After listening to Taiyi, he turned around and set up a cloud to fly to Kunlun Mountain. Soon he came to Kunlun Mountain. He had been waiting for a long time. The crane boy saw Taiyi giving a gift to Taiyi and went to Kunlun Mountain with Taiyi. Soon, the two of them came to the outside of Yuxu Palace. Taiyi entered the room and worshipped Fang Yuan. "My brother Taiyi visited the master. May the master respect the sacred shoujiang."


With a wave of his hand, Yuan said, "Don’t bother." With that, Nezha flew to Yuan in Taiyi’s arms. At this moment, there is not only Nezha in Yuan’s arms, but also a child of the same size as Nezha. How did this child come from when he saw Fang Yun?
Master Zuyuan was very proud when he looked at the two children in his arms. The qualifications of the three generations of younger brothers are really good, not bad. The second generation of younger brothers is expected to prosper! Think of this yuan to set a golden ring for each of the two children. This ring is a Chinese congenital treasure. It is a yuan to borrow Tongtian Gankunding to refine a batch of congenital treasures. Although they are congenital treasures, they can smash people and do corpse. Please read the mobile phone.
Chapter 24 The Stone Rocky Mountain in Kunlun Mountain is a coincidence to kill and rob
It is said that after Taiyi left, the two of them turned around and flew to the nearby area. If you look closely, you will find that the amount of flying is at ease in the East China Sea Golden Turtle Island.
In Kunlun Mountain, Lei Zhen and Nezha ushered in a happy life, and it was difficult for Master Zuyuan to seize them and meet them, but their progress was obvious to all. In just three years, they broke through the realm and entered the fairyland to become a fairy monk.
Yuan is not stingy in preaching that the magic weapon of Dan medicine supports the two little guys to live a more natural and unrestrained life than their masters. Although Yuan loves them but doesn’t spoil them, he will be rewarded with the reward and punished with the punishment. He will never be soft. The two little guys are properly trained in Yuan, without a trace of arrogance and arrogance, but they are also modest and polite.
Yuan sometimes regrets that "my brother has never experienced the feeling of being a disciple." Watching them grow up, Yuan also has a sense of accomplishment. Every time they make progress, Yuan cheers and every epiphany Yuan celebrates.
As time goes by, ten years have passed in an instant. In this decade, it is the Good Friday of Kunlun Mountain. The two little guys rely on the people to spoil them everywhere. The two little guys insist on making mistakes and not making small mistakes. People will not pursue them because of these small mistakes. It is time to smile.
The two little guys also have principles to do what they are interested in and what is powerful to them. Among them, Jiang Ya and Shen Gongbao Shen Gongbao suffered the most. Fortunately, because the monster beast was born to hide food, he was succeeded twice before without knowing it. With the reaction, the two little guys never succeeded again.
On the contrary, Jiang Ya is not as good as two people because of repair, and there is no Shen Gongbao who can patronize Jiang Ya by two people every time. Although he is obsessed with monasticism, he is also a worldly desires. He is also not short of mountains and has decades of age. Watching two children like it from the heart is just like grandpa watching his grandson. Jiang Ya laughs at their evil drama every time and cooks something delicious for Nezha and Lei Zhen from time to time.
For a long time, the two of them were very good friends with Jiangya. They stole the magic pills from other places and gave them to Jiangya. Every time, they gave them back to Brother Diyao in person when they were not looking. In the long run, everyone’s impression of Jiangya changed again.
When they were twelve years old, Yuan returned them to their masters. At this moment, they have reached Jin Xian. They led two little guys to say goodbye to each other in Taiyi and the cloud. Taiyi led them away from Kunlun Mountain. Taiyi directly led Lei Zhen to the Yuzhu Cave in Zhongnanshan, but Taiyi took Nezha to the hell. Because they were waiting for a long time in the hell, they were ready to see a Nezha.
A month later, Taiyi led Nezha to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma to visit Houdi, and greeted a group of colleagues along the way. Finally, Taiyi walked to the palace outside the tenth floor of hell. Taiyi and Dang had witnessed the knot in Yuan and others, and the couple felt Taiyi’s breath when they had been waiting at the palace gate for a long time.
When Taiyi walked away, she pushed Nezha to the front, saying, "Sister, this is my new brother Nezha." After that, Taiyi introduced to Nezha, "Nezha, the fairy, is your teacher, and you can call me Jenny!"
