"Hey, you are a foul!" Le Xuewei hurriedly chased her as she shouted.


Finally, of course, Han Chengyi wins Le Xuewei. After all, she is a girl. Even if she is familiar with water, how can she be Han Chengyi’s opponent who graduated from the military school?
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Two people from the pool to sit in the chair Han Chengyi handed over a can of juice "to".
Le Xuewei grabbed it and said angrily, "What will happen if you let me be a big man?" Are you very beautiful when you beat me? "
"Ha ha" Han Chengyi couldn’t help but chuckle "Xiaoxue, do you want me to let you go? I’ll give it to you if you want it. "
Le Xuewei’s face turned red again with Zheng. Why does this person come with such a shy mouth now?
She blushed so much that Han Chengyi was thirsty. She couldn’t help but raise her hand to rub her head, and this time Le Xuewei didn’t hide.
However, Le Xuewei just caught a glimpse of the irregular, slightly ferocious and winding scar on his left arm, and my heart jumped with it … When did this happen? She remembers that he doesn’t have this scar here!
"What are you looking at?" Han Chengyi puzzled and asked her. She immediately realized that it was the scar on her hand and immediately frowned and withdrew her hand.
"How?" But Le Xuewei has opened her mouth to ask.
"This!" Han Chengyi’s right hand is covered in that scar, and his eyes are staring at the swimming pool. The tone is deep and distant. "She is a bad-tempered girl. This girl is too young to raise a small white-eyed wolf. How can she be good to her?"
Before he finished, Le Xuewei rose, and his two small fists clenched on both sides of his body with dark eyes staring at him roundly.
What does he mean by this? Did he say it was her? How is that possible? When she left his arm, she didn’t have this scar to bully her with a bad memory. What a lie! Hum …
"You said little Hu!" LeXueWei obviously some excitement the feeling be nasty almost admitted his identity "when I hurt your hand …"
The words suddenly stopped here. What did she say? Le Xuewei is annoyed and hates not to bite herself to death!
Han Chengyi realized this earlier than she did, or he just deliberately exposed her. At this moment, it is even more pleasant to see Le Xuewei in a hurry.
"I said nothing! Did I say you? Hmm? Yuan, General Manager, Design, Planning and Division? "
Han Chengyi said the last few words slowly and deliberately didn’t call her Xiaoxue. Her eyes and smile were joking. Xiaoxue admitted it! You can’t resist for long.
You!’ Le Xuewei was so angry that she stamped her feet and pulled her towel, and Maori was short-tempered and she was leaving.
As a result, before she left, girls came in droves to strike up a conversation.
"Well … hello … can we sit next to you?"
Han Chengyi looked at the girls and then at the bulging face. Le Xuewei nodded "Of course, it’s my pleasure."
"Wow … he said but ah …"
"is he really the president of d s group? Reality is more handsome than photos … "
Section 134
Hearing this conversation, Le Xuewei was even angrier, and I don’t know if she was out of her mind and threw the towel at Han Chengyi. "Go slowly and proudly!"
Han Chengyi stretched out his hand and caught the towel and looked at Le Xuewei’s running back and couldn’t help laughing.
"Wow … he smiled so charming!"
"That … can I take a picture with you?" A bold girl came running with a cell phone in her hand.
Han Chengyi’s smile immediately stopped and she glanced at her eyes casually. Are girls so unrestrained now? Does he know her? What’s the photo?
Throw these three words Han Chengyi went straight ahead and walked away. The poor girl broke her heart behind her …
After coming out of the pool for breakfast, D&S executives got together to discuss going to play squash later. Le Xuewei was puzzled when she heard it. She wouldn’t!
Forget it. You can watch without lighting it.
But Han Chengyi leaned over and whispered in her ear, "No, it doesn’t matter. I’ll teach you later."
LeXueWei fierce a surprised can tilting face unaware that Han Chengyi is facing her, so two people mouth almost stick LeXueWei got a fright, hurry back, so almost fell off the chair.
"Look out!" Han Chengyi stretched out his long arm and fished people back.
Le Xuewei also scared her hands to climb on Han Chengyi’s shoulders and lips, and it was really inappropriate to watch Han Chengyi want to bite him!
When I got to the squash court, Le Xuewei was about to go out after changing clothes, but her mobile phone rang. It was Liang Siwen who smiled and pressed the answer key.
"Hey Sven"
"Where is Jingjing? Come out to play! You have been too busy to see you recently. "