If you listen to the name, you can’t help but smile.


Don’t ask, just look at the name and you will know that this person is a standard passer-by. Even in the game world, he should have belonged to it. If he loses a dozen, he will fall.
Louna Lanyu sneered at me. Your master never dared to cross the line when he saw me. When will it be your turn for this slave to come to me? Wei Fu shouted and killed, raising his whip and beating hard again.
Wang Gui didn’t even dare to strike back and avoid it. Even the whining was that the villain was wrong and the villain was wrong. Forgive me.
Although many people are surrounded by one person and one arm is stretched out to protect each other, no one dares to meddle in the end, even though many people are indignant. It is always the fastest and most effective for those who are good at bullying.
NaLanYu didn’t cry out, but whipped the rain and sneered at you. You also know that begging for mercy was really awesome when you tried to hit me just now.
Wang Gui’s head and hands have been beaten with blood and screams, but no one stands up.
It’s the one who just chased Nalanyu’s entourage and turned pale. Jumping around to stop you from calming down is not worth such a small popularity.
Na Lanyu sneered at Mingyan. Let me teach him a good lesson. He said that the whip had evaded Mingyan and continued to fight skillfully.
Mingyan jumped about in a hurry. You never beat anyone up on weekdays. What’s the matter today?
NaLanYu ignore is sneer at a whip a whip to continue to play nasty nameplates, cigarettes, rub your hands and stamp your feet.
If you hear it shine at the moment, you never hit anyone. Yeah, what’s going on today?
He mused and went upstairs to drink and stop.
A group of people lined up and led the way, but a cloth robe was clean and plain, but he was in his twenties, but his eyebrows were awe-inspiring and he was afraid to ignore it. Five or six people followed him, all of whom were your honour. Dressed up, it was obvious that the government had sent people.
Na Lanyu didn’t know whether she didn’t hear or listen but didn’t smell the whip in her hand, and continued to fight without even a meal.
The man’s face is angry. "Get him!"
However, most of the officials behind him are reluctant and no one dares to move.
Seeing that Nalanyu was still hitting people without mercy, the man finally rushed in front of Nalanyu angrily.
Na Lanyu saw a man suddenly take a slight one leng hand a slow whip has been this man grabbed.
The man roared in broad daylight. How dare you return the law to the king in the eyes of street murder?
Na Lanyu looked startled. He suddenly burst into laughter. Which king can manage it? I said, struggling to draw the whip.
The man was livid and had a cold drink.
His hand was so fierce that Nalanyu couldn’t sit still for a while and fell straight from the horse.
There was an exclamation around.
It’s strange that most people’s faces are not happy, but they are more stunned. You don’t believe it. Looking at that person suddenly seems to be watching the dead.
Na Lanyu jumped over after Mingyan’s face changed greatly, helped Na Lanyu up and pointed to the man to drink. Who are you to dare to pay tribute to Na Lanyu?
The man’s look did not change Zhuang Ran’s way. Zhao Song, the new magistrate of Yuling County.
NaLanYu smell speech is sneer at one, you are the holy hand-picked Yuling county magistrate, who has really jumped the dragon gate in less than three days, and you don’t ask about it. Don’t say how many people dare to talk to me like this, even a small county magistrate who is just a scholar.
Zhao Song is awe-inspiring. I’m not a celestial nobleman, but even a celestial nobleman must abide by the law in the state of Qin. Nalanyu, you committed crimes in the county street of Yuling, and I will punish you.
Na Lanyu stared at him for a long time and laughed at me for a long time. You are really good at telling jokes.
It is obvious that other onlookers around think that this is a super joke. To please the prime minister, the first minister of Gongtian, has been forced to grin. Several chiefs are afraid to laugh because they are afraid of offending the new county grandfather, but they also endure the laughter very hard.