"I know-!" Tianyuan primly said, "I’ve thought about these problems. Don’t worry, I know what to do."


Speaking of which, Tianyuan bowed his head to Wang Xinyu and said, "Xinyu, we are not ordinary people. I believe this will be seen by you … Now I will take you away. Will you? I’ll explain to you about our things. "
"I … Italy!" Wang Xinyu, Yu Long and Tang Xiangxiang are Wang Defeng’s gang. They are worried to death. Now the misunderstanding has been lifted. They are a group with Tianyuan. Before thinking of them, Wang Xinyu suddenly asked carefully, "Are you immortals?"
"I’ll explain to you later. Will you tell me if you want to come with me?" Tianyuan inquiry
Wang Xinyu once again seriously replied, "I am willing to go with you. I love you and like you. No matter where you go or who you are, I am willing to go with you."
"Very good-!" Tang Xiangxiang smiled and said, "Tianyuan, take her away. I will be responsible for clearing the memory of Wang Defeng … and I will punish him."
Said the Tang Xiangxiang toward de-feng wang walked past.
Wang Defeng struggled to sit up and grinned and shouted, "What are you going to do? Who are you? Don’t come here. You want money, I’ll give it to you, but don’t hurt me. Please …
Tang Xiangxiang smiled and said, "Your money is everything. Your money can settle everything … There is a big mistake in Germany, but it won’t kill you. I don’t want to kill you. I’ll leave you with an open hand, but it’s a death sentence … I want you to live this life-!"
Wang defeng heard what he had realized, and quickly got up and ran. He tried his best to hit the door himself, but the door was still.
Until the head is broken, the door is still deadlocked
"No-!" Tang Xiangxiang approached Wang Defeng with a smile and a whisking, and made a white Wuli instantaneous drilling into Wang Defeng’s body.
Then Wang Defeng howled in pain, and the whole person collapsed to the ground.
"Now it’s time to erase your memory-!" Tang Xiangxiang once again waved a Wuli directly into Wang Defeng’s forehead.
De-feng wang intuitive brain pain, the whole people lost consciousness immediately fainted.
Wang Xinyu secretly surprised and thought that he really met a fairy, otherwise how could the woman move Wang Defeng easily and become miserable and half-dead?
At this time, Tang Xiangxiang came over to Tianyuan and said, "I have blocked him from several places by witchcraft. Since then, he has been physically disabled. Don’t say that he wants to leave future generations or want to harm women. Are you satisfied with this?"
"Life is worse than death-!" Tianyuan laughed. "Very well … if you can’t be human, I think that Wang Defeng is more painful alive than dead. I am very satisfied with this, and he should get what he deserves." Tianyuan muttered to himself that a woman is cruel and this way of life is worse than death. He hasn’t figured it out yet.
"Now that everything is settled, let’s go back-!" Yu Long said.
"hmm!" Tianyuan immediately agreed.
In order to save time, Yu Long directly teleported back to Xuanmen with a group of four people. In Yu Long, he suggested that Tianyuan hand over Wang Xinyu to Yukime to take care of it. Yukime was responsible for explaining Tianyuan’s identity to Wang Xinyu, and now Yu Sanjie is facing disasters.
At the same time, Tianyuan has made a plan. He intends to make Wang Xinyu become a master of Jiuding in ten years. At the very least, she can strive for a life of about one thousand years. Tianyuan will benefit at that time, so that Wang Xinyu will be strong and stay with her for life.
Of course, this plan must be completed before Yu Long can solve the space crisis.
If Long Yufa solves the space crisis, it’s a plan, both of them.
Every minute of the eye is very important. Apart from Yu Long’s own efforts, these insiders almost pinned all their hopes on Rowling.
No one can guarantee that Rowling will solve the problem.
The general situation is very bad.
To be honest, things have come to this point, and Yu has hardly moved. The shoulder is too big and it is so urgent at the time.
The only thing he can do now is to pray to fate and at the same time improve himself as much as possible.
Another day has passed, and one step forward from the disaster day.
At the same time, it is a step forward from Rowling’s sunrise.
Late in Yu Long, I found Tang Xiangxiang’s daughters alone. She has the most extensive knowledge and practice, and she can handle things from the overall situation.
He hopes to discuss with Tang Xiangxiang again and let them evacuate first after a day or three. The first thing that comes to mind when he meets something is to get Tang Xiangxiang’s support and understanding.
The two men talked about the details in the room. According to Yu Long, he had already built something similar to Noah’s Ark in a secret place. His relatives and friends followed him.
Being together can avoid this disaster. Of course, it does not mean staying in Yu.
At that time, Rowling will drive the ark to jump and take them away from Yu to create a new world in the outer space.
Of course, it does not rule out that there is a new life outside the space.