But Lazio didn’t make the same preparations. After all, this is the same city derby.


Just because Lazio will lose to Chievo in the main production doesn’t mean they will lose to Rome away from home.
After this game, the initiative soon fell to Lazio.
Roma fans can laugh at Changsheng and Lazio’s future in the stands, but now they still belong to Lazio.
In the 21st minute, veteran cavani, who had been criticized before the game, made a beautiful diving header in the middle of the game and headed Falaoni’s goal directly into Rome!
"Edinson Cavani?-!"
In the narrator’s shout, cavani got up from the ground and ran to the corner flag area, but he was pulled to the ground by Gezer just halfway, and then more people poured in to hold him down!
"The veteran who replaced the injured icardi finally scored! I never stopped questioning him before, but now I can finally pause! The opponent is not a pawn, a cat and a dog, but a sworn enemy in the same city! It is of great significance to score goals in such a game. It is fully said that cavani is really in good shape! "
"It’s amazing that these old guys came out to defend the team’s dignity and glory when Lazio was attacked by injuries one after another! These veterans are considered to stay in Lazio for a long time, but as a result, they radiate more dazzling light! In the past, Messi assisted the team to win Juventus, and now it is cavani’s outstanding performance. Lazio’s first record in the same city derby! "
"cavani goal! Lazio 1 leads Rome! Like the former Rome derby, Lazio always has the advantage! Leading is the best way to fight back against those Roman fans in the stands! "
Roma fans may say that they are worried about the future of Lazio, but at least Lazio is better than Rome now. I think there is no suspense in this game, and Rome will suffer another defeat.
As the commentator said, there is not much suspense in this game.
Lazio is now much stronger than Rome, and this is the boss’s last season in Lazio. He has never lost to Rome since he came to Lazio. Naturally, Lazio players will not let the boss leave any regrets in his last season in Lazio.
So Rome is dead before the game …
After Lazio scored, the Roman fans in the stands were a little quiet, but soon they were noisy again.
They continued to laugh at Lazio’s breakup with Changsheng in the stands.
It wasn’t long before Lazio scored again.
In the 33rd minute, Leo started the game. He shot an arrow in the back outside the penalty area. A low-pitched football fell in front of the Roman goalkeeper and bounced back. A Roman goalkeeper saved it. The football went past him!
"Wu! Leo! China scored! Lazio leads Rome by two goals! "
The goal of Rome was right in front of the south stand of the Rome Olympic Stadium, so after the goal, Leo jumped over the billboard behind the goal and rushed to the south stand. The die-hard Roman fans made a "shut up" gesture!
The boss is from China, and it is natural for him to set up for his compatriots.
He wants to let the fans who humiliated the boss know that they have the wrong person!
The live broadcast after Leo scored was very interesting and gave the South Stand a close-up. The most striking close-up was a slogan that read "China people get out!"
This shot is meaningful.
Roman fans humiliated China, so this goal happened to be scored by China …
Seeing Leo score and challenging them, Roman fans are going crazy.
They told China people to get out of here, naturally, not against Leo, but against winning.
Who knows that it happened that Leo made everyone angry with Leo for this goal …
Well, even if we are guilty, they have offended everyone in China. So what? !
After the game is resumed, it will be deafening to ask Lazio players to control the ball at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.
This is the counterattack of Roman fans.
But this move is nothing for Lazio.
Lazio scored another goal before half-time.
This goal is their full-back Faraoni.
Faraoni received an assist from cavani in the penalty area and slammed the goalkeeper’s football into Rome unceremoniously.
“3! Lazio are three goals ahead! This game has completely lost its suspense! " The commentator said
Next to him, he explained that the guest corrected, "No, actually, there was no suspense in this game from the beginning. Although the regular team even dared to lose at home, it didn’t mean that Rome had an opportunity to stay in Lazio for one day, so there was no suspense in Rome’s derby. Didn’t you see that gambling companies didn’t bet on Lazio and Rome?"
The commentator laughed when he heard this.
"That’s right, that’s right. Gambling companies know that there is no gambling in this game. Lazio will definitely win!"
This made the Roman fans in front of the TV afraid of vomiting blood.