I have no choice on Sunday, although I know that Tieniu is a strong man, but when I find that the changes in the eye situation are already beyond my expectation; On Sunday, I still had to grind my teeth at that time and walk out of the iron cow target from the hiding place; Slowly leaned towards it …


Chapter 33 Challenges
We are now in the 16th place in the new list, four places short of the home page display, and the index is only a few hundred, which is not a meeting point; It also needs dozens of recommended votes to go. Everyone supports one; If you want to be on the list, you will be on the list for one day; We promise to work at least ten thousand shifts every day.
"What person?" With a roar; Iron cow suddenly turned towards behind him is a punch to directly to prepare to close to him to sneak attack on Sunday to fly out.
Iron cow is the old Jianghu after all; Even in such a chaotic situation; That vigilance is not the same as that in the general plateau on Sunday; It is impossible for its roots to notice that they are planning a sneak attack and then leave immediately without thinking that they have just jumped out of the shadows; Immediately discovered by the iron cow, not only failed to sneak attack successfully; But it was hit by the other side.
But fortunately; Maybe Tie Niu just regards Sunday as an ordinary minion who wants to pick up cheap! In the end, the iron cow punched the other side in order to save physical strength without strength. But he wasn’t hurt, he was just shot and flew out; Landing and rolling several times; As soon as I stopped, I patted myself and got up from the ground.
Although they are also practicing outside kung fu; However, the reason why Sunday is better than others is that it is better to have an advantage in combat, such as the eye; Be punched by an iron cow; Don’t say that Sunday’s strength is not as good as that of Iron Bull, so it is considered that fighters with the same strength as Iron Bull will not be hurt.
But Sunday just doesn’t have the power of the Iron Shirt at this time, which is already reflected. Unless you meet a kung fu expert who can "beat cattle on the other side of the mountain" or an opponent who happens to have any magic weapon, Sunday’s strength is not as good as that of his opponent, so it is difficult to do harm to Sunday.
Since the sneak attack failed; At the same time, it has also been discovered by the other party; On Sunday, there would be no idea of hiding again. Now the situation is not allowed to hide again on Sunday in the shortest time, so that those invading forces can rest assured that they will continue to attack and make a record. This is what Sunday must do as soon as possible now.
"Old guy; Do you dare to fight me? " Just got up from the ground; On Sunday, several iron oxen who came to deal with him were killed by the gang; At that time, he immediately launched a declaration of challenge to Iron Bull.
Have to say; In some ways, the situation in this world is very similar in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. One-on-one combat in this world is not a general situation of brain-dead behavior; When one side challenges the other side, unless the strength of the two sides is really too different; If one party dares to refuse; Then the morale of his side will be dealt a fatal blow, and it is not impossible to lose for such a reason.
Institute; Generally speaking, when someone asks for a challenge, most people will choose whether they are willing or not, and they will eventually accept the challenge from the other side.
However; Although the iron cow said that it could not be challenged on Sunday, it depended on the situation at that time; Iron cow at that time did not come out to respond to Sunday, but looked back at Sunday from afar at the same time; Made a wink to the person behind him.
"To deal with such a small role as you, you need my master to do it yourself; Win my thunder Biao first, and then say, "Those disciples who saw their master make a wink at Tieniu naturally reacted at the first time to come over and be the boss’s big brother Lei Biao;" It is even more direct to come out and take on the other challenge for your master.
As Lei Biao responded, there was a fierce battle between the two forces. At that time, although it did not stop, as far as attention was concerned; But it’s almost a little distracted to prepare for the warring sides to wait for the battle result to come out; In the end, the war situation between the two sides will definitely be affected by it and new changes will occur.
That thunderbolt character seems to be a little grumpy; Just as soon as I accepted the challenge on Sunday, I immediately rushed towards Sunday with my weapon …
See the thunderbolt reaction; Zhou Tianxin’s weapon is tiger’s head knife, which is not caused by exulting thunder. Although it is still a heavyweight weapon, on the whole; Tiger’s head cuts people, but they still rely on the cutting force of the blade to face the enemy who makes this weapon. It’s time to show your strength, no matter who the enemy is; Want his hand weapon is not a magic weapon to break the Sunday defense; That’s impossible.
Moreover; Lei Biao’s personality is also quite beneficial to Sunday. An impulsive opponent is always easier to deal with than a calm opponent. Facing an opponent like Lei Biao, Sunday is very clear. Find the right way by yourself; It can be easily defeated.
It’s too late to say it; On Sunday, I just observed a thunderbolt, and it was already near Sunday at that time, and I didn’t directly rush to the front of Sunday to start work again. Leibiao directly approached Sunday. Then jump up; From; A heavy blow was cut at the top of Sunday’s head.
