It’s hard to find a lover, but it’s full of twists and turns. Now the road ahead is still so bumpy.


Thinking about tenderness and forbearance, the only boy in the family always feels a little guilty.
"After your brother-in-law told me, I left everything to you to take care of, and you agreed."
"I am your closest brother and I think I have the ability to be your strong backing."
If this is the case, it will add warmth to the tender heart
The world may give us a lot of good and bad.
But it can’t match the serious reply from the family’s favorite person.
Wenyi and warmth always have the feeling of staying out when listening to others’ brothers and sisters talking.
"Why don’t you leave it to you when the second sister encounters legal matters?"
"Unless you divorce your second brother-in-law, I can’t think of anything you need my help with."
Wen Yi …
"Ha ha ha!" Warm ha ha laugh Tan Wen picked his eyebrows because of her smile, but he was afraid to laugh.
"Hello warmth whether you are my sister? You’re glad to hear our barrister say that, aren’t you? Do you have anything you need our barrister to do? "
Wen Yi immediately asked without anger.
"I …"
"Maybe soon," Tan Wen said, looking at the warmth.
Warmth also looked up at him
Gentle looking at warmth and looking at Tan Wen affectionately is not very heart.
"Ah, it won’t be a good thing? Does Tan Shaoshao want to make a prenuptial agreement with our little sister? "
"Yes!" Tan Wen said
Gentleness is also Zheng, and all four brothers and sisters looked at him strangely.
"If we get married, we will make a prenuptial agreement. If we get divorced, I intend to ask Wen Liang to make an agreement for us. I will never want to divorce Wen Qing in my life. If I am possessed by ghosts one day, I am willing to give all my property to Wen Qing." Tan Wen said seriously.
When the room is quiet, everyone has their own thoughts.
Gentleness is nai hesitated a.
"If not sure will delay my sister for so many years? A few years later, no matter how much money you give her, she will already be a divorced woman. Do you think it is great for you to do so? "
The gentle voice is not high, but saying such words makes people feel unable to reflect.
Wen Liang always feels that this tenderness is a little harsh on Tan Wen, and of course what she said is also reasonable.
Tan Wen’s eyes are also full of confusion when he looks at tenderness. He knows what tenderness is thinking, and he is also white and gentle, but he really knows whether they are still so loyal to this relationship after N years.
However, gentleness is the person who is loyal to the emotional loyalty for a lifetime.
Once you love someone, it’s a lifetime.
In gentle view, that’s the most common thing.
But in the eyes of most people, especially now, the pace of life is so fast that divorce is already a very important thing.
The room fell into … Silence.
☆, 147 Pet Wife Road
Divorce and breakup words are easier to say at a certain age, or everyone treats feelings in different ways.
But in tenderness and Teng Yun’s heart, some people actually meet that person who wants to live for that person all their lives.
Even if you torture each other, you have to torture a generation together. People think that divorce is a big deal.
But …
"But elder sister with vines always not also uncertain time? Didn’t you just remarry a few days ago? "
"If warmth is with you, I have to go through what I went through with Teng Yun. I would rather my sister didn’t marry you." Gentle and cold way.
The situation is getting more and more serious. If you don’t interrupt, it seems that you will fight. Tan Wen is young and youthful. Looking at gentle eyes, he is already impatient. Nai is trying to let himself not just turn away.
But gentleness has long been practiced, and the calm heart will not make big waves easily.