Where does this strange sound come from? From the semantic point of view, this strange sound is obviously malicious.


Where is this moth?
The water friends are full of words and want to talk, but everyone is forbidden to talk. No one can play a barrage, which makes these water friends don’t hold their breath. Some people actually swear and smash the keyboard to vent their anger.
But even if it is so breathless, the number of viewers in the live broadcast is slightly reduced, and the overall volume is still 60,000-he can’t get into the live broadcast now! They are all lucky. How can they give up easily when they finally have such an opportunity?
Let’s just watch. We can’t send a barrage. Then we won’t send it.
The water friends in the live broadcast can’t be wronged, and these dragons are just the opposite.
The sound appeared like a sledgehammer slamming the shackles of the mental storm, and their mental chains made their necks loose, and finally they could catch their breath, and those who were approaching and planning to execute the guardians of heaven stopped their steps.
The dragon who was about to be executed in the most urgent situation also saved his life for the time being-the heaven guard in front of him was in charge of the instruments of torture, but he couldn’t fall down as if he were caught by something.
Norman didn’t know where the sound came from, and he didn’t have the extra spirit to think. He intuitively felt that the situation was not good, so he pushed the spell more carefully and wanted to end it quickly.
However, the mental storm seems to be caught by a rope. Generally, no matter how hard he musters up his mind, he can’t push it.
The owner didn’t say anything after the stereo started.
He called to get up directly
A heavy dragon rhyme came from the north, and it was endless.
This is a purebred dragon rhyme. It is reasonable to say that Norman, a human being, should have heard it inexplicably, but he understood it strangely!
This sound penetrated the field of spiritual storm curse and reached the hearts of every dragon, which also made them understand.
How can the dragon grandson bow to God?
This is what this Long Yin means.
Chapter three hundred Dawn Dragon
Norman didn’t know what the sudden sound was, but it was obvious that he was in trouble, which strengthened his mind and tried to push the spell, but this mental storm of dragons was rigidly held back and could not move.
This made Norman anxious.
The master of the sound has not yet appeared, and the sound alone has such great power. When he completely appears, isn’t it all over?
Different from Norman’s anxiety, the dragons looked abnormal in succession.
On the one hand, they are shackled by the power of the spiritual storm, on the other hand, they are influenced by this sudden sound, and they can’t help wandering back and forth. It’s like tug-of-war. At one end, there is a spiritual storm, and at the other end, there is an unknown dragon. Even if the ropes in these two hands are pulled back and forth, no one can grasp the absolute advantage.
But some dragon bodies are very strong, and the situation is slightly different.
For example, Xiao Bonian.
The dragon boss has been desperately chanting the curse, and it is the spirit storm that has been attacking him and hindering him.
Now this new strange force has replaced him in the tug-of-war with the spirit storm force, which has freed up Xiao Bonian so that he can concentrate on continuing to cast his spell.
But when he could sing the spell successfully, Xiao Bonian stopped again.
His eyes are more complicated than looking at the north in shock as if he had seen something incredible.
The ancestors appeared!
Norman, a human being, doesn’t know what happened, but can Xiao Bonian, the dragon boss, not know what happened?
It was Xiao Bonian’s first personal experience that made him so shocked.
Judging from the sound direction, this apparition ancestor should be an ancestor of the dragon tomb, which is normal. After all, there are so many dragon ancestors buried in the dragon tomb since ancient times, so I don’t know which one this ancestor will be.
It seems that Xiao Bonian’s heart suddenly dawned in the dragon tomb not far from the north, and then he waited for no one to react. A bright eye moved from the sudden injection until his eyes adapted to this sudden change before he saw what it was.
It’s a dragon, a light dragon composed of light particles.
From the appearance, this dragon is similar to these dragons. They all have a pair of wings behind their necks, a head with horns, full of light and condensed scales, hands and feet in front of their bellies and a thick tail behind them.
But this light dragon is different from the field dragon, and the biggest difference lies in its size.
Ordinary dragons are more than ten meters high. Like Xiao Bonian, dragons are all huge, and their bodies are about twenty meters. However, this light dragon is roughly 50 or 60 meters high!
This thing is completely a monster in flight, and it is full of visual shock.
The sudden appearance of this light dragon made Norman feel bad and his heart sank to the bottom.