Nezha respectfully gave a ceremony after hearing this, and called "Nezha to visit Fairy Jenny" sweetly in his mouth. When he heard Nezha’s words, he was careful to hold Nezha in his arms, and Nezha’s head just arrived at the towering chest, and he couldn’t help breathing with green light, which was not heavy.
Feel the change of Taiyi. When I looked up and took a white look at Taiyi, I turned around and pulled Nezha to the hall and said, "Go! Jenny Nezha has prepared a lot of good things for you. "Taiyi saw the disappearance, and the two of them couldn’t help but go ahead with it. When they felt Taiyi’s tangled mood, their corners of the mouth tilted slightly.
In the following days, there were only two places where Nezha harmed the underworld, namely, Houdi Palace and Dang Palace, but Nezha didn’t have to go out to harm people when he got something from two people. Fortunately, the production of the mountain in the underworld was a magic weapon, and the witch family could not produce Lingbao, so it was cheaper for Nezha. Although there were only a few innate Lingbao in it, the acquired Lingbao was blinding everyone.
In hell, he led a three-year repair to break through Jin Xian and reach the peak of Taiyi Fairy. Taiyi saw that Nezha had a little self-protection and let him go home. When he left, he handed Yuan’s newly refined Lingbao to hot wheels, Nezha, where Gankun Circle and Huojian Gun were restored to the original Lingbao, and the rest were upgraded to Tianbao.
Nezha, with his eyes full of blindness and shame, flew out of the hell to Chentang for many years without seeing his mother, Nezha, flying home, but because his magic is Taiyi Fairy Force, he has been on his way for half a year and is coming soon.
This day, I flew over Skull Mountain, and suddenly a big drink resounded through Skull Mountain. Inexperienced Nezha was stopped by a jump and shouted, "Who is playing tricks? You don’t know what scares me. Tell you, I deal with ghosts more every day!"
Skeleton Mountain is the last mountain outside Chentang. Let’s talk about this skeleton mountain. In the white bone cave, there is an intercepting younger brother, Shijie Shijinai, who went to Jinbiao Island to hear that a monk in the wilderness had been granted Tongtian Road and met with a lot of people, so that Tongtian could accept those who performed well as his younger brothers.
Coincidentally, Shijie was accepted by the sky as a younger brother. This Shijie is a congenital stone in the bone cave of Skeleton Mountain, which gives birth to spiritual wisdom. She came back to the Golden Turtle Island to get a clear fairy decision. She came back to practice the immortal method and refined a demon spirit, which was nourished by the clear fairy spirit. Two stones gave birth to spiritual wisdom.
My heart rejoices. Stone Rocks touch two stubborn stones into white bones. My younger brother, Stone Rocks, has reached Taiyi Jin Xian at the moment, but it can be released in the early days, but it is a gift from heaven to the day after tomorrow. Baoyun Guangpa is practicing Stone Rocks in the cave, and suddenly he feels the smell of a monk in Taiyi in the distance.
Observing its breath should be to explain jade Qing’s fairy tale. A strange rocky mountain flicker came to Skeleton Mountain to wait for the man’s arrival. A figure appeared in the distance. hot wheels stepped on the rocky mountain and drank heavily. I was very satisfied when I saw that the man was scared by her. I was about to say something about the scene, but I saw that the man’s hands rested on her hips and said, "Who is playing tricks? You don’t know how to scare my grandfather. Tell your grandfather that I deal with ghosts more every day!"
Being robbed by Nezha, Baishiji is also a little angry at Nezha. "Your aunt is calling you."
Nezha was attracted by Shijie dialect. When he saw a fairy in a dark robe not far away, his mind was a little strange. Suddenly, he flashed through the master’s common sense and bowed down and said, "Fairy is polite. I don’t know if the fairy leader wants to see me!"
Nezha, who looked at Rocky Rocky with courtesy, also dissipated some indignities to Nezha’s way, "Little Taoist, you learn from me! What is it called! "
After listening to Nezha, I said, "My name is Nezha, the third division of Chentang Excavate, and I was the grandmaster of Yuanxu Palace in Kunlun Mountain, and the real person of Taiyi and the immortal are my grandmaster and mistress." After that, Nezha’s head was stuck up and he looked like a cow.
After listening to it, I silently thought, "This Nezha is still my nephew, but this nephew of mine is too fate. How long will it take to reach Taiyi, and I haven’t played for a long time?" I thought of this rocky road, "Nezha has been paying attention to this skull mountain."
Nezha couldn’t help but wonder, "I don’t know if there are requirements."
