Shennong frowned and said, "White elephant, what are you going to do?" The White Elephant Magic Disk sat down and was full of black gas. He said, "Thank you for your enlightenment this time, Shennong Emperor. Otherwise, I will stubbornly create more wrongs. Now I am willing to return the kindness of heaven and earth with this body." The White Elephant Magic said that the whole person has turned into a piece of earth and his White Elephant Tower has also merged into this world.


The white elephant magic slowly appears vitality in the heaven and earth, and some plants grow up. It’s a pity that this land is congenitally deficient, but it can’t afford too much damage when people can live in the future. However, this land is simply a treasure for the wilderness.
Shennong sighed and shook his head and looked at the tunnel "White Elephant, you are suffering again"
Suddenly, a black gas rushed to the earth, and the black gas merged into the earth for a moment, and then rushed out of the earth and went to Shennong to see that the black gas was confused and chased by the black gas, and that there was a black gas rolling endlessly in the black gas. In the black gas, Shennong saw that the list was greatly surprised. It turned out that there were fiends on the magic list, eleven magic soldiers and three thousand six magic men, and the list was also named. However, in the magic list, Shennong saw that eleven fiends were all full, and all these fiends were quasi-holy.
Shennong is thinking about another monk’s death in the world, and this black cloud absorbs the negative aura brought by the monk’s death. Others’ negative emotions will turn black gas into black gas and be absorbed by this black cloud. In people, there are several people, so many people, and this black cloud will continue to grow. There are so many magic gases to seal the magic list. If it will not grow, the black gas around this magic list will continue to absorb these black gases and condense them into a fiend. In this way, to put it bluntly, it is to let the monk kill and die, and the demand for sealing the magic list will be accelerated.
When Shennong returned to the foreign heart, he couldn’t put the magic list down. Now, when the magic list is sealed, people will die. I don’t know how many times, but the three realms will be scattered and repaired. But where can the remaining people find it? If the friar is dead and clean, then is it a mortal Shennong who thinks more and more wrong and rushes to the cave of fire and cloud in two worlds?
Xuanyuan, in front of the Palace in Huoyun Cave, saw Shennong saying, "Your brother didn’t come to Huoyun Cave in the middle of nowhere because he wanted to sit down and meditate?"
Shennong said, "nowadays, the imperial brother’s demon-sealing disaster is constantly changing, and most of the monks who took refuge in the flood are robbed. Brother Yan won’t know why the demon-sealing came here until he saw the demon-sealing list 33 days ago."
Xuanyuan said, "Is there a cause and effect for me to wait for san huang in this world?"
Shennong told Xuanyuan about the magic list, and they hurriedly entered the palace to see Fuxi, who said something about the magic list. Fuxi thought for a moment, "It’s a pity that heaven has changed greatly now, otherwise I can see the cat’s nest. If heaven is reorganized now, all variables are possible, and I don’t know that the three-person world will lead to other variables. It’s a pity that the gourd teacher is missing, otherwise there will be a teacher who will surely know a thing or two."
Shennong said, "The teacher has disappeared since he was arrogant. Now what should we do?"
Fuxi said, "I’m waiting for san huang to take care of this matter and everything. Let’s look at God’s will."
Shennong urgent way "brother, you this is reconciliation? That terran is our people. If we suffer a big robbery, we will have the heart to face it. "
Xuanyuan said, "Brother, the magic list still needs 3,600 magic weapons. If the monks are not enough, if we can complete the magic robbery, our people will surely be robbed."
Fuxi said, "The two royal brothers were not in a hurry. When the ancestors preached in the flood, the magical powers of the Great University went to listen to the sermon. There were 3,000 people in the ancestral road, and there were 7 lich robberies, but hundreds of 3,000 magical powers were left behind. There should be 2,000 people."
Shennong said, "Is it possible that those great magical powers in Honghuang today are hiding in all parts of the Three Realms and want them to come out and be robbed?"
Xuanyuan said, "I’m afraid that these great magical people will have to measure and rob them."
Fuxi said, "Even if you escape from chaos, you can escape from what we need to watch."
Shennong wanted to think, but he also sat down and watched the catastrophe change slowly. san huang sat quietly in the palace to watch the NPC change, but he was also forced to resist. Now someone has to go to the robbery, but the reorganization of heaven forced san huang not to step into the world of mortals casually.
