There are always wins and signings in the goalkeeper position.


Peruzzi should be the main goalkeeper, but winning always has a plan.
If Peruzzi fails, he has to be supported himself.
For a good goalkeeper, winning is very important. Valencia has two excellent goalkeepers, canizares and palop, so that he doesn’t worry about the goalkeeper’s position at all
There is an old goalkeeper Peruzzi in Lazio at present.
Changsheng plans to introduce a younger goalkeeper to Peruzzi as his successor with an eye to the future.
He thinks it was later that the main goalkeeper of Slovenian national team also became the main goalkeeper of Inter Milan samir handanovic.
Handanovic currently plays for Houdusse.
Bought by Houdusse from Domzale last season, he made four appearances in Houdusse.
It is difficult for Houdusse to sell Handanovic.
Changsheng intends to bring in Handanovic on loan and then buy out.
Rent it for a season first, and then add a buyout clause to the contract. Lazio can buy Handanovic out by bidding 4 million euros.
Houdusse bought Handanovic for less than 1 million euros.
It is also a good deal for Houdusse to sell 4 million euros now, but Houdusse is not willing to let Handanovic go so easily.
They bargained for Lazio to bid 6 million euros.
Changsheng misses Handanovic, but he also thinks that 6 million euros is too expensive.
After bargaining, the two sides finally reached an agreement at the price of 5 million euros.
Houdusse didn’t expect that Handanovich would be able to make so much money for them after a year, so he readily agreed.
At this time, Houdusse certainly didn’t expect that their main goalkeeper De Santis would leave the team, and they needed Handanovic to top it.
At this time, they think that having De Santis Handanovic is a substitute.
Now they can pay back the money. There has never been anything to sell in Houdusse’s business strategy. They have scoured excellent and talented players from all over the world with the ultimate goal of selling them at a good price.
Although Handanovic has talent, Houdusse doesn’t know how much Handanovic can really sell.
Of course, they don’t know that they can sell Handanovic’s 11 million euros to Inter Milan in 212 …
After selling all the players, all the players needed for winning are in place.
David silva, Pa Wen, Sese Passareira, Stendardo, cribari, Capaniro, borriello, marchisio, pasquale, Melo, Borriello, Zema, Handanovic … These transfer players were finally finalized.
And they all came to the club on June 30th.
This is really a spectacular scene.
Sanlorenzo Hospital, which is responsible for the physical examination of Lazio players, was crowded with players. Some reporters expressed their feelings, "I don’t think there are as many journalists as there are players …"
Due to too many people, the physical examination of the players lasted from 9: 30 pm to 4: 00 pm.
Doctors also feel that it is the first time to experience such a new player’s physical examination.
Changsheng and Lotito seem to have a great sense of accomplishment.
When the players have physical examinations one by one, they always say to Lotito, "These are the cornerstones of Lazio’s future rejuvenation, Mr. President."
Lotito nodded "I know I know" with a satisfied smile on his face.
These players are still unknown, but Lotito believes in winning the game.
Winning in Valencia has proved that he has a good eye for people, and there is no one who has failed to buy.
Solotto firmly believes that these famous pawns will become excellent stars in the future.
Whether you stay with the team or sell it to make money, you won’t lose money.
This is the important reason why he values winning constantly.
Because he found that when Changsheng was in Valencia, it didn’t cost much to transfer every year, but he made a lot of money for the club by selling players.
This excellent ability to make money is what Lotito values most and what Lazio club needs most at present.
After the physical examination, the players came out one by one and won, so they shook hands with them at the door to congratulate them on joining Lazio.
Sai Passareira finally met his boss, and he can finally fight side by side with him.
Although he was excited, Sai Passareira didn’t show that he had a bear hug with his boss. He always won by knowing that his mind was also trying to pat him on the back.
He doesn’t want the players to find out that they are different when they first join the team. Someone is close to them and they are with themselves for the first time, which is not conducive to team unity and integration.
Therefore, even if everyone knows that Sai Passareira is almost equal to winning a family and winning himself, he can’t be too affectionate.
Plug Passareira also white this truth, he is just a hug.
Later, when Pa Wen saw Changsheng, his expression was complicated.
In Pa Wen’s view, winning is a demon with a long horn and a tail and a trident.
He often appears in his nightmares.
If it weren’t for him, he would never be like this in Real Madrid now, and he might become the main central defender of Real Madrid and enjoy everyone’s cheers at the Bernabeu Stadium.
He will be selected for the Spanish national team and become a Spanish international.
All my dreams of playing football will come true.
Instead of leaving Real Madrid in the Bernabeu as it is now.
He fled sadly and his future should be bright again.
But I didn’t think I had just left the den and entered the den again.
Although he left Real Madrid sadly,
But he bumped into the devil’s palm!
When Lazio came to see him, if he knew that the Lazio coach was always winning, he would never agree to come to Lazio!
So he was shocked when he heard that the Lazio coach was a constant winner.
He doesn’t know why his luck is so unlucky …
He didn’t want to buy him from Real Madrid if Changsheng was his demon. When Lazio made a decision, Changsheng was not the Lazio coach who signed with Lazio after he came.
He really has the urge to break the contract …
But he finally came to Lazio and looked sad.
Of all the players who have joined Lazio, I’m afraid there is no hope that he feels his future is gloomy.
Even if I saw Chang Sheng’s face, I still had this expression.
Changsheng wants to laugh when he sees Pa Wen.
So he laughed even more.
"Do you regret moving to Lazio now?" Ever-victorious saw Pa Wen and asked.