"I’m afraid I’m going to die here today." Lejin has given up hope of breaking through.


"hey! Dare to fight with me for 300 rounds! "
Wei Yanhu roared out from the crowd, but he didn’t dare to leave Bian Shi for fear that some brain-dead people would still yell at Bian Shi in the crowd.
"Hum, I have long said that the real generals are not prepared to accept the baptism of war by personal force, but by arranging troops."
See that Wen Pin is still a little worried about Wei Yan, so he found a reason to retreat. Do you know that his opponent is either stupid or stupid? Obviously, Wen Pin is not in these categories. "Leave two ladies and other departments to slay" with a wave of his arm.
Leaving two ladies is Liu Biao’s intention. Liu Biao has long been ready to return all the family members involved in Li to Li She, including Li She’s sworn brother Li Zhuang Coke Jin and others. Liu Biao has no intention of leaving Le Jin and others to Li She.
The foot soldiers shouted fiercely, but they walked slowly. They raised their iron shields and slowly pushed them into the field. The soldiers were not chaotic at all.
"I’ll fight our way out to protect Mrs. Wei Yan!"
Without weapons, they can snatch the battle array from the enemy, but without horses, it is impossible to succeed, just as Wei Yan was trapped by the leader of Wen Pin some time ago, but Wei Yan finally succeeded in breaking through. The horses are absolutely indispensable, and others are doomed to be trapped in this torrent of steel.
In the office of the duke, Liu Biao is enjoying the art girl dancing leisurely and sipping tea and laughing. "I heard that there are many beautiful women in Tianmen City, and I am really worthy of my name. The old guy who is about to die is stirring."
"Master" Cai Mao stepped in and worshipped with fuels.
Liu Biao, an artist who waved away, said, "Did the fish get into the net?"
"Master, almost all the remnants have appeared, and Tianmen City should be calm after this incident."
"It’s not my sjms, but it’s different work." Liu Biao laughed.
Kuai Yue, who was sitting in the side seat, got up hastily. "My Lord is flattering me."
This two people were about to be polite when there was a sudden panic outside "no … no! Master is not good! "
Liu Biao’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and his mood is not good. Looking out of the door, he found that Pianjiang Chen Shengzheng panicked and entered "General Chen, if you don’t give a reason, you can’t escape today."
Chen Sheng kowtowed several times in a row, saying, "Master … Master is by no means a military emergency!"
Cai Mao suddenly laughed. "General Chen broke a hole in this armor left and dropped a piece of cloth right."? Bitten by a dog. "
"Dog? It’s a wolf! There are exhausted wolves in the city, and the enemy has already killed the city! " Chen shengda is in a hurry
As soon as the voice fell, there was a short silence, and everyone didn’t react from the news. The enemy came in?
Liu Biao’s first reaction is that it is absolutely impossible to Tianmen City. Although the city is low and difficult to defend, Liu Biao sent an army to wait for you. Even if Li Biao called with an army, he wouldn’t believe it. He immediately felt that Chen Sheng was lying and nu way "General Chen! Do you know the joke in the army that you lied about the military situation? "
"It’s true! Countless wolves are killed, and the soldiers can’t stop it! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Dashan is in the way
"Then why don’t you send troops to suppress it?" Liu Biao was in a hurry. "Where is the nearest majesty to the majesty barracks here? Let Wang Wei go and bring troops to reinforce! "
Majesty sent hundreds of chosen men to the west in that direction to prevent Huang Zhong from reinforcing Tianmen City. I didn’t know that Huang Zhong was in the west. A force called a sword club was in a stalemate. Huang Zhong was too busy to lead troops, so the majesty didn’t stay there for a long time. After setting up a camp, he left his foot soldiers and brought his relatives to Tianmen City.
How could Wang Wei not show up when Tianmen City broke Liu Biao? Maybe Liu Biao was overjoyed and gave himself something casually.
"General Wang was drunk yesterday and was afraid that he was not awake at this time." Fang Liyou immediately made Liu Biao blue.
