Tong Li’s affair ended anticlimactic, but Kong Xuan was still satisfied with the result. Not only did he get a crystal ball with extremely innate Lingbao, but he also killed a potential threat in the cradle. It was killing two birds with one stone by killing two birds with one stone! Excited, I returned to Company commanders mansion and went to the back room to practice silently.


Although the war was not that fierce, it was also extremely dangerous. With such high intensity, he realized that he had not only discovered the defects that he had never paid attention to before, but also found the shortcomings that made the five-color divine light insufficient and the waves magical, which made him feel deeply and impressed him even more.
Soon he came to the back room of Company commanders mansion, sat cross-legged and slowly pranayama. Kong Xuan broke through the quasi-holiness after Dayu’s water control. For thousands of years, he worked hard to cultivate and polish mana and understand the five elements’ laws. There were congenital five elements to help Kong Xuan’s laws to be revised and the realm to rise rapidly.
Pick Jin Xian and quasi-saint are a hurdle. He stayed in pick Jin Xian for many years. Once he broke through the quasi-saint, he reached the pre-quasi-saint stage. dzogchen succeeded in the quasi-saint middle stage after practicing for a hundred years. At this time, he pushed the realm into the quasi-saint middle stage. Although dzogchen’s realm broke through, the evil corpse had no clue. Kong Xuan went to the three-corpse Taoist realm, but he was still quasi-saint dzogchen with mana.
This war has pushed his realm forward a little bit here. He has already entered the final stage of quasi-holiness. What a fate! Half a month has passed by, and Kong Xuan has already recovered. He went out of Company commanders mansion and wandered around Jinjiling. He saw that his foot soldiers and the people were respectful to him. Although Kong Xuan didn’t do much when he came to Jinjiling, he rectified the unhealthy atmosphere in Jinjiling and made people admire him from the bottom of their hearts.
Kong Xuan kept nodding at the Terrans all the way. Soon he came to the city head of Jinjiling. His eyes were blurred and his thoughts drifted away. At this moment, a Sanskrit sounded, and a big lotus rose from the west. An ethereal melody echoed in Jinjiling. "I feel that when Jin Xian is not the best, the western wonderful method, the ancestors, the bodhisattvas, are not born, the spirits are immortal, and the nature changes. It’s really like a life-threatening teacher."
Song formula just fell a Buddha dressed in a golden robe and holding a wonderful tree with seven treasures appeared in Jinjiling Virtual Kong Xuan. After watching it, he quickly saluted, "Kong Xuan visits the prospective saint and wishes the saint a holy life." He must have received a worship. Looking at Kong Xuan’s eyes, he couldn’t hide his love. He said gently, "Kong Xuan, please get up! I have been thinking of you for a long time since I said goodbye! " Kong Xuan replied without saying a word, "Thank you, Sage, for worrying about Kong Xuan."
Seeing Kong Xuan’s words clearly, Kong Xuan’s thoughts wouldn’t involve too much in this issue. Since Kong Xuan didn’t want to listen to them, he wouldn’t be cut off. Kong Xuan looked at them and asked, "The quasi-saint didn’t know that you came to Jinjiling this time, but something happened. Kong Xuan Bucai Jinjiling company commander Kong Xuan believed that he could help."
He smiled and stared at Kong Xuan without words. Kong Xuan was allowed to stare at some hair. He felt cold all over and couldn’t help but hit a cold war. He asked, "Quasi-saint, what do you have to say? It’s hard for me to be stared at by a big man!" Speaking of which, he added weakly, "I’m not gay!"
I must have heard Kong Xuan’s words and laughed more brightly, but Kong Xuan’s suspected self-talk made the prospective mouth smile instantly stiff. His face was embarrassed and he laughed loudly. "Kong Xuan, this little guy, said that although I am a Buddhist, I am not gay!" It is accurate to save that little face twitching and just squeeze out an ugly smile and explain to Kong Xuan, "Don’t misunderstand that Kong Xuanxiaoyou appreciates you very much!"
Kong Xuan smell speech breathed a long sigh of relief, and it felt like putting a huge burden on his face. He looked at Kong Xuan’s face with ease, and his muscles twitched regularly. Note that the amount of Sanqing and the lead were also different.
