I was happy to get the tattoo book. Seeing Duanmu Sen’s gloomy face, I nodded heavily and said that I would definitely keep three books.


When Koji Kato came to the bone shop with his hands on time and saw that I was already in the bone shop, he looked at me and Duanmu Sen with suspicion in his eyes and Duanmu Sen’s expression, but I was very calm.
When I returned to the place where the target lived in the afternoon, I saw that the target had cleaned my clothes and dried them. My clothes had been stacked neatly and put on the sofa in the living room.
When I came, I finished Duanmu Sen’s tattoo teaching at noon, and I studied transfiguration at the target’s home at noon and evening.
When I have free time, I will keep track of the progress of Baiyun and Wang Haowen’s invisible paper man’s close attention to the corpse Dan.
Fortunately, I got the message through the two invisible paper men, and Master Li never locked the corpse Dan out of the exact position.
On the last night before the Double Ninth Festival, I stopped to study transformation. When I started to have dinner with the target person, I tracked the invisible paper figures in the white clouds again.
By tracking the invisible paper men in the white clouds, I know that it was not long ago that Li Yushi avoided it, but he finally got a glimpse of the strange cave, that is, the exact location of the corpse Dan, and also the fact that the corpse Dan will be late in the world.
Knowing this situation, I couldn’t hold back any longer, so I decided to return to China immediately.
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Return to a small village in Zi Shan.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-four Returning home
Can be invisible paper man’s eyes. I saw the news of Li Yushi. Baiyun is taking his younger brother from a small village in Zi Shan to a small village in Zi Shan overnight
Both Hao-wen wang and Bai Linger are younger brothers in the white clouds, and naturally they follow the ranks.
Immediately after throwing chopsticks, I booked a plane ticket for my home country. I got up from my seat in a hurry and walked towards the door. I told the target that I would go home immediately and the plane would take off in three hours.
The target quickly chased me and took my arm, saying that everything should be calm and asked me what happened. I said it was urgent and I had to leave at once, but he didn’t solve the problem.
The target let go of my arm and ran to his car. He started the car and greeted me. He said that since I was in a hurry, he would take me to the airport, so I could help him solve the problem.
I took the target car to call Dan Tai Li and Dan Tai Li to answer the call. At the first time, I told Dan Tai Li that I had to go back to China immediately, and I had already gone to the airport road.
Dan Tai Li asked me why, and I told him that a bunch of white clouds had found the specific location of the corpse Dan and had determined that the night was the specific time for the corpse Dan to come out.
I said to Dan Tai Li, please don’t stop me. I can’t stand by and watch my grandmother fight for the corpse. I stand face to face with the white clouds and I do nothing.
Dan Tai Li’s silence again means that he will be involved in the matter of corpse Dan. It’s too uncomfortable for me to return home. It’s best not to return home
"Sister-in-law can do me a favor and don’t go back?" Dan Tai Li Yin was in a hurry.
"Li, I have said please don’t stop me. I know what I am doing now and I will be careful." I am firm.
"If you must go back, remember to release the white fox immediately after returning to China. The white fox can wish you an arm strength." Dan Tai Li is a Kenai tone
"It changes its appearance too much." After listening to Dan Tai Li, I told me to pick my eyebrows.
I have already seen the white fox transform into a human form, and I know that the human form of the white fox will inevitably cause an earthquake sensation once it is alive.
"You said that the white fox should be transformed into a human form. The initial state of the fox demon is different from other demons. You can tell the white fox to be ordinary when transforming into a human form." Dan Tai Li explained.
"There will always be something different from ordinary people, right?" I have long known that when a demon turns into a human form, it can’t get rid of a certain feature of the demon body.
"The fox demon can determine at will which physical characteristics appear when it turns into a human form, so it needs to be covered up a little, and outsiders can’t see through anything," I added by Dan Tai Li Zaizai.
"So that’s it," Dan Tai Li added, which made me feel that he had urged me to get the white fox to be a baby.
Dan Tai Li carefully told me to pay attention to many things after returning home. I told Dan Tai Li one by one until Dan Tai Li came to make noise. Dan Tai Li didn’t continue to tell me.
Dan Tai Li confessed that he would try his best to get to the small village in Zi Shan before the evening and told me that he must be careful and there must be no accidents. I should wait until Dan Tai Li hung up.
After Dan Tai hung up, I called Duanmu Sen and told him that I couldn’t go to the bone shop to practice tattoo with him for a short time.
Duanmu Sen asked me why, and I said that I had a last resort, and I had a last resort, so I couldn’t be less humane.
Duanmu Sen was silent and asked me when I would come back to the bone shop. I said that I would contact him again after I had handled my personal affairs.
Duanmu Sen told me to be careful, and I hung up when I said it was necessary.
When I was talking to Duanmu Sen in Dan Tai, the target person kept silent and focused on driving until I hung up Duanmu Sen’s words, and then the target person leaned back and said that he would follow me to China.
Glancing at the target person, I said no, I said that it is very likely that I will put my life at risk when I return to China this time. There is no need or reason for him to take risks with me.
The target person’s face was tense and silent. I drove to the airport in silence.
When the car stopped at the gate of the airport, I moved the target’s blade out of the ring and put it on the steering wheel to say thank you. I didn’t wait for him to say anything at the airport, so I hurried away with sunglasses and a baseball cap.
When I finally boarded the plane and took my seat, I quietly teleported Yuzhu out of the ring. I contacted Yuzhu Baihu and told him about the corpse Dan and that I was going back to China.
White fox said that he could become a human being and accompany me with a lot of care. I said that I would let him out of Yuzhu when I arrived in China.
I’ll talk to White Fox in detail about his transformation after he came out of Yuzhu, so I’ll disconnect from White Fox’s spirit.
Before, I followed the target person for an afternoon to practice the transformation technique. At this moment, there is still discomfort and pain in the transformation part. I leaned back and closed my eyes and began to urge the fifth floor of the bamboo slips to make the body half black and half white and slowly move its position in order to relieve the uncomfortable feeling.
I didn’t open my eyes until the sound of the plane landing came, and I followed the crowd to beg for death.
Just after I got on the plane, what I saw in front of me made me stop with a slight frown. I actually saw the target smiling at me.
The target person came up to me and told me not to think much about it. He chose to accompany me back to China not because he loved me, but because he was an obsessive-compulsive disorder. He didn’t like to do things halfway. He didn’t teach me transformation.
Looking into the eyes of the target, I said that this trip is likely to be unlucky. The target people are all here, and it is meaningless to say this.
I sighed in my heart. I said thank you to the target person and then took out my mobile phone to book a transfer plane ticket.
At this moment, it’s more than ten o’clock in the evening in Beijing, and the nearest city to the small village in Zi Shan has already sold out.
I want to fly to the nearest city in Zi Shan village, and I can’t board the plane again until after five o’clock in the afternoon.
So I decided to return to the small village of Zi Shan, so that I could reach the small village of Zi Shan earlier.
I left the airport and went to the shopping mall that hasn’t closed its doors recently. I went to the white fox to buy clothes with the target person and then found a remote fitting. I moved the white fox out of the jade column instantly.