"What color, shape and pattern is the carpet?" Muming took a few steps forward and stared at the clerk.


The clerk was slightly stunned, but she also reacted immediately. She quickly went to the counter and took out her mobile phone from the inside and turned it to the photo album to find out the photos and handed them to Mu Ming. "The photos are the carpets on the second floor."
This photo was taken when she was clearing the table on the second floor. I didn’t expect it to be sent now.
Muming took it and handed it to Cheng Man. After a quick glance, Cheng Man saw that the white carved porcelain was beautiful in the right corner of the table, but the carpet on the ground was big red, which seemed to set off the white, which was particularly eye-catching.
The picture carpet is obviously different from the present one. The color of the picture is red, but now it is dark red. Although the style and shape are exactly the same, Cheng Man can see this dry Kun at a glance.
After reading the photos, Cheng Man called the bureau and sent them to the bureau, asking the bureau to send someone to the garbage dump to find something immediately.
After she hung up, Lumino’s reaction also appeared completely in front of everyone. Muming quickly arranged for the clerk to disperse the other four people, leaving only a woman who was full of resentment against Dong Ping to watch all this happen.
Gal left a shop assistant and many policemen in the shop, and the door of the antique shop has long been blocked, and several policemen have been arranged to pull out the cordon outside and keep it at the outermost periphery, even if pedestrians who want to watch the fun are blocked out.
There are a lot of people around the door of the store. When I saw four shop assistants being sent out, I immediately went to ask questions and twittering. The police officer’s mouth twitched for a long time and they knew it was not a good job!
They would rather run and charge than entangle with the general public. People are often curious animals. Now it seems that they are not fake at all. Even if they are outside, there are still some people who want to move forward when they meet the cordon.
Root doesn’t take them seriously, it’s just treating them as gas.
Several police officers tried their best to maintain order at the scene and shouted to disperse the crowd, but the effect was not great. Those citizens were like gold flashing in a shop, trying desperately to get a piece of it.
"Members of the public, the police are handling cases here, and please keep your order!" The police officer took the horn and went into the noise. It was more quiet than the crowd, and then it was whispering.
"What kind of case is this?" A citizen stared at the store as if there was a big secret inside.
"Who knows …" A citizen replied next to him, rolling his eyes and guessing, "But is this shop an antique shop? Is it an antique shop that was stolen or robbed?"
In addition, on the side, the citizens immediately threw out their opinions when they heard them talking. "I don’t think it’s like such a big battle. It can’t be a robbery and a thief. It could be a murder!"
She clapped her hands gently, and the other two immediately nodded their heads deeply when they heard her say this. "You said it well, and it really looks like you don’t know what’s going on inside. It’s nothing if we guess here."
"Hey, where did those four shop assistants go just now?" Some citizens tightened their handbags and stood on tiptoe to see further. "How can people disappear in the blink of an eye?"
People nearby laughed at him, and when he was taller, he saw where the person was "not there"
"…" The crowd is still noisy, and there is no result that it will not be scattered. When several police officers see that no one has entered strongly, they will no longer shout with loudspeakers. If no one deliberately makes trouble, let’s get together if they like. Anyway, it will not let the police lose a piece of meat.
Such a hot day can’t put out their watching heart, and their police are naturally capable.
The store is in full swing, and the luminol reaction is going on. The fluorescent color spreads from the stairs to the top of the stairs according to the trace. The light on the steps is slightly dim and the brightest is the circle of stairs.
The milli-regular shape is actually flowing out of the person. Looking at the floor with a faint fluorescent color, the clerk suddenly gasped. She could see the fluorescent color even if she didn’t see it with her own eyes.
She’s seen a lot of crime films before, and now the fluorescent color is very obvious, so she says that someone once rolled down the stairs here and shed a lot of blood!
Associated with just now the police will Dong Ping to take away the clerk heart mercilessly dozen tu a nerve-racking, also at this moment Muming mouth way "especially fish now you white I speak?
The name of the shop assistant is that she saw it from the small card on her chest.
If she speaks, that is to say, let her protect herself by proper means. Now Youyu is deeply aware of how important this is. If Dong Ping really wants to do something, even if she is holding a larger foe mentality.
In the end, it is not necessarily that she wins. There is a significant strength difference between men and women. Even if she is always on guard, it is not necessarily that Dong Ping is stupid …
It turned out that what the police officer said before meant that the fish came here with a sudden heart, but now it is a tingle.
"I am white!" Since Dong Ping dares to kill others, he must dare to kill her. Perhaps before she can break the larger foe, she has lost her breath.
While the luminol reaction faded, the police quickly marked around the reaction and took a series of photos.
"Can we go out?" At this time, a weak inquiry came from behind, only to find that two monitoring masters were carrying tools.