Although the moves are very rude, I have to admit that; This simple blow is full of power because of the relatively fast thunder speed, if anyone is slow to respond half a beat when facing this blow; Then you will never be struck down by the other side.
On Sunday, in the face of the thunderbolt attack, I also dare not be careless; Although Sunday’s Iron Cloth Shirt was enough to help Sunday stop the tiger’s head knife from hurting, Lei Biao was attacked. Jia Leibiao’s weight strength is no less than that of some heavy weapons.
Even if it won’t be hurt by the blade; But if you are hurt by the other side’s violence; That’s going to hurt your head, but it’s just as bad for Sunday.
Institute; When faced with the thunderbolt attack, Sunday immediately made a decision in an instant, and directly dodged the thunderbolt attack and then saved his right leg; Wait for the thunder to fall and prepare to attack it.
This is the main reason why most people don’t jump attacks; When he is in the middle, he will not only move again, but also become a target in the middle. Many fighters who were not weak in strength were killed by their opponents because they were moving in the middle. Now Lei Biao’s eyes will not encounter long-range attacks such as bows and arrows and hidden weapons in the middle, but when they land instantly; The possibility that it can flash in that face of attack from Sunday to Sunday; But it is also very small.
But the final result is always unexpected. The kick that I received on Sunday was sure to kick the other side but I didn’t want to kick it when I was ready to leave on Sunday. LeiBiao in landing instantaneous since the figure doesn’t even have a pause, then directly sideways towards Sunday swept past in Sunday reaction is not the case; LeiBiao knife is already cut to Sunday at that time.
Leaping attack weakness Lei Biao naturally can’t be unclear and Lei Biao also knows it; If you have the courage to directly challenge your master, it is absolutely impossible for Sunday’s strength to be weak, but it can be regarded as such a situation; Lei Biao still chose the jump attack to make such a choice; Lei Biao naturally has its own reliance.
Not many people know; In addition to learning some layman’s kung fu in the iron ox hand, Lei Biao’s Lei Jiazu also presented a remnant of flying skill. Although the original name of flying skill was said to have been practiced because of the incomplete part, the remaining part of the remnant was left with a special luck skill that everyone could practice.
Generally speaking, lightness skill refers to the skill of high luck and mobility; However, Lei Jiazu’s lightness skill cheats and luck methods are another way. Directly body 100 acupoint channels; Boost by bursting gas; It makes people speed up several times in a short time. This method consumes a lot of gas, even if it is a natural expert, it won’t take long. However, the benefits of this achievement method are also very obvious; The instantaneous explosive force is strong, and even if it is in a semi-pass, it is boosted by this gas; People can also make evasive movements
Although the secret book has become a remnant; However, the few pieces of Lei Jialai’s scrolls remember that there are several acupuncture points to explode, even if they can’t finish practicing that special flying skill method; However, with those remnants, it is enough to help Lei Biao make such a move as his eyes, and instantly make his actions change when he lands.
Facts have proved; Although the method of practicing the lightness skill is reliable and the achievement method is practiced with the broken scrolls, it is enough for Lei Biao to hit his opponent off guard when the enemy is at war. Don’t be unaware that Lei Biao has such a skill when he is in the body. Instant may be killed by it.
Sunday also didn’t think that Lei Biao would have that ability, so he was cut down by Lei Biao if he didn’t respond quickly. On Sunday, Lei Biao was also unclear, but he was assassinated by him because he didn’t know him, but Lei Biao was also killed by Sunday because he didn’t know the reason.
Lei Biao has calculated the enemy’s action trajectory by relying on the ability of instantaneous change of direction, but the enemy suddenly changed his direction of action when he was about to land. It was enough for him to attack his enemy with sudden force and not slow speed
And if someone else; Even if it is only an attack, it is enough for Lei Biao to take his life, but Sunday is different; Sunday’s practice of "Iron Shirt" gave him a strong defense ability. Although Lei Biao cut Sunday by relying on his own Juexue surprise attack, he finally hit it because he couldn’t break Sunday’s defense. But it didn’t achieve the desired results at all.
On the contrary; When the thunderbolt blow was completed, it not only consumed a lot of people, but also stayed directly beside Sunday at that time, depending on the distance between the two sides. At that time, Sunday was full before the thunderbolt reacted; An attack was made on it.
Chapter 34 Sneak attack
Sunday didn’t directly benefit from the opportunity to attack Lei Biao at that time. The main reason was that Sunday had no weapons and knew his situation. Although he was at the peak of fighters at the same level in terms of defense; But as far as attack power is concerned, it is good to have a weapon without it; He is a thunderbolt; In the end, I’m afraid it’s hard to kill Lei Biao with one blow.