"Mr. Chairman … what I want to say is that we can actually consider selling mendieta."


This time it was Oti’s turn to feel surprised.
On the one hand, his statement in the media is naturally due to their enmity between Valencia and Real Madrid, and he will not easily sell mendieta to Real Madrid. On the other hand, he also believes that he will stay in mendieta for the winning season, so mendieta should be very important for the winning season. He said this because he respects the winning season or wants to express his respect for the winning season.
Who thought that Changsheng had offered to sell mendieta?
What’s going on here?
"I can’t make it clear, Mr. Chairman. I think we can talk face to face."
"All right, come to my office after the afternoon training."
After hanging up, Oti is still at a loss. Why should he take the initiative to make a phone call to let him sell mendieta?
Mendieta has done very well this season, and he should not be sold …
Do they have any contradictions?
Tordera proudly talked about Real Madrid’s offer when he was having dinner with the mendieta family.
"I got the latest news and it’s absolutely reliable. Real Madrid’s offer this time is 30 million euros! This price can definitely reflect the sincerity of Real Madrid, but at the same time it is not so high that Valencia will not hesitate to sell you. Then you will wait and see the good show, Gezka. "
Tordera clap breast confident.
But mendieta himself always felt that something was wrong.
"Is it really okay to do this?" He couldn’t help asking
Tordera swallowed a piece of ham and wiped his mouth with a knife and fork. He said to mendieta, "Of course, your position in the team is obvious to all of you. Obviously, you are an important part of China’s tactics! Valencia will definitely not let you go. I want you to know this, no matter how noisy you are! "
"But Reyes …"
"Hey, what threat can a child pose to you? Is there any doubt about who to choose in front of Reyes and you? "
Mendieta thought it over carefully, which seems to be the case.
So he was finally relieved.
After the training the next day, Changsheng went to see the club president Oti.
"Why give up mendieta?" Odimen saw the mountain and asked
"If the price of Real Madrid is right, it’s not that mendieta can’t sell the key, it’s that the players want to go," said Chang Sheng.
"Do you want to go?" Oti was surprised.
Changsheng nodded. "Well, I had a year with him. Didn’t he want to go to Lazio about a year ago? The result was stopped by me. On the one hand, I didn’t think Lazio could give us too much money. On the other hand, my team needed him. At that time, I told him that if he was still willing to leave after one year, I wouldn’t stop him. Some time ago, I asked him if he was willing to stay, but he didn’t give me a definite answer. I thought he was leaving … "
If mendieta can hear Chang Sheng’s words, he will vomit blood for three liters …
This is all a misunderstanding!
When Oti heard that the player wanted to leave, there was nothing he could do.
It doesn’t matter if the players want to leave the club and force them to stay. Everyone knows that.
It was only after mendieta insisted on going to Valencia that he considered selling him to Lazio.
Mendieta would have been Lazio by this time if Changsheng hadn’t insisted on blocking the transfer deal.
I didn’t expect mendieta to insist on leaving a year later, and Oti frowned.
It’s really hard to stop players from going their own way.
But if you have to sell mendieta, you don’t have to sell it to Real Madrid, do you?
"But we can’t sell it to Real Madrid. mendieta can go to other teams and just can’t sell it to Real Madrid."
Chang Sheng asked, "Is it because of Madrid and Valencia?"
Oti nodded. "Well, Valencia never sells players to Real Madrid easily, especially now that we are not on good terms with Real Madrid. Besides, I think you should know what Real Madrid will ask us to buy mendieta."
"Of course, it has strengthened their own strength and weakened ours," Chang Sheng shrugged. "But the problem is that I don’t think it can strengthen Real Madrid and weaken us at the same time."
"What do you mean?" Otie raised his eyebrows when he heard this, because winning words is unheard of.
Can’t a player like mendieta go to Real Madrid to strengthen its strength? Isn’t it our loss that he left?
Changsheng coughed to help Otikop tactical body to help a player.
Finally, he said, "… in general, mendieta is a physical player. He can give full play to his ability in my tactical system, but the tactical system of Real Madrid is not suitable for him. If he goes to Real Madrid, it will not help Real Madrid. Don’t say that Bosque will arrange other games when the time comes. For example, mendieta plays the right avant-garde here, but the right avant-garde in Real Madrid is Figo. How can this be solved? At that time, the contradiction in the dressing room will definitely affect the performance of Real Madrid. "
It is clear that figo has a high position in real Madrid, and even when Beckham comes to real Madrid in the future, he can play on the right side of the back without his position.
Can mendieta compete with Real Madrid?
Don’t even think about it!
"For us … I don’t have any player in Valencia who is indispensable, even if he is the captain of the team." Chang Sheng said that the situation of his team is much simpler, but it is full of confidence.
Oti listened carefully to Chang Sheng’s explanation and finally understood.
"So mendieta can not only strengthen the strength of Real Madrid, but also affect its performance?"
Changsheng nodded. "That’s it, mendieta. In fact, he should know very well that going to Real Madrid will not have a good result, but Real Madrid is so famous that few players can refuse their temptation. If he must go, all we have to consider is to earn as much as possible from him, whether it is money … or players."
Changsheng finally said
After talking to mendieta, he has already considered plucking hair from Real Madrid.
Strengthen yourself against Valencia? It is not certain who the enhancement is!
Oti was obviously said by Changsheng. At this time, Changsheng’s hope reached its peak. What he said sounded reasonable to Oti.
Compared with mendieta, Otti is definitely inclined to bring himself a league champion and a King’s Cup champion, instead of going to mendieta with all his heart …
"Well, the transfer is your responsibility, so I won’t interfere with you. I believe you won’t let me down, right?"
Changsheng grinned. "Of course!"
"Oh, one more question. If mendieta is leaving, who are you going to replace him?" Oti was going to wave away Changsheng when another question suddenly rang out.
"You can choose a lot of Reyes and angulo. If you don’t feel at ease, just go to the transfer market and look for it. You can rest assured, Mr. President."
However, I chose a lot of winners. When I think of it, I played for Valencia. Rufete could not help but buy this guy.
Rufete is low-key but diligent. Although his talent is not as good as Reyes, mendieta and others, he is still the most indispensable person in Betnice’s Valencia. He must have his own merits.
Seeing how confident Chang Sheng is, Oti won’t ask much.
It means I know you are busy, so you can go.
Mendieta must not know that when his agent patted his chest and assured him that everything was under control, his fate was actually decided.
After all, he can’t escape, just leave Valencia and sink into fate, whether or not the winning streak appears.
When Chang Sheng came, he could change the fate of mendieta and let him stay in Valencia to achieve his career. He refused Lazio’s price even if he offended mendieta.
But in the end, mendieta could not escape from this road. Without Lazio, there would be a Real Madrid …
This may also be part of the historical inertia?