"yue hu and I are fellow villagers, and we have agreed to visit the Great Wall if we win the battle after the war …"


"My condolences"
Su Jue patted Ma Weiying on the shoulder. "Now is not the time to be sad. Don’t be sad until after the victory. Now put your energy into the army?"
Ma Weiying took a sniff and forced back her grief.
"Good eye, we have already taken Suning and wiped out Suning defenders. More than a thousand people have destroyed a Liangmo transportation team. Now Vice-Shuai Sun has been plotting to attack Levin and Qiu, and he and I will split up and prepare for his city army.
Now that you’re here, it’s much easier. Let’s go north together while the thief army is empty. Once Navajo and Yijin can directly threaten Yanyunjin thieves! "
Sue’s eyes are full of fighting flames and her will to fight has been ignited.
Ma Weiying took a deep breath and nodded seriously.
His will to fight was also ignite.
Chapter 433 The strategic counter-offensive of the Guangfu Army has begun with a bang.
This year’s eve and festival are not satisfactory.
The New Year’s Day is not satisfactory among the groups that fight less, because some people are busy marching, some are busy attacking, some are busy defending and some are busy quarreling.
So December passed, and so did the first day of the first month.
8 jin j is for the soldiers to eat a dry, so it is a holiday.
Fortunately, the Guangfu army gave the soldiers a solid meal, which was a holiday.
But it’s really disappointing. Do you want to have a holiday?
8 jin j thought of south to jinan to fight a decisive battle with the main force of the Guangfu Army, and the main force of the Guangfu Army thought of fighting a decisive battle with 8 jin j, but the Hebei army kept destroying 8 jin j’s provisions all the way.
On the third day of the first month, Sun Yi led his troops to conquer Gaoyang County and Qiuxian County occupied by 8 Jin Army.
The defenders of Levin and Qiu Shoujun saw that Yan Hongliang was finished when the Guangfu Army counterattacked, and they surrendered without resistance.
A small number of soldiers in the city were beheaded by the Ministry, leaving the signing army and civilian workers as prisoners.
Then the army was divided into two ways, Sun Yi led one way, Jiang Liangping led the other way, and captured Guixin and Baoding on the sixth and seventh day of the first month respectively.
Guixin and Baoding have the same ending.
Seeing that the Guangfu Army counterattacked by mistake, Yan Hongliang was defeated, the main force of the Jin Army was wiped out, and the Guangfu Army counterattacked Yanyun, and the city guards wanted to resist, but the Han people signed the army and refused to resist launching a raid, defeating a small number of soldiers and opening the city gate to welcome the Guangfu Army into the city.
After the Guangfu Army entered the city, it beheaded the female real Ministry of War and then surrendered to sign the army and then continued to the north
In the early evening of the first month of the first month, Jiang Liangping went straight for the benefit of Tianjin.
Yijin Shoujiang moved the spine to allow honesty. The Khitans recognized that the southern expedition of 8 Jin Army had been completely defeated when they saw the Guangfu Army attacking in a big way, so it was meaningless to resist, so Kaesong surrendered.
Jiang Liang’s plane occupied Yijin, controlled the army to prevent collection and surrender.
Sun Yi’s capture of Waqiao was not so smooth. The Waqiao Shoujiang was a jurchen. Although she was very scared, she did not surrender and persisted in resisting.
As a result, a day and a night later, the Han people in the city signed a riot and opened the city gate to welcome the Guangfu army into the city
Sun Yi then successfully occupied the tile bridge and controlled this important mouth.
The Yijinwa Bridge, which once blocked the North Road of the Guangfu Army, was occupied by Sun Yi and Jiang Liangping respectively. The North Yanyun Road of the Guangfu Army has been opened to the south, and even if it is maintained, it is meaningless.
At the same time, Jin Junnan’s transportation grain road was completely cut off, and the main force of Jin Junnan was completely isolated.
However, at this moment, Yan Hongliang didn’t know that he had become a lone army.
Even more than Hezhen Dingnan, all parts of the 8 Jin Army still don’t know that they have a way to retreat and are miserable and alone.
Similarly, although Sun Yi and Su Jue instigated the first-line city counter-offensive, it is still unclear about the second-line and third-line defensive cities in Hebei
There is no news at this moment, except for the parties, who don’t know what happened.
After the counter-offensive troops occupied Waqiao and Yijin, they got a large number of 8 Jin Army provisions. Both Sun Yi and Su Jue hoped to immediately lead their troops into Yanyun to attack the city and complete Su Yonglin’s strategic goal of overthrowing Jinting.