When Kuai Yue saw something was wrong, he hurriedly said, "General Wang was so happy that he drank more wine. It doesn’t matter to the war. It’s enough to send someone to wake him up. After all, the hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers in the city can really solve the problem. The military camp of General Wang in the city is still on hold."
Several wealthy gentry in Jingzhou have been fighting among them, and the most fierce one is definitely Cai Jiakuai’s family, both of which are the largest gentry in Jingzhou, so there is definitely no shortage of gunpowder.
Cai’s family is in charge of the army and Kuai’s family is in charge of politics, but there are differences between them. For example, in military and political aspects, Wang Wei is the only person in Kuai’s family who can speak in military and political aspects. Kuai Yue certainly wants to keep Wang Wei.
In fact, recently, Kuai Yue has gradually felt that Cai’s family is getting bigger and bigger, and Kuai’s family is almost overwhelmed. Kuai Yue is sure that Cai’s family will be overwhelmed by Kuai’s family and become the overlord of Jingxiang. This is what Kuai Yue doesn’t want to see, especially when Cai Mao actually wants to marry his sister to Liu Biao some time ago, which makes Kuai Yue feel more stressed. Fortunately, the bride was robbed by an unknown little girl on the way, which made Kuai Yue breathe a sigh of relief.
After Kuai Yue said Liu Biao, he realized that he was too flustered and resumed his demeanor. "General Cai still doesn’t go to recruit soldiers in the city to suppress the enemy."
"Yes!" Cai Mao walked away.
Bodies piled up in pieces, limbs stained with blood, and Wei Yan closely guarded Bian Shi and two women behind them. There were more than a dozen people left in front of them, surrounded by them, and they were still the piles of armor and iron shields with the breath of life.
Fortunately for blackheads, one of them was alive. First, the blackheads were bloodied all over, and one arm was cut off shoulder-to-shoulder. The weak body needed the help of peers to barely stabilize.
It’s not much better for others. One person was stabbed in the abdomen and hung dirty outside, but he still didn’t want to die by his own strong will.
"Surrender! If you want to surrender, I will plead with General Cai to spare your life, and then serve the big fellow together." Wen Pin, a soldier in the middle group, respected the flesh-and-blood Han at this time.
"The big fellow? Are you sure you are loyal to the big fellow? Besides, I have to serve the big man again? What did the big fellow give me besides letting me go home when I was a child? " Wei Yankou was very angry.
At this time, the name is also the big fellow court. Even if the Eastern Han Dynasty court has existed in name only, how dare you tell Wei Yan that there is absolutely no "it really is a rogue thief, otherwise how can you say such rebellious words?"
"My master often tells me not to aim at reviving the Han Dynasty, but to focus on the people’s health. If one day I have to meet the big man in the imperial court, the weapon feels that we can’t be soft, because we are the general trend and we are orthodox!"
"Nonsense! If you blurt out such a demon, even if the king is old, it won’t save you! "
Maybe what Wei Yan said is very reasonable, but for Wen Pin, it’s just casting pearls before swine. In the hearts of Wen Pin soldiers, an idea has been instilled, that is, loyalty from orders to big men!
Of course, more loyalty is to our own company, and then loyalty is to the big fellow. Wei Yan’s words sound like a myth to Wen Pin.
"The two generals don’t care about us, break out by yourselves. Li Lang needs you for growth." In the crisis, Bian Shi still thought about Li She, and Li She was so happy.
"Wei Yan is doomed to die, so it is better to die here, which may alleviate some sins." Wei Yan refers to the fact that the city gate was broken because of his recklessness, which has always been a knot in Wei Yan’s heart, and I regret it every time I think about it.
In awe-inspiring words, "The music commander is a celestial knight riding in Jingxiang, and he is simply the king on horseback. But Wei Yan will never enter the music commander and take his wife away. I am willing to do my best to lead the two ladies to open a bloody road!"