Beiju Luzhou is now as stable as ever. Since I came here as a demon queen, no monks dare to come to Beiju Luzhou, and everyone in the underworld has never set foot in Beiju Luzhou. Now Beiju Luzhou can be said to be a monster holy land. Unfortunately, it is not a good place to be filled with miasma.
Sitting in front of the main hall in the Luzhou Demon Palace in Beiju, what is the treasure tripod being refined? The sun is really burning. What is in that tripod is a good thing for many years. Buddhist relics and magic weapons of the Three Realms are all refining materials. Things have long been thought about.
Suddenly, pointing to the dry tripod, the tripod cover immediately released a golden light and opened its mouth to spit out a bead. This bead is a dragon ball that has been cultivated hard for many years. The ancient dragon dragon dragon also belongs to the dragon class, and every dragon person will have a dragon ball that has been cultivated hard for many years when he grows up. The dragon ball has long grown to a treasure level, because he does not understand the ancient dragon cultivation method to refine his dragon ball into a treasure first, but the dragon ball is also a treasure later.
The dragon ball flew directly into the dry Kun Ding, and hurriedly threw a brick into it to refine it together. As time went on, the flame of the dry Kun Ding became stronger and stronger, and the changes in the Ding became stronger and stronger. Hurriedly, the hand print kept hitting the dry Kun Ding, and a series of handprints hit the whole dry Kun Ding as if it were going to explode.
Wait until the handprint hits the whole dry Kunding, and immediately be quiet to wipe off the sweat on your forehead. Put your hand on the dry Kunding, and the dry Kunding will fly immediately. Watch the dry Kunding roll in the middle, and suddenly there will be a little throbbing eyebrows in your heart. Quickly control the dry Kunding. It seems that the dry Kunding is no longer a baby, and the root is out of his control. So frightened, I quickly rushed to punch the dry Kunding, and the dry Kunding was punched, and the cover immediately hit a golden bead and flew out.
Chapter 23 Crazy all crazy
I was delighted to see that the bead opened its mouth and sucked at it. This bead was swallowed immediately. It was the dry Kun Ding that no longer stayed in the sky and disappeared. Some people looked at it and flew away. The dry Kun Ding sighed, "No, I still can’t stay. Now I have a treasure."
Let’s sit down and run Xuangong Refining Dragon Ball slowly. Although this dragon ball is my own, after all, I have to refine it again to make it smooth after walking through the dry Kun Ding.
The dry tripod went into the sky and didn’t want to see a sword suddenly fall in the sky, but seeing that the sword looks like Shu HarmonyOS’s sword is somewhat similar. This is the heavenly sword. On that day, when the sword came out, the body was clear and bright, and the golden light of merit was distributed on the body. When the heavenly sword came out, people shook one after another. Which one didn’t want to appear in Tianbao first? Who dared to come out at random to compete for this treasure?
After the appearance of the heavenly sword, all saints dare not go out casually. Now heaven has changed greatly, who will drive it out, and now it is still in the process of sealing the magic and reorganizing heaven. All saints can hide in the heavens and dare not come, and they will not take it casually. Now, Tianbao, who knows if it is heaven to complete the catastrophe, if he goes out, it is impossible to say that the saints will fall.
Tai Qingtian opened his eyes and looked at the sword that day, then closed his eyes. Regardless of this matter, Xuandu said, "Teacher, didn’t you come here to complete the killing?"
Old road, "you need to mind your own business. Just sit still."
Xuan Du is also white. This heavenly sword has brought great disaster, which is not small. Naturally, he dare not rob the treasure again, and the rest of the saints in the heavens are also regardless of this matter. Whoever dares to make the first move is afraid that the disaster will continue to kill and injure people.
It’s a strange thing that the heavenly sword turns around in the sky and people compete for it. In the past, it was bound to lead to competition, but now the heavenly sword is actually competing for the change of the next day and reappearing a HarmonyOS purple gas falling from the sky.
This is a good thing. No one robbed Tianbao first. Now, let’s have another HarmonyOS purple gas component. Is it enough? The saints have looked at the HarmonyOS purple gas with their eyes open, and now they are tempted. Now they have gone to the chaos and don’t know where to go. There is another saint who doesn’t know if he is still in the world. Naturally, he dare not grab this HarmonyOS purple gas. Even if he grabs it, who dares to become a saint?
