A high probability requires a lot of contribution!


Wenchi held a smile in his hands and introduced that "when you pour stars into it in the morning, it can change into the most suitable weapon form according to your habits and subconscious mind."
"It is a product of the fusion of astral crystals, so it can play far beyond imagination in the inverse world, and just seeing it emit light can scare off the low-class black people who wander."
"When making it fight, the dawn will release free light energy, and they will accumulate around to a certain extent, and when they do, they will condense into sword light to track and attack objects that emit dark breath."
"It has no explosive ability, but the light emitted by the morning light will continue to weaken the dark particles and make every enemy black people suffer greatly."
Well, in this way, when the identity of "Death" appears, it is absolutely impossible to make "Dawn"
After hearing the priests introduce Tianyang, I told myself so in my heart.
After all, when you become a god of death, the sun makes it dark particles at most.
If it dawns at this time,
Took the dagger, Tianyang Yi looked very light, but the dagger accidentally sank after starting.
Wenchi smiled again and took out a rather gorgeous scabbard from the box and gave it to Tianyang.
Tianyang will receive the morning light in the scabbard, and the misty brilliance will converge, and it will become a little common when it is sold.
The teacher behind him said softly, "The priest has deducted 10 thousand points from your personal contribution."
Wenchi nodded his head.
Tianyang took a slight puff of air conditioning, and this time his contribution was only 5.
Of course, this is because the church doesn’t know that he destroyed the origin, otherwise the contribution will definitely be more than that.
And the same kind of conversion into Nightcrawler’s contribution point has a basic reward of one or two thousand
It seems that the ratio of church contribution to fortress contribution is about one to three.
In other words, if this morning light is a fortress contribution point, it will be exchanged for as little as 30,000 to 50,000.
In order to exchange him for the morning priest, I paid 10 thousand contributions first, which is not light.
Simply put away the morning sun and thank Wenchi that he will repay his contribution.
He has already thought it over. If it is not clear within one year, he will directly contribute some money to Wenchi for transfer.
The former priest would accept it.
Same day
Inverse bound
Hongni town ground base
Shen Mozhu in front of the command building looked back with deep eyes.
Just in front of the command building, chariots are driving out of the base of Hongni Town. The chariots are the soldiers who evacuated the team of scholars from Yunxiang Base.
Today, the iron wall is responsible for the Yunxiang base, and the manpower is limited. It is indeed a long-term presence here.
But taking over the red mud town base is not a storm in Nightcrawler, but an iron wall, which makes Shen Mozhu somewhat surprised.
But it’s not hard to understand when you think about it.
Nightcrawler is now trying its best to explore the storm in the towns around the metropolis, and at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the wilderness and the Black Star Castle. Now it is possible to separate troops and have an iron wall
"Shen commanded the vehicle to be ready."
The guard let Shen Mozhu return to absolute being, and he agreed to leave the base.
Just as we were leaving the base, several iron-walled cars passed by. At this moment, one of the cars suddenly "bang" as if someone had severely hit the vehicle in the carriage.
Make the car shake violently and want to roll over.
Chapter 47 The secret of rapid promotion
"Stop one"
Shen mozhu mouth driver hurriedly stopped Shen mozhu pulled the door car.
Outside the car is the eternal darkness in the reverse world. Even if it is not far away, the searchlights on the periphery of Hongni Town base are still lit around the clock, and the visibility is reduced by the dark fog. Even if Shen Mozhu is visually aware, it is difficult to see things 100 meters away.
Fortunately, the iron wall team is 100 meters.
Shen Mozhu walked towards the nearly rollover chariot, and a group of soldiers with iron walls quickly gathered around the vehicle.
"What’s in the car?"
Shen mozhu asked high.
A lieutenant hurried to report "nothing, sir. Maybe there is something wrong with the tire."
Shen mozhu was blocked by the crowd and couldn’t see the bottom of the chariot clearly, but that situation just now was by no means caused by tires.
Shen Mozhu indifferently said, "Let’s hit the door."
The lieutenant looked difficult.
Nightcrawler, a group of soldiers from Yunxiang base, is coming.
The captain of Nightcrawler’s squad was Adam, a westerner. He came to Shen Mozhu with his men and asked, "What’s the situation, sir?"
Shen Mozhu gently responded, "I don’t know, but I feel something strange in that car."
Adam immediately avenue "didn’t hear shen command? Let’s hit the door! "
The lieutenant crustily skin of head way "this is not good, shen command you this is the more"
Shen mozhu chuckled "the more? Can’t talk about it? The official handover of Hongni Town Base is 3 minutes later. Although I have already left, I am still the nominal base supervisor at this moment. "
"Now I suspect that there is something in your car that threatens the base. How can I get over it if I want to take a look?"
"This …"
Seeing that the lieutenant was about to succumb to the pressure, he burst into laughter. "Isn’t this brother Shen?"
It turns out that several iron-walled military vehicles stopped behind.
Some people walk big and burly, and they don’t lose to Adam’s majestic gait.
Shen Mozhu looked back at his eyes and smiled slightly. "It’s your brother Chengzhou."
Then I introduced to Adam "This is the same period as me. The officer is now Wei Chengzhou of Iron Wall School."
Say that finish has always been to meet people and stretched out his hand.
Hold a piece in both hands.
I am two years older than Shen Mozhu. The words of Iron Wall School sigh, "Remember the first time we met was three years ago. Old Shen in the fortress army. You are still the same."
Shen Mozhu laughed. "Brother Chengzhou’s elegant demeanour has not diminished in those days. It turned out that it was you who presided over the overall situation in Hongni Town Base this time."
Wei Chengzhou gave a hand, "Don’t flatter your brother’s face, bro. I’m just a gatekeeper."
"By the way, what did you say just now?"
Shen Mo looked at her eyes slightly and then released a smile. "Nothing is to see that your car almost turned over. I want to see if there is any place where I can help."
Wei Chengzhou sighed, "Lao Shen, you have always been warm-hearted and really admire your brother."
He waved and said, "Let Shen command our heart. What are you stopping to do? Give me the car door and let Shen command have a good look."
The iron-walled soldiers were scattered
Shen Mozhou walked over and said, "No, no, since Brother Chengzhou is in charge of the overall situation, I still have nothing to worry about."
"Ah, this ….." Wei Chengzhou looked sorry. "It’s hard to meet an old friend and have a long talk. I’ll take a trip to Yunxiang base later and let’s get together again?"
Shen Mozhu readily said, "Well, I’ll wait for Brother Chengzhou to come."
"Good talk, good talk"