I always hear Kong Xuanyu’s calm face and twitch from time to time, which shows that he is not calm. Yuan Ze’s face is flushed, and he wants to laugh but feels embarrassed to laugh. His face is red with sauce, and his shoulders are as fast and rhythmic as a small motor.
Hidden aside, the quantity is a flicker and disappears into the world of quantity. At this moment, he can’t help laughing at a high mountain in the world of quantity. The horrible laugh echoed in Fiona Fang and started up several creatures.
In Lingshan, he is preaching to a group of Buddhist brothers. It’s natural to preach to saints. Sitting in a group of Buddhist brothers, he is intoxicated, but on the other hand, at the moment of receiving, his face flashes from time to time with a flush or a sudden change of face.
Grow a blowhole Xuan respectfully gave a ceremony to Zhun, saying, "Thank you for caring for the saints". After listening to Zhun, he didn’t care about waving his hand. Suddenly he looked at Kong Xuandao seriously. "Kong Xuanxiaoyou, I came to Jinjiling this time because of you. I sincerely invite you to join me as a Buddhist second leader." After that, I stared at Kong Xuan with burning eyes
Kong Xuan smell speech ignored that flashing and looking forward to the eyes and directly refused. "Thank you for your kindness. Kong Xuan has become accustomed to the life of interception. Besides, the master has been kind to Kong Xuan, and Kong Xuan is not the kind of selfish villain. Please also ask the quasi-saint to take a break."
I must have heard Kong Xuan’s refusal to look forward to the disappearance of his eyes. His face was full of perseverance. He stared coldly at Kong Xuan’s blunt language. "Kong Xuanxiaoyou hopes that you can recognize the facts or I will not look good personally." Kong Xuan heard this slightly threatening voice, but his eyes did not change a bit, but the sound did bring a little coldness. "The quasi-saint Kong Xuan still said that it is impossible for me to stop teaching at Kong Xuangu to go to your Buddhism."
Kong Xuan voice down must be short of breath angry smile cold eyes staring at Kong Xuandao "ah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ok! What a loyal brother! I’ll take you back to Buddhism today. When will you commit to Buddhism, I’ll set you free, or you’ll enjoy the feeling of being suppressed. "Say that finish, I fell down with a cold hum.
Kong Xuan was not intimidated by the quasi-imposing manner, and a burst of pride broke out. He disdained to look at the quasi-way. "The quasi-saint should not be the quasi-saint. I and Kong Xuan are scared. Since you want to start work, I will take me back to Buddhism. Although Kong Xuan has a quasi-saint, not everyone can hold it." Say that finish and slowly mobilize the body mana
Although Kong Xuan said this in his mouth, he was also very uneasy in his heart. Although the quasi-saint and the saint are a word difference, the strength of both sides is the gap between heaven and earth. This is pride that keeps him from falling off the wind. At this time, Kong Xuan and the side came to measure the sound. "Teacher younger brother needs to worry about the quasi-fighting method. Brother will give you bring up the rear." Kong Xuan was measured by the sound.
Must see Kong Xuan so I don’t know how to advance and retreat, and my anger can’t help but sneer at a "good courage, I will be interesting to see how much you have learned in the field of Tongtian Daoyou. Today, it is also a kind of education for Tongtian Daoyou." Say that finish and look at Kong Xuandao. "I am a saint, and you make moves! Don’t let people call me a bully. "
Kong Xuan couldn’t help but turn over a supercilious look after hearing this. He turned his body and exerted his mana to cast five colors of divine light. Suddenly, five colors of sword shadow soared into the sky, and Kong Xuanyi recruited five colors of sword shadow. Soon, the five colors of sword shadow gradually narrowed into a foot-long feather fan, and Kong Xuan held a five-color feather fan with his eyes fixed on it.
At this moment, Kong Xuan’s eyebrows are slightly raised, and the five-color shekinah in his hand is brushed to the right. This is Kong Xuan’s top trick now. This trick has hit all his mind and mana, and he will die if he fails. He is determined that the five-color shekinah will leave Kong Xuan’s hand and send out a tragic momentum all the way. His body is shaking, his face is pale, but his eyes are bright and he is staring at that five-color shekinah.