Their hands and faces are stained with water stains. It is obvious that they have just washed their hands and faces. No wonder no one was seen when they dispersed the clerk just now.
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
"Get out of here quickly with your things" Cheng Man waved and the two masters rushed to the door in an instant if they were granted Amnesty. There was right and wrong here, and they didn’t want to stay long and stay away before it was too late!
Will be collected at the scene card Cheng Man whistled back to the police station, and especially fish also followed the team. When the car was halfway, Gu Jingke was airy, and Chen Jun quickly stepped on the brakes and parked the car directly on the road.
Fortunately, it’s time to stop, otherwise you won’t be able to rear-end the car.
So what words-
Gu Jingke held his forehead lightly and said, "Cheng Team, haven’t you found that you still haven’t found one thing?"
Cheng Man frowned and twisted his face, trying to think about what it was, but it was still a gain. Finally, she shook her head for help and her eyes fell on Muming, who was picky.
This is what Bai Jingke said it was! Cheng Man hate straight teeth just want to pounce on Muming to eat dry wipe clean.
Two people echo each other is playing around with her Cheng Man depressed and manic!
Muming finally resisted Cheng Man’s line of sight attack. She touched her fingertips and spit out the word "weapon".
Cheng Man didn’t understand that she naturally knew that the murder weapon wasn’t found, but it certainly wasn’t in the antique shop. Otherwise, just now Chen Jun would find that Chen Jun seemed to know what Cheng Man was thinking and hurriedly said, "The antique shop didn’t find the murder weapon!"
What I found was nothing but residual broken porcelain pieces.
"Yes, Chen Jun said that he didn’t find the murder weapon. Now there is no Dong Ping. Do you know where it is?" Cheng Man was slightly distressed and scratched his short hair as if he were in a state of extreme irritability. Finally, she gritted her teeth and stared at Gu Jingke and Mu Ming.
"Don’t sell what you two know!" Finally, she retracted her chair and muttered, "It’s not a hero for two people to unite to bully me …"
Muming squinted, obviously, to hear this and looked at Cheng Man’s facial expression. She simply closed her eyes and dozed off.
And this Cheng Man was so anxious that Muming closed her eyes that she didn’t want to talk. When she saw that she couldn’t help her, she quickly changed her position and smiled at Gu Jingke. "Gu Jingke, Xiaoke Ke, you won’t make trouble again after you recruited me today!"
She gritted her teeth, tossed her hair, and winked at Muming’s face for a while. She slowly fell to Gu Jingke’s face, which was still cold. She promised not to make trouble, but she would no longer ignore Muming.
Gu Jingke raised his eyes out of the corner of his eye. Now he’s asking the truth?
Cheng Man nodded wildly and squeezed out tears from the corner of his eyes. Really, really, I want you to dare not make trouble after saying me today!
Cheng Man thought it was true, but if you bullied Muming by Gu Jingke, I would definitely hold a gun in several holes in your head and watch the bloody wet ground!
Gu Jingke rubbed his forehead as if he didn’t see the cruel light at the bottom of Cheng Man’s eyes. He strung together clues in his brain and gently opened his thin lips. "The murderer stunned the porcelain of the deceased on the second floor and mistakenly hid her panic thoughts after she died."
"After he put the deceased in a bag, his hands were vain because he didn’t exercise all the year round. When the deceased accidentally rolled from the stairs and left bursts of blood, he cleaned everything and found that the carpet on the second floor was also stained with blood."
"The carpet was thrown the next day, but the porcelain was not heard by the shop assistant named Youyu. Instead, she asked about the porcelain, which proves that the two pieces of evidence were not thrown in the same place."
Gu Jingke deliberately paused and looked at Cheng Man with some anxious eyes. "Go on, if you don’t throw it together, where will you throw it!"
"If the certificate is not thrown in the same place, it means that the two things are not thrown at the same time." His finger is regularly pointed at the window. "This means that the murder weapon was thrown away the night before, and the murderer who punched the antique porcelain will definitely not dare to throw it."
"It is obvious where the murder weapon is." The murderer was carrying the murder weapon to dispose of the body, but when he was in the car, he was afraid to stop and discard the porcelain fragments. Where the murder weapon could be thrown was obviously out of the water.
The mist filled the truth. At this time, the breeze has disappeared, and there is a key point waiting for people to see through!
"You mean …" Cheng Man was a little bit unsure.
The word "in the fish pond" immediately surprised Cheng Man, but in an instant she shouted "Stop the car! Go to the fish pond! "
Chen Jun also stepped on the emergency brake at the tip of his ear and looked at the corner. He immediately turned the steering wheel around. He looked at the scene after the car, and his scalp was slightly numb. There were more than one car.
At this time, it was crowded into a pile, and he quickly turned the steering wheel to make a detour.