Longyou was holding a Nokia in his hand and thinking about his feelings. This is discrimination. What? When I came in, he didn’t have such a welcoming ceremony. He suddenly felt like crying.


A salesgirl next to him looked at him and sighed, "Sister won’t be in cahoots with them."
Longyou was startled when he looked back at the speaker. This is not a sister. This point is that aunt will take a closer look and scold herself in her heart, so she will not be allowed to grow old.
"Classmate, have you finished reading it? To be honest, many students come to our store to look at their mobile phones every day, which is also their motivation. Who doesn’t want to have a mobile phone?" The clerk said.
"Well, let me see." Longyou perfunctory.
"This mobile phone is new, and there are games in it. My sister has played it several times secretly." The clerk squinted as if longing for something. "My sister really wants to have a mobile phone so that she can contact your brother-in-law every day."
Where and where are all these places? Longyou took a look at this shop assistant, who was not only ugly but also a broken mouth, and quickly wanted to stop her.
At this time, a shrill voice interrupted him, "Ouch, boss Zhang is here."
A man walked out of the bar to see the sound and movement. He was definitely a bitch. Did the whole South China Wonder Flower get here by this store?
It is obvious that the middle-aged man who called Zhang Boss fat is very popular with this boss, smiling and nodding like a leader.
Longyou looked at boss Zhang and smiled, then bowed their heads and played with his mobile phone.
Longyou is the first time to pick up this black-and-white mobile phone, which is not only heavy, but also has no function except answering calls. The screen is very small and the keys occupy most places, and it is still black and white.
This is a far cry from the previous smart phone. It must be good to use that mobile phone as a brick, thinking about buying two and fighting when you get back, just take it out.
Longyou returned his mobile phone to the clerk.
At this time, the clerk told his novel "That man or woman is our manager’s most snobbish"
She even said, "I heard that he still likes men."
Longyou looked up and gave her a look and said, "I can see it."
Longyou looked at her and was cute. She laughed. "You are not afraid that your manager will know."
"I’m not afraid of him" is a bit too big for the clerk to continue chatting with Longyou until no one notices her.
"Then let’s talk about 30,000 yuan, and I’ll contribute your technology." Boss Zhang said with a mobile phone in the eyes of a group of shop assistants.
Boss Zhang hung up with this envious look in his eyes.
Longyou began to think about it at this time. Boss Zhang felt that even the gas smelled like an outbreak.
The big gold chain briefcase and two gold rings have to be said that this boss Zhang is a mobile gold shop.
"Oh, I want to buy a mobile phone for my little daughter. Please see which one is good." Boss Zhang finally spoke.
"It’s a coincidence that our store has a new batch of small mobile phones, which are especially suitable for girls." The manager named Xiao Wenniang said.
When the manager finished, he laughed and watched Longyou get goose bumps.
Longyou is a little glad to look down on it at this time. It’s better to look down on it than to be scared out of a heart attack by the manager.
"As the saying goes, what are you chatting about? Why don’t you bring your mobile phone here?" The manager still shouted in that sissy voice.
The clerk around Longyou was stunned and found that the manager was calling himself.
"So your name is Su Yan." Longyou smiled.
Suyan kept looking at Longyou and wondered if there was something on his face before he realized that he had a mobile phone in his hand.
"What are you looking at? Why don’t you bring your mobile phone to a poor man and look down on who broke it?" The manager and Zhang Boss also came along at this time.
Longyou didn’t get angry. He glanced at his mobile phone and handed it to Suyan, "Pack it for me."
A few people showed a stupefied truth, knowing from the aura and conversation of Longyou that he must be extraordinary.
When she was a child, she met an incorruptible leader, Longyou, and her aura was somewhat like a person’s aura.
The store manager laughed, "Do you know how expensive it is to buy a mobile phone just because you are poor?"
At this time, Boss Zhang also came over and patted Longyou on the shoulder and said earnestly, "It’s not right for a young man to talk big. It’s not a problem for him to study hard to buy a mobile phone after seeing your appearance and being a college student."
Longyou said that it is not a problem for me to buy your mobile phone shop, and I still need you a mobile phone.
"No need to wrap it up for me, not two." Longyou just wanted to wrap it up and remembered Miranda Kerr and Zhang Chuer. Since this mobile phone is suitable for girls, buy one for each of them.
Su Yan just wanted to start work, but the manager stopped her "wait a minute"
Then look at Longyou and "take the money first"
Longyou smiled contemptuously. "Is there a rule of paying first?"
"That’s not true."
"Don’t you get it? Dogs look down on people." Longyou is very disgusted with this store manager and didn’t give him any face.
"If you can’t afford it, just say so." The manager snorted.
Boss Zhang can’t get over it either. "I said, why don’t you listen to me? You still export and hurt people. Please go or don’t say I’m welcome."
Boss Zhang went on to say, "If you can’t afford it, I can buy it for you. Don’t be ashamed."
"Who is a fool is not necessarily?" Longyou light to.
By this time, Boss Zhang has called the police.
"Borrow a word"