Quasi-original somewhat disdainful look in Kong Xuan’s attack has become a little serious, but there is still some contempt for his silent mana. He stood up and gave a Buddha’s light to meet Kong Xuan’s five-color shekinah "brush". The original exudes Buddha’s light and quasi-a fluctuation disappeared into the original place.
When Kong Xuan saw this situation, his heart was full of joy and three breaths, and the quasi-bun appeared scattered in the place that had just disappeared. At this moment, his face became reddish with shame and anger. This time, he planted a quasi-saint and let a quasi-saint win a round. His saint face was completely lost
He looked at Kong Xuan eyes anger let a person feel palpitations, his voice chills, "good! Ok! Ok! Tongtian Daoyou taught a good disciple, and I must have seen it. "Say that finish, I gave a wave of my hand and brushed the Qibao wonderful tree to Kong Xuan Kong Xuan. At this time, I have mana to watch the Qibao wonderful tree brush to him without any way.
I wanted to see Kong Xuan’s desperate eyes must have been disappointed. He didn’t see a trace of despair from Kong Xuan’s eyes, but saw a trace of banter. At this moment, a simple three-foot sword appeared in front of Kong Xuan and was severely chopped in the Qibao Miao Tree. The Qibao Miao Tree was repelled and a figure appeared beside Kong Xuan.
"Quasi-Taoist friends, you are a saint, and you are not ashamed to shoot a younger generation. I am ashamed of you. Don’t say that you are a saint after you. We all despise you." Say that finish and make a move.
Must have ignored the amount of teasing. He took a deep look at Kong Xuan and turned to look at the vector expression. "I must admit that I don’t want me to seize the opportunity this time, otherwise it wouldn’t be so simple." Say that finish, cold hum turned around and disappeared in situ.
The amount of quasi-departure didn’t stop him from giving away a pure spiritual force from Kong Xuan’s body. The amount helped Kong Xuan to recover a little spirit. After listening to the amount of thank you, he waved his hand and said, "You need to be more polite." After that, he couldn’t help laughing. "This time, I lost my wife and lost my soldiers!" to be continued
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Chapter 70 Xiqi prepares for world changes
Seeing that Kong Xuan had regained a wedge of strength, he said, "Junior brother, you should arrange for Jinjiling to unload the general staff first, and then come back to Xiqiao with me! We should also prepare for the war. "When Kong Xuan heard this, God Se was stunned, and then he reacted. He quickly nodded:" Good brother, I will wait for my brother now, and my horse will come back. "After that, he turned to Jinjiling to fly and looked at Kong Xuan, with a satisfied expression on his face.
While waiting for Kong Xuan, the whole universe was completely messed up. Kong Xuan’s name was crazy at a horrible speed, and what Kong Xuan’s quasi-saint strength defeated the quasi-saint! What quasi-saints can defeat saints! What saints are paper tigers, and quasi-saints can overcome them! All kinds have spread all over the world.
And with the passage of time, the gossip of Wuhuamen is full of flood, which is really jaw-dropping, but there are still many people who believe it, clamoring for a war to raise their popularity. All these figurines are the quantity, and he has the greatest contribution to the whole flood. He really spread the matter and broadcast it all over the flood trading city, so that all beings in the flood can understand it without blowing off dust.
I have just turned back to Lingshan and heard it. Se, who was not very beautiful, is even more ugly. Se, a god beside the treasure merit pool, is furious, waving a pair, and muttering in his mouth: "Measure children, insult others, I remember this revenge, don’t fall into me, otherwise I will definitely make you wish you were dead." Y and n’s malicious face reveals a deep murder, and the whole person looks very ferocious.
Sitting on the side and taking a look at Zhun-yin, his face showed a trace of anxiety, but he didn’t talk now. After a while, he waited silently, and his anger finally subsided. He looked at Zhun-yin with earnest interest and said, "Teacher younger brother, you are also a saint. Don’t let this disturb your mind, otherwise it will not pay off!" Our horse is going to fight, don’t let small things affect your judgment. You can’t make mistakes after a long war. "
When Zhun Wen-yan heard this, the whole person shook Zhun-yan’s mind, and awakened Zhun-yan, who was full of hatred, to think clearly about the cause and effect. His back broke out in a cold sweat. He consciously touched his head in a cold sweat, and respectfully gave him a courtesy: "Thank you, brother, or I will make a mistake." After hearing this, he nodded faintly and said, "I wish you were white."
