Woo-hoo, a scary ghost scream suddenly came from the depths of the mountains, and all the birds and animals were frightened and fled. The distance was near, and it was directly crushed by sound waves. A bitter fog dissipated in the shape of several mountains, and the sound waves collapsed one after another, and the stones rolled around. It can be said that the destructive power was terrible.


Ye Piao was surprised to smell it, because he had already heard the whistling sound, which turned out to be the sound of a corpse’s ancestors, and the place where the sound originated at the moment was already a corpse’s breath rolling, and a sacred golden light beam fell from the sky. Looking from afar, a golden pillar of Tianzhu was particularly eye-catching in the night.
This is a powerful seal. Ye Piao frowns and says,
Well, of course, it’s very powerful, that is, the five elements of Nu Wa’s large array, and several saints personally made a big seal. You said that you could not be strong, and Xiao Jian also said the origin of this big seal at the moment.
Dreadwind woman is holding a horrible broken hand tightly in one hand at the moment, laughing very ferocious and crying, Hou Qing, do you still want to kill me? You have no chance, I won’t let you unseal it, I won’t let you break the seal.
Hehe, at this moment, the broken hand suddenly took a corpse breath and filled the air in front of the Dreadwind woman. Finally, a human-shaped sneered fairy bird. Do you think your incarnation will be my opponent? Yes, although this is also my incarnation.
Fairy bird leaves float startled. Isn’t fairy bird the founder of Tianxuanmen? How can its member be here and there is a big holiday in Hou Qing? What is the reason for this? Ye Piao is now a mess. If this Dreadwind woman is the embodiment of fairy bird, then Dreadwind woman is exactly the same. Is it also the embodiment of fairy bird? Why do you want to do so many members? Ye Piao is dizzy now.
Dreadwind female roars with one hand and directly grasps Hou Qing’s busy chest.
Hum, it’s true that you don’t cry until you see the coffin. Today, I’m letting you know that a corpse clan will change the color of a hundred families. One claw has already caught Dreadwind women hitting each other, and the earth bursts with a bang. Dreadwind women are thrown several meters away by violent energy, and then the right palm of Qing’s incarnation is also shattered.
Hou Qing looked at the re-coagulation of his right paw. Hehe laughed. It seems to be getting worse. He said that his right hand stretched out and fell to the ground, and his hand was broken. His right hand Hou Qing looked up at Dreadwind and smiled slightly. Now we hope again. I haven’t seen you for such a long time, but I have a war.
Hou Qing said and suddenly turned to look at the silly leng Ye Piao and said, What are you still doing there? Go and unseal the five-element large array and save my head.
Head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head-to-head, head, head-to, head-to-head, to-to-head
Ye Piao followed the source just now, and suddenly Ye Piao’s warning fell on a tree trunk, and his eyes gleamed with blood, and he looked at the front with a dignified face, muttering a strong silence.
Xiao Jian don’t understand what’s the matter?
Ye Piao said that there is a death ground ahead. Look at all the trees withered. No life can be weird.
Although the leaves are floating in the place, it is a dense forest, but it is close at hand, but there is no life. There are no animals, no birds and no life behind the leaves, but the ancient forest is full of vitality. Although it is at night, many nocturnal creatures can be seen. This line is a very fresh contrast to the strange death. Those animals are also very strange. None of them want to approach this place. It seems that they are afraid of it here.
Xiao Jian was silent for a while and suddenly said, I know what place this is.
Leaves gone with the wind looked down at the sword and asked what it was.
I guess that’s right. This should be the cemetery. Xiao Jianyin said in a low voice, and his tone was a little uneasy.
The leaves of the cemetery are frowning. Just listen to this name and you will know that it is not a good place. What do you call this place a cemetery?
Xiao Jian said, don’t you forget that the former giant monster said that we broke into the land of gods?
Remember, that guy said that we defiled the leaves of the gods and floated casually, but when he said this, there was a sudden explosion in his head and he was dumbfounded. He said, Is it the cemetery of the gods? What am I going to do? How can it be the cemetery of the gods?
Hum, it’s impossible. I have seen some incomplete images in the headquarters of those dwarfs. That is to say, in ancient times, the gods fought with a group of unknown enemies. In the end, although they will make enemies and beat back in the future, they also suffered a lot. Many gods were seriously injured and the rest fell into a deep sleep.
The gods are sleeping. I have heard the saying that the gods are sleeping in the human world, but I have never known why. Is this why the leaves are floating and suspicious?
I’m not sure whether it’s true or not, but it should be true. The battle was really terrible. At that time, the human world was destroyed and the human world was broken. After that, the gods gathered in the human world and buried those bodies in a broken world, which was called the soul world from now on.
No, Ye Piao suddenly questioned and asked, According to you, the gods fell into a deep sleep after the battle, so how did the goddess Nu Wa, the great god of Fuxi, finally show up? Why didn’t they sleep? Since they didn’t sleep, how could they never show up?
Well, I’m not sure about this. After all, I am a sword and I know ten points.
Leaf-cutting gone with the wind unceremoniously gave Xiao Jian a contempt and then carefully stepped into this cemetery called the gods.
After walking less than 20 meters, Xiao Jianbo suddenly trembled again and cried, I feel General White again. I feel General White again. He is here, General White.
Ye Piao smell speech looked around and came into view. There was nothing but a dead and dead Yellowstone. Xiao Jian said, Do you feel wrong? There seems to be nothing here.
It can’t be absolutely general leitian. I won’t feel wrong. It must be general leitian. It must be Xiao Jian who definitely rejected Ye Piao’s idea.
At the moment, the night will be over, and the east will have a fish-belly white leaf floating around in death. Finally, I found that one side is broken and some armor fragments are floating. At this moment, I grabbed the corner of the flag with one hand and flattened it. The edge is covered with mud, and I can barely recognize the word Qin. Then these armor fragments should also be former Qin Jun armor.
General Bai has really been here. Xiao Jian’s mental fluctuation has made him feel a little demented, and Ye Piao is confused at the moment. What has happened in this soul world? From entering the soul world, it has now become an unknown tattoo, fairy bird, fairy incarnation, Dreadwind female, and then it is the tomb of the gods. Has Qin Jun relic entered a whirlpool that should not be entered?