Shijie didn’t even think about it. "Just sit with me and win or lose."
After listening to this, Nezha was also quite convinced to drink a "I agree".
With that, he waved his hand and offered him an extremely well-equipped side, and looked straight at his eyes. This nephew’s treatment is unusual. I don’t think he’s a master, Taiyi, and he didn’t have this treatment. When Shijie was still thinking about it, Nezha gave a gift to Shijie. "Xianwu is not at all."
After that, I waved my hand and hit the Gankun Circle at Shijie Shijie. I waved my hand and sent a sword to hit the Gankun Circle. This sword is refined by Shijie itself and has the level of the acquired magic weapon. Although Shijie’s mana is stronger than Nezha’s, the level difference is too much. After resisting the Gankun Circle, the sword will break into two pieces and the glittering light will disappear. The sword will return to color.
When Shijie saw her baby in the first round, her heart was destroyed. But before she recovered, Nezha’s gold bricks and fire-pointed guns came here, and her heart was shocked. Shijie quickly offered Baoyun Guangpa to input the body mana to resist Nezha’s force, but the magic weapon defect was not mana. If Shijie was a monk Luo, maybe she still had a chance, but now she was completely defeated.
She distressed Baoyun Guangpa and quickly shouted, "Nezha, please give up." It’s a pity that Nezha took back the magic weapon and saw Nezha’s silk expression. Shijie’s heart was cold. In fact, this is a fight for life and death. Although there are many magic weapons in Nezha, it is surely Nezha but Shijie will also be seriously injured because of lack of experience.
Shijie lovingly picked up the sword and kept sucking air at the corner of his mouth. Nezha was embarrassed to see Shijie take out a Lingbao sword from his collection and hand it to Shijie. "Fairy, this sword is a gift for you." Shijie took one look at the sword and grabbed it. "You are small and have a conscience." Say that finish and put the sword into the magic weapon.
After listening to Nezha’s saying, "Little Jenny should be my senior sister, and you should call me uncle", Nezha respectfully gave a ceremony, "Brother Nezha visited uncle" and received a ceremony. Shijie was quite popular in his heart, "Little uncle is short of some jewelry now"
Nezha is rather dreary exercise, handing three pieces of Lingbao jewelry the day after tomorrow to Shijie for a ceremony, saying, "Uncle Shi, I haven’t seen my parents for fifteen years, and my brother left first." Shijie, who is enjoying the jewelry, doesn’t care, "Well, you go home." Shijie ran away in a flash after a voice fell.
Where did Shijie run? Only then did it react and murmured, "You ran into it quickly and made you bleed a little." Then she turned and flew to Bones Cave. Soon she set up a cloud with two children and flew to Golden Turtle Island. This suspected war was a coincidence that Shijie passed the robbery. Shijie was happy to take the children to Golden Turtle Island to take refuge and no longer cause and effect. Please read the mobile phone to be continued.
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Chapter 25 Nezha’s Home in Yashan
Farewell to Shijie, Nezha kept flying away. A previous fight made him very challenged by Shijie. In fact, he still valued it, but before he could contribute, his name uncle gave up. Let the original big trick Nezha not regret the end. He didn’t feel that Shijie was very sensitive to his malicious reincarnation and breath.
Stonehenge robbed him, and he also threw out the few Lingbao-level jewelry in the collection. Seeing Stonehenge’s shining eyes, Nezha couldn’t help but think of his own heart in Kunlun Mountain and hell. Nezha had to retreat before he was robbed.
Flying all the way, flying over Skeleton Mountain and coming to Chentang Nezha suddenly appeared, which attracted the attention of Chentang citizens. The citizens looked at the clouds and came. Nezha couldn’t help showing respect, but he didn’t kneel down to meet Chentang as he did elsewhere. Because of Excavate, everyone was so curious about the mystery of immortals, but he was very awed.
When Nezha came to Excavate, he also felt that Excavate’s qualification was medium, and he was a teacher in the West Kunlun Due. He also had a professor. Well, he also practiced for many years, which was just like reaching the middle of the fairy. When Nezha appeared, he also felt that he didn’t know that he had a faint familiarity with Godsworn in heaven.
Come out of the room, jump into the sky and come to Nezha and bow down. "I don’t know Fang Daoyou’s coming to Chentang. I’m Li Jing, the company commander of Chentang."
Flying over Chentang, Nezha watched with emotion every place where he was born, and he didn’t care about the eyes of the citizens of Fangcheng, because he had seen too much along the way. At this time, he saw a figure flying out of the city, and he saw at a glance that people were coming to repair the fairy in the middle period.