The heavenly sword appeared, and the saints didn’t move, and no one robbed it, but there was another HarmonyOS purple gas. Everyone knows that these two things were sent by heaven to complete the magic disaster. Since these things are all made by heaven, who dares to come and rob them? Everyone is waiting to see that the last two things will be like after all, a HarmonyOS purple gas has caused enough disasters.
Zhongtian, Dizang and Xu Xian, three people in the imperial city, looked at the two treasures of heaven and were so moved that they all wanted to get them, but who dared? Heaven said, "Do you think these two things are my chances in the underworld?"
Xu Xian said coldly, "Now heaven has changed a lot. Now there are two treasures born in this world, HarmonyOS Ziqi. So simply don’t forget that there are still many places on the magic list."
Ksitigarbha nodded and said, "All saints are ants if they dare to compete for saints."
Heaven "is precisely because saints are ants that we have to compete for it, otherwise we will miss the opportunity and wait for it."
Xu Xian said, "Sealing the magic list can keep everyone in my underworld immortal, but is there any hope for saints?"
It’s hard to say whether heaven and earth are silent to seal the magic list. After all, the saint’s ability is really terrible. With a wave of his hand, the saint can destroy the heaven and destroy the earth to deal with a worm root. It is impossible to save all the people even if the magic list is powerful.
Just when people are worried, the previous heavenly sword is not urgent. After all, Tianbao’s ability to be a saint can only be fully exerted. The heart is very white. Even after the emergence of this heavenly sword, it is just a target in the future. However, after the emergence of HarmonyOS Purple Gas, everything has changed to a holy position and Tianbao’s jealousy is even more out of control.
Staring at the two things in the sky, I muttered, "What is the world like a holy treasure?" It’s no wonder that it’s a delusion to want to find one thing at a time, but now both things have appeared in the sky, and no one has touched them for a long time. Can this not make you feel moved? And he just lost the dry Kun Ding, and now these two things have to appear.
A Changhong in Beiju Luzhou flew out and went straight to the two treasures of that day. The Changhong instantly came to the front of the heavenly sword and waved to seize the heavenly sword and HarmonyOS purple gas, and then went to Changhong.
All the viewers were shocked. It was so sudden and unbelievable that everyone couldn’t believe that they dared to shoot and took both things. Everyone felt more regretful than that they missed two treasures just now, Tianbao and HarmonyOS Ziqi, which were divided into making saints’ things and trying to compete again after they missed them.
Excited with heavenly sword wait for a while tunnel "that is to say, no one in the treasure to saint? What the fuck is this world? So this is the universe. Haha, "Say, laugh at the sky. It’s no wonder that he said who won’t come crazily after he got these two treasures easily. He is also ready to make a big fight. The saint stretched out his hand and got two things he dreamed of, which almost made him collapse.
Absorbing HarmonyOS purple gas into the body instantly feels that it has taken hundreds of millions of years to open your eyes. wait for a while said, "This is the holy place? HarmonyOS purple gas? So easy to refine? Am I crazy or is the world crazy? Isn’t this fucking kidding me? "
Mumbling for a moment, suddenly I was pleasantly surprised. "I can’t believe that being old means that the protagonist haha has the same life as Xiaoqiang. Even the holy position is old and tailor-made. How can you live up to heaven and earth haha?"
Jumping around in the demon palace like crazy, talking to himself constantly, because this HarmonyOS purple gas refining is too simple and easy, which can make him believe that all this is true.
Crazy moments later, in the hands of the sacrifice, the heavenly sword has just been sacrificed and refined, and it froze for an instant. He sacrificed and refined successfully to Tianbao first, which made me feel speechless. And at this moment, he saw Shu Tianyi, and everything was seen by him for an instant like one hundred million years.
Touching his face, "true his mama is not dreaming? All this is true? I wasn’t introduced into the dreamland, was I? " I really feel crazy. If I’m not crazy, then the world will be crazy. HarmonyOS’s purple gas instantaneous refining can barely say the past, but the heavenly sword, Tianbao first, and the saint have to do his best to finish refining things. He himself is so instantaneous refining and clearly sees the scene of Wang Shu’s celestial body falling.
Silly giggle, "It’s always true that the protagonist is always the protagonist. This is not a fucking dream."