Back to Jinjiling, Kong Xuan will get things done soon, and then he will hand over everything to the deputy, who is the company commander here. This time, it will be returned to him again! Things confessed, Kong Xuan nostalgia glanced at his stay for a period of time when the place waved with Company commanders mansion and all left, turned out of the city, and joined the amount to fly to Xiqiao City.
The two men didn’t stop all the way, trying to drive to Xiqiao City. Both of them are great magical powers, and the speed can’t be shaped by common sense. It didn’t take long for them to return to Xiqiao City and fly to Xiqiao City. The amount didn’t stop and directly took Kong Xuan to Xiqiao Hall, and at the same time, they listened to those three brothers who stayed outside the city.
Outside the city, except for Duobao, the other two roads are also developing smoothly. It didn’t take long for Duobao to come back. They also came back in tandem with Duobao and their achievements were similar. They all destroyed a quasi-saint and several pick Jin Xian, and there were no casualties themselves. Everyone was waiting for the amount to come back.
After receiving the measured sound, everyone told them to meet and come to the city. They came to the three religions and immortals without Jiang Ya and others. Because of Duo Bao and others, they swept away the strong enemy and marched forward with Jiang Ya. Now they have reached five and are attacking.
Soon, the immortals came to the main hall and saw them sitting on the high platform. They bowed together and said, "I have seen the big brother" and received a gift from everyone. They smiled and waved, "You need to pay more attention, brother. You are here to tell you that when you pass, we should have a decisive battle with Buddhism."
At this point, there was a pause, and then the tone was quite heavy: "This battle to seal the gods has gone bad. The original heaven calculated that I was robbed of the Xuanmen, but we were not willing to fail. Heaven joined forces with Buddhism and scattered practice in the middle of the wild to suppress my Xuanmen. We were prepared to take a step back, but the people were not enough. Heaven wanted to kill my Xuanmen."
"But I’m not a soft persimmon, and not anyone can touch it. Since they have that confidence, we also let them know the price of provoking me." When I got here, I revealed a bloodthirsty smile, and I stared at the three religions and immortals and gave a cold war, but my face was full of fighting spirit.
Looking at the crowd’s reaction with satisfaction, he once again said, "I declare that this war is under my command. You need to take a gamble and hope that you can play my name as a mysterious door. You need to worry about your death. I have already signed your names into the list of gods. Even if you die, the true spirit will be protected by the list of gods and will be robbed."
Hearing the words, the immortals were puzzled and worried, and tried not to keep everyone. They waved and said, "All right, you all go back! Prepare one, the science of uniting the practice, the running-in law, the running-in law, get everything ready. "After that, a flicker left the hall and the immortals saw the amount disappear, and quickly upon it, turned out of the hall and walked outside the city.
From the main hall, the quantity flicker came to the quantity world, because he just felt that several people in the quantity world broke through the quasi-saint and achieved the sub-saint, and felt a little change in the quantity world. His interest was aroused and he charged the immortals, so he flicker came to the quantity world.
Just entering the quantitative world, Heaven came and he wanted to browse the information roughly. He understood that the five people had broken through the original breakthrough, and the five people were practicing the five elements of the quantitative world, and they were assimilated. Together, they practiced all the way through the five elements, constantly confirming the force of the law, and finally everything comes to him who waits, and the five people made efforts to break through the quasi-saint.
There is no such method as beheading three corpses in the world. If you want to be a quasi-saint, you can realize 70% of each rule with honest understanding, and you can achieve the goal of being a saint. Because five people live together and have strong strength, many people don’t want to make enemies with them, so they continue to practice in peace. After breaking through the 30 yuan of quasi-saint, five people finally understand the 75% five-line rule with their advantages and achieve the goal of being a saint.
When they achieved the goal of Yasheng, the whole quantity world represented the fluctuation of the five laws and five elements. The original five laws and five chains were a little dim. Not far from the five elements, there were several laws and chains that also showed the change of this luster. The five elements in the whole quantity world became more lively, and the monks who practiced the five elements felt that they had to learn the rules before, and it became easier.