Can feel the person light familiar feeling heart is not a thrill, he knew that this man was his father Chen Tang company commanders Li Jingfei skyline excavate also watched Nezha saw Nezha at first sight, his heart couldn’t help but praise "beautiful features like white jade, a red armor and those Lingbao foil is really a real boy".
At this time, he found that the young man’s forehead was quite different from his wife Yin’s. Although it was strange in his heart, he didn’t think about it carefully. He looked up at Nezha after seeing Nezha, but Nezha’s words shocked Excavate and then surprised him.
"Child Nezha visits father’s adult" and Nezha kneels down and worships.
Listen to Nezha said excavate completely stupid his own child was born with Taiyi reality for fifteen years, but he suddenly appeared in front of him today. If he didn’t feel the breath and the reality were real, he felt that this was just to coax him.
Leng stupidly, Excavate hurried forward to help Nezha say "My son’s gift" and looked at Nezha’s face with satisfaction. "Ha ha ha" Ha ha ha a smile. Excavate took Nezha and walked to his home in the city. At home, Yin went out of the hospital after Excavate flew, watching and seeing the fairy prostrate herself to her husband, laughing and waiting for them to come back.
As the distance approaches, Yin has a little unknown intimacy with the teenager beside Li Jing. When you see the teenager’s face clearly, Yin’s natural motherhood made him white at the first time. This teenager just left her for fifteen years, and Saner was happy. She couldn’t help but shed tears and covered her mouth, watching Nezha flying towards her.
Accompanying Excavate to go home, Nezha saw at a glance that the woman in the hospital was constantly making him white. This is his mother’s tears. Nezha’s eyes were also red. Excavate gave a flicker and came to the hospital to kneel on the ground and choked, "Unfilial Nezha visited his mother’s adult."
Seeing Nezha Yin kneeling in front of her, she couldn’t help crying for fifteen years with Nezha in her arms. Now she is crying for thousands of miles. The mother’s worry is that she has just been born for fifteen years, and her grievances are vented with tears at this moment.
Excavate at the moment also came to the side of two people watching mother crying, two people are man of iron Excavate eyes are also itchy white at the moment when it is time for his wife to vent, he didn’t bother to turn around and ordered to people, "You go to prepare the materials, madam, and you must cook in person for a while." After listening to this, people turned around and prepared for Excavate.
Commanded the perfect man to see that the mother and son were in a stable mood before Li Jingyan patted Yanshi’s way, "We should be happy to bring our children into the house when the wife comes back." At this moment, Yanshi was in a stable mood and quickly wiped her tears when she heard Li Jingyan and smiled and held Nezha’s way, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s go and cook for you. "
Say that finish took Nezha’s hand and walked to the room, but in these few steps, Yin didn’t put a tight grip on it. Seeing Yin move, Li Jingxiao shook his head and walked behind to the inside.
Picture flow Sitting in the lobby, Yin’s pulling Nezha constantly asked about the fifteen years of dribs and drabs enjoying maternal love, and Nezha was never too tired to sit in his hand and answer his mother’s questions. Sitting there, Li Jingze was constantly squirming, which seemed quite unbearable, but it was not easy for him to have a wife and son.
Finally excavate finally unbearable to YanShi way "madam, don’t you want to give your son a good meal? You see, it’s noon now. "Li Jingyan will be caught in a chat. Yanshi woke up and looked up at the sun outside." Ah, "said a pair of Nezha," You wait for a mother to cook for you. "
Say that finish turned and walked away to see Yin from excavate finally relieved and looked at Nezha smiling and asked, "Nezha told his father that you can fix it now."
After listening to this, Nezha told Excavate about his practice in Kunlun Mountain. When he heard that Nezha had already had Taiyi Fairy Xiu, he laughed. "Not the kui is my Excavate." After that, he couldn’t help laughing.
Later, the father and the son talked a little, and Nezha also learned that their two brothers were taken in by Uncle Manjusri and Uncle Pu Xian, and they couldn’t help but feel happy. Where are they enjoying rare family ties at home, far away in Kunlun Mountain? At this moment, there is also a historical event that affects the next few decades.
At the entrance of the main hall of the Jade Palace in Kunlun Mountain, all the younger brothers in the mountain gathered together. Two road flyovers were the most conspicuous. One was white-haired and ruddy, and the other was sitting on the high platform. Yuan Tianzun looked at the younger brothers and said, "Jiang Shangke is here."