Seeing that she was leaving, Sun Wu quickly said, "Hey, you still have one question to answer me?"


"What’s my name?"
Sun Wuwen said with a hard head, "Zi Xia, you still have one question that you haven’t answered me?"
"once, I’ll tell you once we meet!" Say that finish a purple Zi Xia drifted away.
Sun Wu whispered in his original mouth, "Zi Xia, Zi Xia, what do you have with me?"
Suddenly a plump hand patted Sun Wu on the shoulder and said, "Monkey, you’re finished. I saw how you made out with that lotus just now. I’m going to tell master hahaha!"
When Sun Wu heard this, he looked back and saw that Pig Ring was staring at himself with a mean smile. "What do you see here?" Said also raised his fist and made a threat.
In fact, pig quit just saw the last scene of his remarks to Sun Wu. Now he is making up his mind. Seeing Sun Wu, he knows that if he talks in Hu, the monkey will definitely not give himself a good result. He quickly laughed. "Nothing, I didn’t see anything."
Sun Wu patted Pig Jie with a smile when he saw that he was so smart. "Jie, what are you doing out with Master when you are not in the house?"
"After seeing you for a long time, Master won’t say that he was afraid of scaring the family with anger, so he asked me to come out and have a look." Pig ring replied.
Sun Wu smiled and laughed. "Master is really merciful. People have forced him to do this. He is still thinking about his safety. Well, I think I’d better go home. He’s worried about stopping you from owing the dragon horse back and tying it up."
With that, Sun Wu ignored the pig ring and went straight to Tang Sanzang’s place. When the pig ring saw that Sun Wu was so good, he sighed that his life was bad and he took the dragon horse back to the stable.
Chapter 32 Five Villages’ View and Plan
Sun Wu returned to the house with an inexplicable heart. Seeing that Tang Sanzang and Sha Wujing were still meditating on the Sutra, he said to Tang Sanzang, "Master, should we continue on our way?" Then he said to Sha Wujing, "Lao Sha, go and pack a bag."
Tang Sanzang hesitated when he heard this. "Do you realize that the patroness is no longer asking us to adopt by adoption?"
Sun Wu shook his head first, and then said, "Master, don’t worry about this. I think they can’t help us if we insist."
Tang Sanzang thought for a moment, "Don’t hurt them when you realize that they are ordinary people!"
"As long as you treat them as ordinary people, I guess I’m no match except that Zi Xia." Sun Wu thought, but he still nodded. "Master, don’t worry, this old man is measured."
While talking, Pig Ring came back. As soon as he saw this battle, he knew that he would continue to set out. He said, "What’s the matter, Master? We have to leave. You have found a way!"
Tang Sanzang shook his head and said, "I can’t get there. People won’t agree."
"Stay if you don’t want to go," Sun Wu scolded.
"This is not necessary. Hehe, I am afraid that some people will be reluctant!" Pig quit at Sun Wu winking and said
"Are you looking for a fight?" Sun Wu nu way
See Sun Wufa angry pig quit deflated nutcracker way "a joke don’t worry don’t worry"
After several people packed their bags, Tang Sanzang asked several disciples to go with him to say goodbye to the woman yesterday and then start again. It’s not too late to walk to the front yard and ask the handmaids to call a lady, saying that the monk from the Tang Dynasty in the East is about to say goodbye to her.
Before the master and apprentice went to the front yard, some handmaids stopped them and asked them to go to the front hall to have a chat. Madam has something to say to them.
Sun Wu knew that Guanyin Bodhisattva would not stop there and smiled in his heart. He wanted to see what these Bodhisattvas were going to do, so he went to the front hall with Tang Sanzang.
"Four elders from the Tang Dynasty in the East, but you discussed it carefully last night. Which one is to match my little daughters?"
Mrs. Najia sat in the center of the front hall against the wall, with a mature charm, and she looked more elegant and luxurious in her dress.
"The benefactor and the poor monk’s disciples didn’t want to stay, so they asked the bodhisattva to let the four of us go west." Tang Sanzang replied.
"I said a few elders, how can you think so?" It’s better to stay in my humble abode, enjoy endless splendor, sink fish and fall geese, and be surrounded by beautiful women who are ashamed of flowers and flowers. Isn’t that enough to make you tempted? "
Tang Sanzang put his hands together and said, "patroness, it’s good for you to enjoy the splendor at home to reach out for food and reunite with your children, but patrons don’t know that we are monks and have many benefits."
"What’s so good about being a monk, being clean, enjoying wealth, wearing silks and satins, eating delicacies?"
"We can’t enjoy being a monk with six clean roots, but such a stinky skin is not as good as turning to the dust and returning to the earth. It is better to convert to my Buddha with one heart and one mind. If I am sincere, I will be able to transcend reincarnation and not enter the six paths. From then on, the secular world of mortals will be isolated and repaired."
Lady Jia smiled a few times after hearing this, and suddenly asked, "Do you think I’m human, Sanzang?"
When Tang Sanzang heard this, he looked again and saw that Lady Jia had disappeared, but Tang Sanzang, the Guanyin Bodhisattva, stood in the same place. He soon understood what all this was about and immediately visited the shrine and said, "I have seen the Bodhisattva!" Aside, Sun Wu and others also saluted, "I have seen a bodhisattva!"