However, they found themselves short of troops, and they could not rush to the north without 20 thousand troops.
But they can’t ignore this great opportunity.
What if there is a lack of military forces?
Don’t agree with our thoughts. Be willing to resist the struggle between Jin Guo and Jin Bing, then there are soldiers everywhere who can fight!
So Sun Yi and Su Jue and others decided to mobilize the instructors to liberate a large number of captured Han Chinese and instigate them to join the Guangfu Army and launch a massive counterattack against Yanyun, which overthrew the rule of Jinting Huaxia.
The vigorous complaining meeting and the public trial meeting were held against time.
Female soldiers, officers and generals who have been captured but not yet killed will be put on trial. They will receive unprecedented severe trials and completely liquidate their lives, which will arouse the indomitable spirit of the Han people signing the army.
From the tenth day of the first month, a large number of captured Han Chinese signed troops and enthusiastically asked to join the Guangfu Army. Sun Yi and Su Jue led the rapid expansion of the number of troops in various parts.
In a few days, the number of Sun Yi and Su Juehui’s Guangfu Army has expanded from 20,000 to more than 40,000, and from 40,000 to 50,000, and this number continues to increase.
However, it happened that the Guangfu Army captured a large number of 8 Jin Army provisions, weapons and equipment, and there was no shortage of the ability of these new soldiers who joined the Guangfu Army to lead this army to attack Yanyun in the north.
A new army will have the strength and qualification to attack Yanyun after the completion of frontal armed forces, and Sun and Su Jue are holding strategic consultations on this issue.
It can be said that sixteen prefectures is on the eve of returning to her mother’s arms after two hundred years of separation from the Central Plains political rule.
At the same time, Sun Yi and Su Jue ordered Ma Weiying, Duan Yi and Xu Ang to lead a small number of troops south to instigate more garrison cities in the south to leave the city and launch a strategic counterattack.
Although the north is important, the south is also important. They can’t sit back and watch Su Yonglin fight against the 8 Jin Army terrorist cavalry alone. They must do something to help Su Yonglin.
Ma Weiying and others are the main force that instigated more troops to destroy the grain strongholds of 8 Jin Army all the way south, cut off their rear roads and threaten 8 Jin Army from the rear.
Just imagine how much fighting will they have when the main force of 8 Jin Army finds that an army of Guangfu Army suddenly attacks behind them.
The main force of the Jin army is indeed large, and the cavalry is terrible, but what will happen once they lose their will to fight?
Birds and beasts scattered is the best ending.
Ma Weiying, Xu Ang and Duan Yi ordered the soldiers to rush to Luancheng County, Jing ‘an County and Dongguang County respectively to start a strategic counterattack.
They will gather the troops of the Guangfu Army all the way to attack the besieged troops of the Jin Army and the logistics forces to annihilate the Jin Army, and at the same time continue to develop and expand their own troops.
The strategic counter-offensive of the Guangfu Army has started vigorously, and node Yan Hongliang knew about it at this critical moment.
After Jing ‘an City in Shenzhou was attacked by loyal opposition of the Guangfu Army, Yan Hongliang finally gave up the idea of capturing a well-guarded city for a short time.
Yan hong ran to see the words and told him that you can fight and conquer, but-
It takes at least two to three months to attack such a city with a grade.
If the defenders of the city don’t surrender their weapons, equipment and military strength, it will be difficult to win the final victory unless the defenders, grain and weapons departments in the city are consumed bit by bit and more powerful forces crush the city.
8 Jin j has almost a military advantage, but he doesn’t have any advantages.
The root of the Guangfu Army is not a common thief army, but a regular army with strict training and combat experience, which can confront the 8 Jin Army head-on.
It’s wishful thinking for you to take a regular army to guard against and improve the city with high morale in ten days.
And more importantly, the logistics of the whole army can last until mid-February at most, and then, if the war is not over or his income is exhausted.
Knowing that the logistics capacity is insufficient, Yan Hongliang will never attack the city again, and honestly go ahead and give up the idea of attacking the city.
He sent troops to surround Jing ‘an, Hengshui, Xindu and other cities one after another, and finally "penetrated" Hebei into Pingyuan County on the ninth day of the first month of the second year, completing the initial strategic goal.
At this moment, the distance between Yan Hongliang’s main force and Su Yonglin’s main force of the Guangfu Army is very close, and the confrontation between the two sides is imminent.