As Wang Xuanyi made the masters of each family’s dharma pulse immediately, one hundred people in his center sat cross-legged in their respective positions.


The Great Wall of Ice and Snow is cold, and even the body is hard. Everyone’s sleeves, robes and beards are flying, and soon the body is covered with a layer of frost.
They have no intention of slowly pinching the tactic with Wang Xuan.
Soon, the star-offering stones in the hands of several sophisticated elders became radiant with Yin Hui.
After a few breaths, a hundred stars are lit up, and the stars in the darkness are as bright as night.
Wang Xuan stood at the altar.
There was a flurry of dancing around.
This is the meeting place of the Great Wall of Ice and Snow in Long Mai. At ordinary times, the commander-in-chief used the land to arrange a magnificent army array, but now he is in control.
Wang Xuan holding France and India was silent.
Soon rolling in Long Mai, all of them gathered and poured into the abdomen, and a strange fluctuation made it straight into the sky.
Most of the functions of the communication between heaven and earth are silent after Wang Xuan’s income body, and now the connection between the earth and the pulse is finally started again
Wang Xuan mind suddenly looked up.
Suddenly the stars are falling all over the sky.
Behind him, the stars gathered together to show the magic tree method
And Wang Xuan’s dark eyes are also a little bit of starlight gathering like the milky way in the sky.
The large array of secluded temples has become a star-studded array, and a hundred beams of light will cover all the monks in the array.
At this moment, they seemed to feel the vastness of the Milky Way, and many people immediately burst into tears.
Not excited, but similar to the first hearing, moved by involuntary body root control.
Of course, they also know that France and India dare not have the slightest disorder in their hands.
I feel more in Wang Xuan.
He can see many bizarre images, and there are all kinds of whispers and noises in his ears.
This is the performance of the damaged Starry Scarlet Tree. If it is well repaired, it can be clearly distinguished.
Thought of here, Wang Xuan looked north again in spirit.
This can finally be seen clearly.
See the dark swirls and surges to form a huge millstone-shaped road, and the starlight falls from the sky and gathers into a silver beam connecting heaven and earth.
Although it is far away from the naked eye, it is not inferior to his vast array in terms of power, but it is another method
The other side dragged a meteorite through the sky and crashed into the ice sheet, which led to the riots.
Wang Xuan mouth peep out one silk sneer at.
As he pinched the huge stars behind the tactic, making it sound like a distant meteorite immediately changed its trajectory.
Although the deflection direction of several meteorites is not too much, the target is hundreds of miles away from each other’s altar!
The other party was obviously taken aback and panicked. The altar suddenly became chaotic. Obviously, I didn’t expect this to happen.
Several silver lights cut through the darkness, accompanied by a huge roar, and the altar beams of the other side suddenly disappeared.
Without hesitation, Wang Xuan immediately took over the falling star and controlled the branches and leaves of the stars to shake all over the sky and the meteorite fell around the altar.
According to Huo Yuyuan’s handsome probe, the barbarian army surrounded the altar, and it must be a mess there at this time.
Wang Xuangen didn’t think about cutting Hu.
For one thing, those instruments are specially forged roots, which are not suitable for terrans, so that even if they are brought, they can be melted and forged again. Now there is no shortage of these ordinary spiritual materials.
Secondly, if you want to cut off Hu and pull the meteorite, it is bound to fall near the Great Wall of ice and snow. If the other party also imitates his sneak attack and interferes, it will be a Terran army when it is in trouble.
It is better to turn meteorites into weapons directly!
Wang Xuan’s constant pinching method is more carefree than heart.
This kind of attack on the road by the power of heaven and earth is just like the super Yongan new tactics, but it’s a pity that you can’t see the battlefield scene.
And to do this, you need someone to cooperate.
Not surprisingly, the other party should have noticed
Sure enough, after a few breaths, the meteorite stopped falling.
Wang Xuan has no intention of continuing to manipulate the large array of secluded spots.
The situation on the other side of the eye is still unknown, but the astrology of the other side has indeed been completely abolished to prevent the large array of secluded spots from continuing to operate in case.
And when he manipulated the large array, there was a treasure ship flying forward at the moment in the Black Deep Ice Sheet.
This is a cruise ship, which is no more than ten feet long. It has both lantern-shaped sails and tail fins. The fastest cruise ship specializes in reconnaissance and surprise attack.
The cabin is dignified at this time.
There is no huge forbidden array of ships in the sky, so the root method stops the cold soldiers from exhaling and becomes ice. There is frost condensation around the cabin.
In front of the astrolabe, a geoscientist was absorbed in the manipulation, and suddenly his forehead sweated and he said, "There is something wrong ten miles ahead of the starboard rudder."
As he ordered a sergeant to turn the rudder immediately.
Crunch … The hull suddenly turned around, and everyone felt great momentum, so they quickly moved their bodies.
A huge bright green aurora suddenly appeared in front of Ge, which was faintly hidden and shouted to kill.
"Natural illusion kill array …"
Li Qianqiu, the princess of the deck three wonders, was surprised. "I didn’t expect the sky to be so dangerous."
Yan Guhong, the leader of the thieves, also shook his head slightly when he heard it. "Those who are less can’t find it. It’s the only way to get close to the army to explore."
Huo Yu, the great marshal of Shenwei, stared around with great interest. "It was a battlefield killer. This treasure is available at the right time and place."
Taking out a bronze mirror from the bosom, he said, "Yong ‘an falcon can’t stand the bitter cold of the ice sheet and be handsome in person."
Seeing that he unloaded five colors of blue, red, white, yellow and black from the waist, the little copper man threw out the kneading method and several little people suddenly disappeared, and then the evil wind roared from the ship wrapped in bronze mirrors.
Yan Guhong couldn’t help praising "I have heard for a long time that Marshal Huo’s five elements are the first in the world, and this five-ghost handling method can be integrated into the military practice."
"it’s just a minor operation."
Huoyu smiled and took out another bronze mirror from her arms.
The bronze mirror fills the air with light and shadow, and suddenly it shows the scene of an ice field. Seeing that the earth is white and boundless, it seems to be flat, but there are large and small cracks that are bottomless.
Suddenly several white shadows appeared on the ground.