There are not many road cars, but they are not quiet.


Two people chatted while recalling the past until he said, are you satisfied with his other places?
"If he is not allowed to xiang elder brother if he is not a gangster he is very good, isn’t it? Like that big handsome boy … "
Gentle said suddenly turned to look at her husband’s face is black.
"If I had had more strings in my head, I could have thought that it was possible for me and my boss, then he could be cannon fodder no matter how beautiful he was," she said, and quickly put her arms around him and leaned against his shoulder
"This is not bad!" Tengyun cold hum a but not angry.
"How dare I think? I am high in the cold, and the president will actually become my husband one day. You must know that women worship you so much and look up at you. When I first met you, I felt unrealistic. I was so low and you were so tall! "
Gentle said with one hand on the roof strokes finally Teng Yun was not angry at all, but she was also happy.
It seems that some unpleasantness passed so easily tonight when they got home, and Liu Yang was already waiting for them at the door.
"You two left earlier than me and came back later than me. You didn’t go somewhere to secretly meet again, did you?" Liu Yang said that the good-looking fingers are still crawling and crawling in the middle, which is very cute
Tenderness and Teng Yun were surprised to see her, but then Teng Yun smiled faintly. I didn’t say that you had so many people around your sister-in-law tonight. Why didn’t you know to help your sister-in-law block one?
"That’s because they are all holding a sister-in-law field. My sister-in-law was a secret before. It’s hard for Mrs. Teng to get such an opportunity. What if I bother her?"
"Liu Yang mouth remember leave Germany" TengYun cold voice to see her eyes are cold.
Liu Yang vomitted to stick out tongue do koo-shaped TengYun hug tenderness!
The couple went ahead, and Liu Yang mumbled at the back.
☆, 1 show love in front of my cousin
In the evening, Professor Yuan cooked the soup for her gently, and didn’t finish it. She just didn’t eat anything tonight. Thank your parents.
Professor Teng turned over a page of newspaper, held his head high and sat in the big sofa with Professor Yuan as a guest.
"We are willing to do anything now in your stomach, but the nutrition of three big babies must be with you now. Your father and I will continue to study and give you more supplements."
"Actually, I don’t make up for it. I think I’ve gained a lot of weight recently." Gentle said, unable to help myself stand up.
I’m really afraid that my small loin will be found.
Especially if Teng Yun sees her waist with meat, will she feel sick and want to vomit?
But actually TengYun sat beside her and looked at her blushing face, but it was quite enjoyable.
Liu Yang sat there drinking soup, but to be honest, sister-in-law you really need to eat. Isn’t there a lot of women who have changed their bodies after giving birth?
Liu Yang looked at her gentle figure as she spoke, and then she lamented that one of them was out of shape. You gave birth to three … tut tut tut …
"This ….." Gentleness is embarrassing. Yes, she gave birth to three children. Will she become fat after giving birth?
"What to say? Do you think your sister-in-law has put on weight? She has a little meat in her belly now. That’s not meat. It’s our Teng family’s flesh and blood. "Professor Yuan immediately spoke for her daughter-in-law.
But tenderness is ashamed and in distress situation.
"Rourou, don’t listen to your cousin. Besides, think about your mother’s figure. She gave birth to your four brothers and sisters. She is still in good shape and she is not old."
That’s true
However, her mother’s good figure is actually due to poor health. To say that she is not old …
Anyone can say comforting words, but gentle suddenly wanted to turn to look at Teng Yun.
Dark eagle eyes are also looking at her, staring at her like obsidian eyes.
Gentle mind swings, but smiles and asks softly, will you dislike it?
"You can’t abandon your wife’s adult." He casually raised his hand and grabbed her hand next to him. It seemed like a casual sentence, but it made the gentle heart warm.
I wish he didn’t abandon it.
Besides, she must work hard to lose weight, and she must not make herself fat.
"If you dare to abandon me and your father, you will not be recognized as a heartless son," Professor Yuan said immediately.
"Oh, your son can abandon your daughter-in-law? Didn’t you see how good the young couple are flirting? " Professor Teng put out the newspaper and took off his glasses, and suddenly this sentence came.
Gentle face brush red a large but suddenly remind of allow xiang talk to chenchen.
Even Professor Teng and Professor Yuan feel that they love each other tenderly and can’t help being in a trance-she’s really moved-
She didn’t look at him again, but Teng Yun’s eagle eyes have been staring at her.
There are five people sitting on the sofa. Oh, no-one
Although each has his own thoughts, it is also lively. Later, Liu Yang went to bed and didn’t let Tengyun accompany her to play chess.