Weeks not cold shook his head "that’s not"


Fu Yunyi cold hum no longer speak.
Looking cool, he asked, "What did he want you to help me with?"
Isn’t Zhou Hanhan "He heard that you are in the network office …"
Enthusiasm is very calm. Interface "Want to woo?"
Zhou Hanhan was embarrassed to explain that "it’s not to woo, but to ask if you would like to enter the national department. After all, you have that kind of thing, and some departments still need talents like you very much …"
Enthusiasm ha ha interrupted "is not need to want to control me in their eyelids? This is the only way to be safe, isn’t it? Putting me outside is a potential threat to them, right? "
Zhou Hanhan said gloomily, "Well, I know that you can see through everything, but you are right. There are considerations in this respect, but it is not for you, but for all such talented countries. Uncle Jiang has no opinion on you. On the contrary, he appreciates it. Let me ask you a question."
Smell speech longing evokes a smile "saying is asking is actually an enemy, right? You should know my answer. Don’t say I’m going back to the tribe in the future. Even if I stay for a long time, I won’t promise others to make tools in their hands. "
"I know that I have told Uncle Jiang not to hold out any hope. You are used to being free and casual, and you don’t like being constrained and arrested the most. Even being in public is warm. Look, I have helped you think of a good reason."
"What did he say?"
"He still asked me to try my best to persuade you to agree to the conditions of national service."
The longing eyes flashed casually. "What if I want him to declare the independence of our Shenshi tribe and we sign a treaty to coexist peacefully and never infringe?" He will also be willing? "
Weeks not cold after hearing this expression a frozen half ring sighed, "do you think it’s possible? You are far from enough to affect the interests of a country, okay? His man, husband and father may not be qualified, but as a leader, he is not only qualified but also excellent. "
Longing light way "then he should agree more isn’t it? Let the country prosper and the people live and work in peace and contentment. Isn’t this the ultimate goal pursued by a person? "
Zhou Han was speechless for a moment.
Enthusiastic added, "since he doesn’t agree, don’t talk about it afterwards. If he doesn’t feel at ease, just try to deal with me, but I won’t give him a face. I will fight back."
Zhou Hanhan is more right.
Fu Yunyi saw that the atmosphere was dead, so he said, "Come on, this matter can’t be solved for a while, Xiaowu. If you think it’s not good to explain to Jiangquan, just perfunctory him first and say that longing needs to be considered for a while, so that it won’t bring danger to longing and won’t make you kill two birds with one stone in front of him."
Be fascinated and noncommittal.
Zhou Buhan smiled and said, "Well, that can be done, but Fu Shao, can you stop calling me Xiao Wu?"
Fu Yunyi eyebrows "what? Don’t like this name? "
Zhou Hanhan didn’t good the spirit way "who would like to be the youngest?"
Fu Yunyi said faintly, "Didn’t you say that the smaller the one, the more popular it is?"
Zhou is cold and cold. "I feel that I have been bullied everywhere without feeling it. Otherwise, why haven’t I been given a chance to sleep?"
Smell speech Fu Yunyi smiled meaningfully "I can arrange it for you tonight"
"What, what?" Weeks not cold surprised almost didn’t get up from the sofa "you say that again"
Fu Yunyi hummed, "I said you can stay with Warm Son tonight."
Zhou Hanhan stared at him closely to make sure he wasn’t teasing himself. "What?"
"You are always bullied by us, so I’ll give you a chance."
Zhou Hanhan looked fascinated again. "Are you willing?"
Nodded with longing.
Zhou Han was ecstatic in his heart, but he tried his best to restrain himself. In fact, he could think that it was definitely not simple. What’s the mystery? But the temptation is right in front of him. He is willing to jump even if he knows there is a pit.
But he didn’t know how painful it was until he really jumped in.
After the three people had finished speaking, Zhou Hanhan was already worried. He didn’t want to be too impatient in front of the two of them, so he pretended to be calm until the two of them left his door in a hurry.
Wennuan also came out of the bathroom and was surprised to see Zhou Hanhan in the living room. However, a moment later, when he was excited and rushed to hug her and said, "Wennuan, I will accompany you tonight, and they agreed," she came for nothing. She was not funny, angry and full of sympathy for him. Alas, this was fooled by my cousin and Ah Xiang. I feel guilty tonight
He couldn’t wait to hold her in bed, and after a wild foreplay, he heard her say, "Not tonight."
"What? Are you menstruation Jun here? " This is the only reason that Zhou Hanhan can think of.
Who knows …
Warm shook his head "no"
"That otherwise? Don’t you want to? "
Warm and shook his head to see his face constantly changing between heaven and hell and sighed, "I’m pregnant."