"You don’t know anything about what qualifications outsiders have to take care of our affairs."


Without moving, he flashed his rusty sword in his hand. Although the old man in black didn’t talk much, a self-evident murder quietly enveloped the field.
"Hum! I really don’t know what you sell. "
"But the victim of a big body knows all about your tricks."
"This includes the part of the truth that you deliberately concealed and did not say."
Pupils unconsciously tightened, and the old man in black immediately turned his attention to the big face next to him, revealing a little incredible.
"How … possible?"
Although the old man in black didn’t reveal much.
But judging from the performance of the other party at the moment, Zhao Mu knew that the other party was hiding something very important as the "outsider" said.
"Old village head?"
He ignored Zhao Mu’s call for the old man in black to look at Ah Da and Pei Wende after the first panic, and his eyes were already full of thoughtful colors.
"How much do you all know?"
"And whether this sudden riot is great!"
When the old man in black said the last sentence, his tone suddenly turned into affirmation
"… you … cheat … we …"
Anger, unwillingness, sadness, chagrin …
Ah Da, who has turned into a metaphysical person, delivers emotions that are so clear and complicated at the moment.
Suppressing the whole fog alone for more than ten years, the guardian is called "the beast of the town tomb" by insiders …
Ah Da never thought that everything was actually arranged by the villagers.
However, it has been proved that Zhao Mu and A Da have never left the village and come into contact with people’s hearts. They can understand where the "evil bottom line" of human beings is.
Silent Zhao Mu looked at places with human brains that had never been so chaotic.
Years of affection made Zhao Mu tend to trust the old village head.
But his father’s words made him very clear that the whole incident was not as simple as he imagined.
This kind of contradiction impacts Zhao Mu’s ability to look down at Zhu Nv.
Anyone in this world can lie to himself, but his mother can’t lie to himself-Zhao Mu has always believed this.
Then a scene happened, but Zhao Mu completely lost his letter to the old village head.
Zhu Nv disappeared because most of her body was blurred and disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.
"This … is … losing …’ Hong Zhu’ … the final outcome …"
Also noticed that Zhu Nv disappeared, A Dayin became sad again and this time there was sadness left.
"She … finally … failed to hold out until … he recovered …"
With a slight sigh, Pei Wende knows what this means, and this time he has the ability.
"I’m sorry. It seems that I can’t save your wife after all."
Chapter 43 Dismember the will of a dragon
It was when Zhao Mu was five or six years old that Ada chose to take the initiative to become a "mirage" and become a skeleton giant.
At that time, he didn’t know what "fog" was and what the world outside the fog meant to him.
Ada knows that the "outside" in Zhu Nv’s mouth is a completely different world in the description of the old people in the village.
There are no monsters in that world, but ordinary people who are different from each other.
It was not until something swept through that Zhao Mu was almost assimilated by the fog.
Growing up in the village since childhood, Adahe came to the village not long before Zhu Nv learned the truth about "fog" from the mouth of the old people in the village.
So I can break the "fog" curse for myself.
Ada chose to shoulder the responsibility of her husband and father, and took the initiative to go to Zhou Sheng in the depths of the fog to trade into a new "town tomb beast"
However, it is different from those who have lost their minds and can "town the tomb beast".
Ah Dahua didn’t lose his mind a little bit after he transformed the skeleton giant, but he had an unprecedented sense of closeness to the whole foggy world.
At the same time, Ah Da’s mind also appeared some memento mori who did not belong to him.
It seems that all these things described by memento mori should not be like this, and the culprit is the old people in the village.
Those vague memories made Ada question the words of the old people in the village for the first time.
So in order to find out the truth of the whole incident, Ada secretly contacted his wife and she shared her access to those memories.
Then for more than ten years in the future, Ada teamed up with Zhu Nv to gradually understand the truth of the whole foggy world
The world enveloped by this fog is a swamp that has been transformed by the fall of a real dragon.
The old people in the misty village of life were once collected by the real dragon.
They had been living in the dragon body before the dragon fell.
After the fall of the real dragons, they gradually "reborn" with the spread of this fog.
Not only have the ability to interact with the outside world, but also have the basic ability of life-reproduction.
It is after the initial surprise that the "people in the painting" find that their children will not live long, and they will be assimilated and swallowed up as soon as they come into contact with the fog.
As a result, Pei Wende’s biggest question after learning about "Misty Village" appeared.
Is it true that the people in the painting are so obsessed with having children just because they are eager for family and future generations?
After all, before Zhou Sheng appeared, the new generation of roots would not live to adulthood, which still drives the "painting people" to have offspring. What is the reason?
Until the appearance of Ada gave Pei Wende a definite answer-the people in the painting tried to weaken the power of the mirage in this way.
Because the "mirage" has long fallen, but a real dragon has lived for many years, but he has never stopped trying to "resurrect" himself.
In the fog of life, "people in the picture" stumbled upon it.
Even though the "stork" body is dead, those who seek his prayers have not decreased at all, but have become more and more.
It can be said that "Hong" is not completely dead.
This is the case of Zhou Sheng, who broke into the fog and tried to find a way to revive his wife.
Theoretically, once the "Hong" receives enough will, he will show his ability and is likely to recover again.
In order to protect themselves and keep their eternal life, the "people in the picture" are actively looking for ways to weaken the "mirage"
Since there is no way to stop the stork from continuing to recover its will, why not consider dismembering the remnant will of the stork?
There is no concept of life and death in the fog, and naturally there is no reincarnation of the soul.
Then it is easy to guess who the heirs of the "people in the painting" are.
After understanding this point, it became the original intention of the "painting people" to keep bearing children by weakening the residual will of the "stork" through constant fertility and reincarnation.
And when these children, who can be regarded as "real dragon incarnations", return to the fog, the original shape is born.
In other words, those so-called monsters and so-called tangible roots in the fog are not creatures in the fog.
They are all "painting people", and the checks and balances are constantly recovering. The real dragon people create poor people.
"If you want to say cruel things, you are still more cruel."
Gazing at the silent old man in black, Pei Wende lightly expressed his feelings while listening to these cruel truths in the fog.
In this "misty village", the doubts are finally completely solved.
"I think that’s why you insisted on letting Zhao Mu swallow the pearl!"
Affirmative tone, interrogative sentence, Pei Wende’s words are even more cruel