What is even more surprising to the quantity is that the source of the cause is not enough, and it has increased a little, and it is also stronger. The source of the eternal world has also increased slowly, although the increase is not large, it can be slowly increased.
Looking at the strange scene, he was shocked. He didn’t know what had happened, but let the evolution of the world of quantity not be the same as he expected. The increase of the source of the world of quantity means that his world is not a world with disappearing potential, but a world with poor potential.
The amount of heart is a mess. For the first time, something is out of his control. This feeling is really annoying. He is caught in an infinite loop and mumbles, "What the hell is going on?" What could have happened! This is unscientific! "
The whole person seems to be possessed, and his eyes are thinking about all the possibilities. What he is worried about at the moment is that he can’t calculate, because he has been preparing for the sermon for a long time, but one day someone told him that the sermon doesn’t need to be so complicated, but it needs to be developed as it is now, and he will succeed one day.
At this time, a sentence "The world source still has potential, but it is unknown when it is needed" flashed in his mind. Thinking of this, he was alert and his thoughts became clear when he was in a dead end. He patted his head happily and scolded himself: "How could I be so stupid! I didn’t think clearly about such a simple thing. "
It’s not only a bad thing for him that the amount of world resources has increased, but it’s also a great thing that the world can continue to evolve and have further possibilities. All this seems to be very good, but the only deficiency is that the time span is too big, so that he doesn’t know when he can implement the road of other certificates
Although, he still has some preparations before, when his fortune accumulates to a certain extent, he can directly destroy the world, thus accelerating the evolution of the world, so that he can prove that there is no conflict between the two sides of the avenue, and they complement each other, and once again show the potential of the world, his strength will be higher.
After thinking about all this clearly, his heart relaxed and his face smiled with satisfaction. He glanced at the world source and the world creatures that are increasing at an almost constant speed. He also thought of a possibility in his heart, that is, if someone wants to reach Yasheng, the derivation of the world source will speed up a little.
He looked at the quasi-holy monks in the wild with expectation. I really hope they can break through the holy one in an instant, so as to speed up the evolution of the world and let me get more benefits. After figuring it out, he will not stay in the world, and his body will be illusory and disappear. Welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets.
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Chapter seventy-one featuring cutting Zhou war rev.
After the Jinjiling War, the whole wilderness fell into a rare calm, except for five kills and shouts. The whole wilderness seemed very calm, but the calm number kept swimming, and the calm concealed the murder. The whole wilderness was in an extremely strange situation. Fortunately, the king of Wu cut a buffer for everyone and the line of sight was not so tense in an instant.
Shen Gongbao sent men to be packed by three professors. He became a army of one again and wanted to ask for help, but all three brothers gathered in Xiqiao City to lend him a hundred courage. He might not dare to come. There was nothing he could do. So he found many outsiders to keep up the show.
Among them, Zheng Lun and Chen Qi’s aunt were lured by later generations. Zheng Lun was sent to the gods list by Mo Daodao. The real apprentice gave him a second breath. He hummed his nose like a bell and spewed out two white lights to attract people’s souls. Chen Qi was also Shang Zhouwang’s Ministry, which had been cultivated by aliens. It was unfortunate that both of them were sent to the gods list by Nezha in a few days without arrogance
There are also two brothers who are clairvoyant and clairvoyant in the later generations. These two brothers were originally Qipanshan Peach J Ρ ng and Liugui, who have many witchcraft and high eyes, and are called clairvoyant. Gao Jue’s ear listener was named Shun Feng ‘er. They were destroyed by Yang Jian for a few days because they didn’t practice Taoism, and the Qipanshan body was sent to the gods list by Jiang Ya’s whip in the Shang Dynasty camp.
In Wuyishan, Xiao Sheng and Cao Bao were also invited by Shen Gongbao, and they were visited by the immortals thousands of years ago. Although they lost a congenital treasure, they were not mistreated. They not only gave two acquired treasures, but also inherited them.
Although the amount is intended to eliminate the cause and effect of three people, there is no denying that two people have a little gratitude. Although they can cultivate Taiyi Jinxian, they can cultivate the conciseness and foundation of mana, which is not comparable to other methods, but directly inherits Pangu.