Seeing this scene, the new people gasped before seeing the city and seeing everything outside. Compared with the Super Power Department, the roots are not at the same level.


The farther inside, the taller the mountain peak is, the bigger and more shocking the small peak is.
After flying for half an hour to lead the way to the Mahayana, my younger brother pointed to the seven peaks in front and said, "This is the strongest seven true brothers in charge of the Beidou Seven Peaks. That’s where the sect, elders and guardians live. My younger brother is not allowed to enter Taixuanfeng."
The shape of the seven peaks of Beidou is different, but the same is that the amazing height is over 70 thousand meters, and the small suspended peak has a Fiona Fang ten-mile section
But these are far from Tai Xuanfeng.
The base is more than a thousand miles in diameter, and the Tai Xuan Peak rises nearly 150,000 meters high. There are nine small peaks hanging upside down in the Nine Palace. Every small peak section is in the hundred. Clouds and clouds rise, and huge buildings are flickering in the clouds, and cranes, pale red birds and colorful birds are flying back and forth like a fairyland.
Knock …
Just as 500 people landed in Taixuanfeng with the famous Mahayana master, there was a deep bell when the huge jade table in Fiona Fang was built by King Kong Xuanyu.
Then the real brother took charge of hundreds of peaks, each with a sword of light soaring into the sky, and suddenly he came to King Kong Xuanyu Taiwan.
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
Hundreds of swords fell from the sky one after another, and a hundred more men and women appeared in front of everyone.
The Mahayana disciple took three steps back and respectfully handed over and said, "My disciple Si Moling came to you for the selection of his younger brother."
A man in a white gown with a knife-shaped eyebrow looks about twenty-seven. The young man can’t help but frown and drink coldly, "Are you stupid to be a seat, Smee?" Where are the 500 people here? There are 499 people. Maybe there are not even 500 people who meet the requirements this year? "
With two talents, the master in the late Mahayana period is the best among his younger brothers. Simo immediately turned white and hurriedly said, "I told Chengtian that nearly 200,000 people participated in the selection this year, and more than 40,000 people met the requirements, but one of them was taken to Taixuanfeng."
"Tai Xuanfeng?"
The young man known as Chengtian locked his knife-shaped eyebrows and sneered, "Newcomers can only get promoted after a hundred years of entry. The younger brother is too mysterious and expensive to enter even if he is not called. Who dares to violate the rules? Is that doll waiting for a wizard again? "
Smear didn’t dare to look at Chengtian and carefully told the story.
The sword light that contains the Qi Qiang’s war gas bursts out and almost splits the virtual capital into pieces. Cheng Tianli drinks a way: "It’s very good to cut off Lingfeng’s feather rain … very good! In order to please Zhang Jiao, he ignored the rules and increased his second-class talent. This damn sycophant seat must make him pay the price. It’s just a matter of four robberies, scattered immortals and a bloody battle list, and it’s just killing him! "
At this moment, Chen Han feels that his heart is tightening in front of him. He has long known a horrible person from the wind.
First place in the bloody battle list of the 100 true brothers in Taiyi Xianmen!
Have a Geng Jin body to upgrade the dazzling golden fairy body!
Just broke through to the realm of six robberies and scattered immortals a hundred years ago!
The only real brother who owns the fairy flying sword!
This is a guy who is extremely overbearing and unreasonable. He is possessed of three characteristics, namely, practicing madman, genius monster and killing machine. The danger is many times higher than that of arrogant and indifferent ice pupil. It is true that he often kills people without asking why. No wonder Smee looks like a ghost when he sees him.
It is said that he is the only true brother in this group who dares to kill his fellow brothers and has already killed two true brothers.
Killing your true brother is a sect taboo. If you don’t care about his surprise, you will be absolutely gorgeous. Even if his grandfather is a Taiyi Xianmen, he will be directly executed as an example.
The first time I killed my true brother, I held him prisoner by public opinion, and let him stay in the forbidden area for a hundred years, and he was punished by thunder and fire for a hundred years. However, after a hundred years of imprisonment, this guy actually broke through from four robberies to five robberies, and just came out for decades, he clashed with his classmates and killed a true brother.
This time, I stayed in the forbidden area for 300 years, and the pain of thunder and fire burned me not only didn’t make him break down, but also made another breakthrough and advanced to six robberies and scattered immortals.
He is the abnormal master of Taiyi Fairy Gate, and he rose from four robberies to six robberies, which was second to none in the whole sect in a total of 400 years.
At the same time, he is also a malefic of Taiyi Xianmen, let alone a younger brother and a younger brother. Even if he is a real brother, few dare to provoke him.
"Feather Lin Yi, the waste seat, will naturally ask him not to wave the seat when he is practicing. Call the immortal body and the strange doll of the Yuan God to come over and go back to the seclusion."
Chengtian is incredibly powerful, and the spirit swept through the crowd, and his eyes fell on Chen Han and Kouxun.
According to the rules of Taiyi Xianmen School, unless the loss of disciples is too serious in a special period, 500 brothers are selected every year. After all, the resources of sects are limited, and too many disciples will lead to the dispersion of resources. Only by selecting the best talents can we cultivate the strongest masters.
These 500 new beginners are so talented that they can be foreign brothers in the previous 100 years.
They will be admitted by hundreds of true brothers respectively, and the skill of Taiyi Xianmen will always belong to the leadership of true brothers until they are eligible to participate in the selection of their brothers after a hundred years.
If you fail to advance, you will still belong to your true brother. Once you become a younger brother, you will be directly under the jurisdiction of the palm Sect and the elders.
500 new people correspond to 100 real brothers, and each real brother can be divided into five people. It seems that two people are really giving in. However, pigs all know how big his appetite is. Both of them are wizards beyond special physique, and the value of one person is incredible. He actually wants to swallow it.
Dozens of other people were furious, and one of the young men sneered in the previous step, "Big Brother has a big appetite and isn’t going to leave us other disciples a mouthful of soup?"
"Xuanlong, do you want to argue with me?"
"Others are afraid of the big brother, but I Xuanlong is not among them!"
"So … do you want to fight me?"
Cheng Tian looked at Xuanlong coldly, and shouted, "Your fighting power is half a point worse than mine. It’s really not easy to beat you, but don’t forget that you are not a fairy without a big brother!"
Be good!
Chen’s cold heart secretly marveled at the fact that Xuanlong was a cruel man and ranked second in the bloody battle list. Without the help of external forces, it was almost impossible to win the game without a few days and nights of hard work.