. It seems that she has made up her mind and said yes. Then let the governor go to the emperor to explain it. Somebody get it for me.
Who dares to move Carlo to drink a lot and pull out the scabbard in front of Dragonfly and laugh? Luo Cha and others are also unwilling to lag behind. They have pulled out their personal weapons and prepared to wait for a group of officers and men to fight against the Luo Cha rocket. After Dragonfly lightly said, it seems a lot easier. You have to know that the murder outside the princess mansion in the middle of the night is a big crime, but Dragonfly is already tired of this talk about officialdom games. At this moment, it’s a big deal to get ready to fire again and find another way with a group of people.
Laughing at Luo Cha’s hand, a fiery red fireworks rose to heaven and shone in that red light. When the two sides declared war on each other, a fire broke out and it was difficult again, but suddenly the door of the Princess House was hit by a large number of guards and maids, and Princess Ziyue, who had changed her costume, was now behind everyone.
People boldly make noise outside the princess’s residence. A maid around the princess shouted, Damn it, don’t you know I’m fighting here? You also asked me so carefully. Dragonfly muttered, but his mouth said, "Nine Doors receive the title, Dragonfly Jerome". See Princess Hall.
Oh, it’s Lord Jue. Your honor has worked hard. The palace asked your honor to help catch the disorderly party. Did you catch it? In the light of the lights, Princess Purple Moon is as beautiful as a fairy, and her face is not red and her heart is not jumping. She told a big lie.
Hey, hey, this time, it depends on how you bastard listened to Princess Ziyue’s words. Dragonfly immediately knew that Ziyue was worried about the U disaster, so he hurried to report back to the princess hall teenager. When the chaotic party was about to be captured in the middle of the night, An Zaian’s adult suddenly took a large number of military horses to scare the chaotic party away. This didn’t win the dragonfly’s heart and made Ann die again. He hurried to buckle the charges to An Zaitou along with Ziyue’s words.
A listen to dragonfly words contain suspicion of collaborating with the enemy, but Ann is eager to defend again, but she is robbed by Ziyue. There is also a person who is bigger than Gong.
The officer dare not take the responsibility of looking for defense. Tonight, I heard that the outsiders in the princess’s mansion were fighting Europe, and I hurriedly led the military forces to come to guard An Zai. Then I turned my horse and knelt down in front of Princess Ziyue to explain.
Hee hee, so your honor is not only right, but also rewarding. Purple Moon changed her look and said to Ann with a smile. The officer didn’t dare to get the credit. This is an official job. Goodbye, Purple Moon has let go, and the stone in her heart has finally fallen.
Who knows that Purple Moon suddenly changed her look? Big Jiao shouted, "Bold rebel". You still dare to talk glibly in front of the palace. You don’t know how to visit the palace first. This crime has always belonged to the chief executive. I don’t know how to treat this crime first. Second, the soldiers surrounded the governor’s adult. This crime prevented the governor’s adult from arresting the disorderly party. This crime has failed. The four kings have always been responsible for the guards’ security around the king. You privately led the army to enter the city. It’s light to act and heavy to say that you want to rebel.
The official dare not be flushed again by the purple moon, but the law refutes that at this moment, the street is full of hooves, and the master teenager is coming with the inspection team. Has the master ever been injured? He had already been in the governor’s office and had received news of fierce fighting in the street half an hour ago. However, because the dragonfly did not put warning fireworks and added to accurately judge the situation of the dragonfly at this moment, he was too late to bring people to rescue. When he suddenly saw the warning fireworks half an hour ago, he quickly came straight to the princess mansion with the special team that had already lined up.
Chapter two hundred and one Amazing change
Princess Tianxing’s Temple is not here yet. The dragonfly immediately motioned for windy day. After the dragonfly pointed out, Bai An immediately went to Ziyue’s side.
Young windy day see princess temple chitose chitose Qian Qian years old windy day after the horse turned to the purple month said hee hee overseers adult since your department has arrived so rebellious Ann will give you a place, purple month to dragonfly a wink, I’ll leave now, how do you want me to pick up Ann and then the dragonfly immediately Bai Ziyue want to zhe to save our lives and jump back?
The princess asked the teenager what to do with Ann and the dragonfly. She asked Purple Moon, when she saw that the dragonfly was more cunning than herself, she smiled and approached the dragonfly as if her ears were near, saying softly, I have already helped you, little bastard, and you have to pull me out.
Hey, hey, now that we’ve reached the lake, let me take a shower together. Dragonfly, hey, hey, grinned and said, sinister bastard, forget it, princess. I’m afraid that guy won’t succeed, but it’s still the usual practice to ask for money, purple face and a red light scold a way.
Ah, how much money do you want this time? The dragonfly said with a bitter face, Hee hee is not much. I just helped you clear you of 20 thousand, and now I’ll give you 10 thousand. After a little calculation, I said, Ah, it’s too expensive. It’s cheaper. Purple moon is all over the sky, and the dragonfly actually sits on the ground and pays back the money. This is a dialogue between the princess and the governor. It’s simply easy to buy and sell in the market
See you are a big guest, even if you are cheaper, a total of 25 thousand won’t do anything less. Ziyue firmly said that she was afraid of you, and Jackie Chan bowed her head and lamented for a while and said
Hee hee, I knew you’d agree with Purple Moon’s charming smile, and then you wouldn’t say anything more immediately. Then I said to Ann, "The king is guarding the army and has committed several major crimes. Someone will pick his rank badge for me. Just after the words of Purple Moon from the governor’s adult, the dragonfly will be busy. The interface officer will follow the will of the Princess Palace and then turn back and make a gesture to the windy day."
At the moment, it will be windy and windy, but it will not understand the meaning of the dragonfly. Immediately, several special warfare players will be sent to tie up the princess Ann again. Seeing the situation crisis, Ann will quickly ask for forgiveness and hum to the emperor’s grandfather. After a cold hum, Purple Moon will signal windy and windy days to take Ann to leave first. Although Purple Moon is your princess, it is not directly important for the court. Therefore, Ann will be allowed to go to Kane III to make a statement that the dragonfly is also very white. He also wants to kill Ann, and it is inconvenient to say anything more.
What are you still doing here? Go back to the stations immediately and wait for further orders. Carol yelled at the soldiers who were still in a daze, watching that all the leaders had been taken. The soldiers knew that they would not stay any longer, so they became dejected and despondent, and led by the captains to the periphery of the king.
When this group of soldiers disappeared in front of everyone, Ziyue suddenly pulled the triumphant dragonfly aside. Princess, what are you going to do? The dragonfly looked at the woman who gave him a headache and said
Hey, hey, Purple Moon doesn’t say much. After taking an account book from clothes and turning it over, I got it in front of Dragonfly after writing a few strokes. I know there are 194,600 gold coins, right? I don’t watch it. Dragonfly heartache said that today is really his bad day. Not only did I not teach that bastard that the manager is still alive, but money and blood are really not worth the candle.
Who told you to read it and sign it for me? Otherwise, if you don’t recognize it, who will I ask for money to go to Ziyue? Of course, as soon as I hold the account book in my hand, I will immediately win the pen to dragonfly.