He bit his teeth and said quickly, "I said what the hell is this!"


This is too slippery!
The servants snickered behind their backs and explained, "This is a temporary prop made by the master to test your balance."
"…" All some nai narrowed his eyes Gu Jingke took a few steps to hold the railing for a change, but if it weren’t for the cloth, he estimated that he would be as pitted as An Cheng.
After several people went there, they were relieved, and a servant came over and handed Gu Jingke four people with a few red dates in his hand.
"The master said that the four young masters should also peel off all these red dates, and remember not to bite them because these red dates still need to be eaten by the brides."
An Cheng gave up his mouth and asked for a small idea. They narrowed their eyes and said, "I am relatively white. Now it seems that they are inside."
"An Shaocong’s brides are inside, so you should work hard so that you can see them."
A quick knife peeled the red dates and the servants got up and smiled at everyone. "Well, we can leave the brides now."
An Cheng didn’t rush to the front because he knew it wouldn’t be so simple!
Gu Jingke glanced at him and walked in first, but then the footsteps behind him also sounded "Please close your eyes and don’t turn around."
Being blindfolded like this surprised four people. "What’s the trick?"
"Four young masters follow us, just rest assured that you won’t fall."
I seem to have reached a room, and I don’t know how long it took to push the door, which has a faint aroma.
"Please reach out and find the bride’s hand among many hands."
It didn’t take the four people five minutes to find out the person. Master Mu snorted with a black face. "You must have a plug-in, otherwise how could it be so clear!"
"Sir, don’t be angry."
Everyone walked over, and the bride hooked each other’s necks and printed red lips. The four grooms picked the blindfold and looked at the faces close at hand. They were all excited and kissed back.
Gentlemen and other parents are coughing heavily beside them. "I said that you want to be very much in love and I don’t look at the occasion. Of course, the most important thing is to see if you are enough when you look at it. Don’t get down to business quickly!"
With that, the master’s mouth was bent lightly, and the four couples all smiled. The man took the bride into his arms and sat directly downstairs. He had already prepared a good car and went straight to the wedding scene.
The gentlemen put away the video tape and wiped their tears. "The children have grown up and left us alone. It’s so emotional!"
"Dad, let’s get there, and don’t be jealous here. It’s time to relax after messing with them for so long. Let’s go together on our wedding day."
Everyone comforted for a long time. In fact, what can parents not satisfy when they see their children so happy?
Of course, it is extremely satisfying
Wedding scene
Because the four couples want to hold a wedding at the same time, all their relatives and friends are sitting together, even the venue is together. When they see the newcomers coming, they all get up and watch and can’t help but say, "They are coming soon. What a match!"
They all held their breath and looked at this scene. The corners of their mouths were all lightly hooked, and the people were quiet after the emcee spoke.
Four brides, accompanied by their fathers, walked to the front, and all the guests quietly watched this sacred scene.
"Jingke, my daughter is in your hands. If you don’t treat her well, how can I teach you a lesson?"
"Qi Shaochen … Xiaoman gave it to you. Her sex is like that. You should take good care of it in some places."
"Shen’ an, I know where your identity is, but my daughter can’t be bullied by you. Remember that we didn’t know when you were in love, but we will keep an eye on our daughter for half a generation!"
"An Cheng packed up her flowers and intestines and took care of Jingyi."
"Excuse me, Miss Mu … are the brides willing to accompany this gentleman around you, whether rich or poor?"
The four tones of "I do" sounded in the same tone, making the emcee’s face flash with smiles.
"Excuse me, Mr. Gu … are the grooms willing to accompany the lady around you, regardless of wealth or poverty, to stay together for the rest of their lives?"
"I do"
After taking the oath, the master of ceremonies said, "So now the two sides can exchange rings."
"Muming, I will definitely hold you in my life."
Gu Jingke’s affectionate appearance provoked Mu Ming to smile, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but hook "Don’t worry, I am you and you are me".
Ambiguous voice down provoked the figure over there also smiled. "Are you two talking too disgusting? I feel goose bumps all over …"
Talking is Gu Jingyi, and her mouth raises a bright smile.
Gu Jingke also took a sip at the corner of his mouth. At this moment, An Chengdao said, "If my wife wants me to stay with you, I will do my best to protect you and love your generation."
Gu Jingyi corners of the mouth smile more brilliant.
Han Meng and Cheng Man also suffered from the same confession, which made them laugh softly.
Master of ceremonies narrowed his eyes and said, "So now the groom can kiss the bride …"
Many guests also booed the four teams of newcomers, and they were not ashamed to hook each other and kiss each other hard, which was like possession!
The guests all wiped their eyes and said with a smile, "It’s great. The happiest thing in the world now is that lovers get married."
A generation is happy and safe.
In the evening, the reception was still going on. Mu Ming was already a little drunk. Gu Jingke hooked her waist and asked softly, "Do you want to rest first?"
Muming blinked, and it seemed a little unreturned.