Xiao Langzhong took a fixed look at Xuelian and said, "Don’t be immersed in love here. Your husband is not out of danger yet. Go to the next rack and bring the white porcelain bottle and wait in the outhouse. I don’t like outsiders when I rescue you."


Snow Lotus took the jar and handed it to Xiao Langzhong. She went out silently and sat on the stool without saying a word.
After a long time, Xiao Langzhong came out of the room and looked like Snow Lotus in clay sculpture, gently saying, "Your husband is not in danger."
Snow lotus son heard MuQingFeng all right in the mind a burst of joy didn’t come to express was Xiao Langzhong words poured a pot of cold water.
"It’s his hand. I tried my best. There’s nothing I can do," said Xiao Langzhong regretfully.
"Xiao imperial doctor, please try again. He is so young that he can’t be disabled. I can promise you anything you want. Please think of a way. I beg you." Snow Lotus heard this and was frightened to get up and please Xiao Langzhong, but found that she couldn’t move.
"Don’t try your best. It’s not a joke. You don’t want to move this little thing for three hours without an antidote. It’s a disability at most. Now let me ask you who you really are. What do you do? "
"I don’t understand what the imperial doctor Xiao said. We are fleeing in the summer. The young couple were injured by barbarians on their way home. Your words can’t be understood by my daughter." Snow Lotus found herself being restrained, thinking about the countermeasures. Where did she reveal her flaws and when did she get poisoned?
"It seems that you are going to die not to admit? Do you know what the Wangs are stupid enough to call me? I smelled this little boy covered in blood before you got to the door. I was far away. I can tell at a glance that this little boy was wounded by an arrow. Recently, we were at war with various grassland departments. Civilians have already taken refuge. At this time, the injuries are usually caused by scouts and spies from both sides. If you say that you are from the summer, I can recognize you as scouts in the summer. If that’s the case, you should go to the Beiyan Army barracks not far away to find a military doctor instead of me, a Shan Ye doctor! So I’d rather you die outside and never save. "
"That xiao imperial doctor and what have great kindness to save my husband? Aren’t you afraid that we are prairie spies? " Xuelianer said coldly
"It’s not that I’m kind-hearted. You don’t know that the old Taoist at the village entrance is not a reincarnation of a god, but a liaison of the three evil forces in the Central Plains, a charm pavilion. I don’t know if there is any collusion between the charm pavilion and the grassland. Of course, I can’t let you go." Xiao Langzhong stroked his beard. "At the very least, I have stopped you from grasping this little injury here. You little girl’s heart is chaotic, so I can’t believe you didn’t get caught."
"Xiao Langzhong is really calculating not to be a dog head strategist. It’s a pity that you are not afraid of wronged good people by taking our husband and wife with such little evidence?" Snow Lotus still won’t give up.
"Little girl, it seems that you don’t shed a tear until you see the coffin. Well, I’ll call your heart. You said you were a couple who fled. How do you know the blue wolf family’s spike arrow? How do you know that spike arrows can’t be pulled out indiscriminately? If you know this, just ask a question. You were in the army of the Blue Wolf clan! !” Xiao Langzhong said
Snow Lotus was so frightened that she was too worried about Muqingfeng’s injury that she accidentally told the secret of spike arrow. As a result, the doctor heard that he was not a summer person. It seems that this doctor Xiao is by no means an idle person.
"And," Xiao Langzhong went on to say, "I saw your arm when you touched this little face just now. To be honest, I have never seen skin as white as yours in all my years of practicing medicine, but your face is sallow. The only explanation is that you are easy! ! It’s easier than knowing the secret of spike arrow. How dare you say you’re from summer! I’m blind when I’m old! !” Looking at Xuelian’s silence, she refused to settle down and speculated that Xiao Langzhong had to be angry.
"The two men had to! ! Xiao Langzhong played a killing heart.
"I can’t believe that just Shan Ye people have such meticulous thoughts. In this case, I won’t hide it. I’m really not a summer person. I’m a grassland daughter. I think this." Snow Lotus’s identity was revealed and she didn’t struggle.
"The old you’re welcome to tell me your eyes I’ll give you two a ball or I’ll make you wish you were dead! !”
"Xiao Langzhong I am a prairie person, but that little one is really a summer person. I just pretended to be husband and wife to avoid suspicion. I still hope Xiao Langzhong will let him go. What can I do for me? ! I am willing to change my life for my life! !” Snow Lotus doesn’t ask for anything else.
"When the old is a three-year-old child? ! ! If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill him first. Anyway, I can make you talk! !” Xiao Langzhong wants to kill Mu Qingfeng.
"Stop it! ! You can’t kill him! !” Looking at the old man picked up the knife and walked beside Muqingfeng, Xuelian was heartbroken.
"What can’t I kill the spies? !”
"Now that you know that we are at war with the summer, do you know what we didn’t hit the wings?" Snow lotus son asked
"I heard that was burned hay? Are you afraid? " Xiao Langzhong knows all about the front-line military intelligence.
"Hay is his burning! ! ! Are you going to kill the hero of Daxia? ! !” Xuelianer said
"Is he? ! !” Shaw, a face of surprise, turned to look at Snow Lotus and said, "So what are you two supposed to be dead enemies? !”
wushu /martial arts circles
Xuelianer pondered for a while and told Xiao Langzhong what Muqingfeng would appear in the grassland. It was she who concealed that she was the Golden Knife Khan. In fact, she said that she was a descendant of a prince of the Golden Wolf clan and was saved by Muqingfeng in the war.
"Little girl, even if you say it is reasonable, what evidence do you have to prove that what you say is true?" Xiao Langzhong still doesn’t believe it after listening to Xuelian’s words.
"I can’t prove that I can speak for myself, but if you are so good, you can wake Mu Qingfeng up and ask him." Snow Lotus said calmly.
"In that case, I still can’t let you go until the truth is found out. I hope you will forgive me. If the truth is the same as what you said, I’ll make amends to you then."
"Just make amends. You’d better think of some way to make him get better soon." Snow Lotus doesn’t care about her safety.
After a while, maybe it’s really Xiao Langzhong’s medical skill Gao Muqingfeng who slowly opened his eyes. He found that Saussurea was tied to a stool and motionless. "Saussurea, what’s wrong with you?" Where are we? What kind of villain tied you up? Don’t worry, I’m going to solve it for you! !”
Got a heavy slap in the head and then roared to Xiao Langzhong. "Who are you scolding, bunny?" ! I saved your life. Now I believe you two are a family. You’re young and grumpy! ! No education! "
I saw Xiao Langzhong’s sloppy and his cheap teacher almost thought that Xuelian was still tied to the stool Muqingfeng retorted, "What are you doing an old goat tying a little girl to a stool?" Is there an ulterior motive? You old man don’t respect things! "
"I haven’t told you to scold first, so tell me something about a summer man who is with a golden wolf girl! !” Xiao Langzhong hit the nail on the head
Muqingfeng was surprised to see Snow Lotus. Snow Lotus nodded gently at him. It seems that Snow Lotus said everything to the old man.